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touch the sky

Heading into another perfect May weekend (a long one for our friends in the US…and a long one for me because I took Monday off) and I have fun remix to bump.

Two Friends sent over their take on Kanye West’s 2006 song “Touch The Sky.”


Couple plugs if I may…you guys are always asking me for things…now I’ll ask you for two little things.

One! I have a craft beer show. Me and my buddy Jello go out to the fine craft beer tasting rooms in Vancouver and film it. I’d love if you took the time to give us a view (or a thumbs up or a positive comment…whatever you have time for).


Hosting some weekly trivia at a pub in Burnaby (might be adding a second night in New Westminster…stay tuned.)

I made an instagram account for the event, but we have so few followers. Can you throw me a follow?

I love you! Have a great weekend.

Go with yourself.

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all american rejects

The All-American Rejects are a power poppin’ emotional rock band that started in 1999! Great vintage and I think I vaguely recall jamming a couple jammers when I was in Victoria at The Zone (jeezus, “Gives You Hell” has over 121 million spins on Spotify).

Prepping for a DJ set at a Law School grad party I came across this house remix of The All-American Rejects. I don’t know what I think about it. Are there other emotions house remixes out there? where are they? who made them? why?

Throwbacks almost always work. Now I’m an older DJ…I DJ parties for older people…generally… I can throw down Estelle’s “American Boy” with Kanye West and it still rips. But let’s modernize with a remix and see what happens. Lasers, wobbly modern bass sounds. Kanye is still there. Bless.

Lauv shows up on Sirius XM Hits 1…my wife Coral tends to like Lauv songs, so when this remix drifted by I had to hit play.

We don’t spend enough time talking how fucking dumb it is that Marshmello wears a ‘marshmallow’ hat/mask/helmet thing on stage in the year 2018. Does he have zero close friends that can take him aside and say, “what are you doing?”

Whatever, he probably has Selena Gomez’s number in his phone and I never will.

One of my current faves on Hits 1 is Zedd’s “Middle.” (please don’t tell me he wears a giant novelty ‘z’ helmet on stage, I am too fragile to process that right now).

The song is lovely, but like most modern pop right now, the song doesn’t pump like I need it too. Off to the Soundcloud! I found a couple remixes I like.

And here’s a David Guetta remix cuz sure.

Last night Coral and I took our daughter Madelyn to see AJR. They were in Vancouver with Ocean Park Standoff…a band that features Samantha Ronson. Huh. They were half decent too! They hit a lot harder live than they do on the music released. They vibe out to me like a positive Imagine Dragons. But let’s be real… every modern rock band that mucks around on Ableton and has the bass turned up and distorted sounds like Imagine Dragons.

I likes me AJR’s “Weak” and “Sober Up” but other than that, I had no idea what I was getting into. They too channelled Imagine Dragons but we’ll filter that through Christian Rock and The Greatest Show soundtrack? Sure, I haven’t seen too much like it. It was weird and wonderful. Their show looked like theatrical festival stage EDM. I’d share a remix of “Weak” but all the ones I heard on Soundcloud were “weak” to my ears.


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Thank you @ajrbrothers…fun night in #Vancouver.

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Happy Monday! Go with yourself.

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Oh man, I am loving this Justice Skolnik remix of Kanye West’s “Good Life.” I think you might too!

And since we’re all friends. San Holo X James Vincent McMorrow song “The Future” (Two Lanes Remix).


Here’s one more from old grey hairs birthday last week.

Off to DJ at Personas tonight. Go with yourself.

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the girl on the train

How cool is this… Blitz//Berlin….the Toronto based band that us West Coast kids will always remember as Theset….had their song “Surfboard Fire” reworked for the Girl on the Train movie trailer.

And that sure does sound like Kanye West from his 2008 jammer “heartless.”

And here’s some banger cover/remix….because it’s Friday.

Go with yourself.

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Check this out… there is a girl on my facebook named Sundine Forsberg.  That’s her real name, not some hockey obsessed pseudo-name.  Crazy right?

She dropped an interesting MP3 down on my wall the other day.

Its a Dubstepped out version of Sublime’s “Santeria.”

I played this song to Jade and the first thing she said is, “hey, it has the dubstep sound.”  Ain’t that a pip?  The dubstep has a sound that every dubstep song uses.  That’s too bad for that sub-genre.  But to get geekier style, isn’t this song really Brostep?  Which is basically accessible dubstep?  And nothing is more “bro” than Sublime, period.

Sublime – “Santeria” (JPOD Remix)

Download MP3 >> sublime-santeriaJPODrmx


In other news and a little world away… I got an MP3 from Vancouver.  A band called Southern Death Threat.

As the name already suggests, its hard rock.  Not normally my style but I have found myself jamming this cut out a bit from time-to-time at work.  At first, I punched it up out of morbid curiosity, but then, I dunno, it rooted in my brain.

Southern Death Threat – “Truth”

Download MP3 >> Truth (Take My Soul)

Sometimes I just like a more simpler heavy sound.  Takes me back to being 19.  Judge me not!  But if you want something to judge


Lastly, WTF is going on in the world?

Watch This! >> Katy Perry – “E.T.”

Reason #436 we’re all doomed:

“Tell me what’s next/Alien sex/  Imma disrobe you/then Imma gunna probe you.”

No wait, I love that line!  If that is a sign of the end times in music, sign me up.

Go with yourself.

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***Hey all you fine Killer’s fans discovering my blog.  Thank you for visiting, and maybe you’ll take a minute to subscribe to my podcast Capital Rock City (you can also search for ‘Capital Rock City’ in the podcast section of the iTunes store)and discover some great new music to take with you from your visit to my blog (like an audio goodie bag!).  Thank you for finding my blog and sharing the link! ***


Thursday, April 23rd, The Killers came to Victoria for first time since what?  the summer of ’03?

This time, sold out in the Save On Foods Memorial Center and before the fantastic show, the Brandon and Ronnie came by the Zone suite for a chit-chat.  Because of the mega loud sound check going on below, we took the interview outside on the deck to soak up the sunshine.  The Killers thought it was cold, I disagreed and that set the tone for 6 wonderful minutes where we cover their stage setup and its Vegas influence, the upcoming covers record, Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman’s influence on the song “Bones,” future real estate endeavors, alternate names for Killers songs, family life on the road, and Brandon’s wife’s favourite (or lack there of) Killers song.

Unfortunately off the mic, we talked about the Kanye West/Brandon Flowers collaberation (BULL SHIT! True story according to Mr. Flowers: Brandon was in Hawaii, walked past Kanye’s studio and popped in to meet him.  Next day, Kanye releases crazy news to world.  Brandon didn’t want to call him a liar on the radio because “Kanye is a nice guy.”), Camping in Oregon (Ronnie wants to buy property there), Cuervo Loran calling Ronnie the guitar player, Brandon’s kid and wife were at the show and expecting another son, they filmed some of the Vic show for possible future DVD projects and Brandon telling David Eleanor that Ronnie will talk Cuervo and my face off in the suite for hours after the interview (it wasn’t hours but the man likes to talk).

We never touched on the breakup rumours. (but this article says the collaboration with Kanye is true… so???)

Then the Killers hit the stage.

Highlight: Brandon saying “How you doing VICTORIA!?!”
Hilariouslight: Lead singer dude of Wild Light: “How you doing VANCOUVER!?!” (SWA?)


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Fortune favours the bold.  More than ever I believe it.  Sometimes I wish I were more “ahead” in the game of life, or that my brand of entertainment would light on fire and embed itself in the public consciousness.  I wish I were rock star.

but I can’t sing.

but I am paranoid of women controlling me.

but my only passion is 1980’s era cyborg crime fighting sci-fi.

All these roadblocks I’ve set up in front of me before I’ve even laid down a single track.

Kanye West didn’t let any of that get in his way.  He auto-tuned his way through an amazing song about his LA Girl who he likens to Robocop.  How this song is not THE Top 40 hit of the summer is beyond me.


Coral and I got to go see a movie on Saturday night.  Going for a movie becomes a real treat when you have a teetering toddler rampage at home, but Nana was kind enough to take for the night, so Corj and I hit the town.

We tried to have a burger at the new hipster burger joint, The Pink Bicycle but it was lined up out the door, so Cactus Club is had to be.

The movie we saw was/is called Adventureland.  Very cute film, the thing that really stuck out for me was the killer 80s alterna-soundtrack.  I spent much of the film leaning over to Coral going, ” psst, that’s the Replacements.”  “Oh hey, I totally love this song, that’s Husker Du.”  “Wow, Velvet Underground… rad, REM does an excellent cover of that track!”

Kristen Stewart looked pretty darn adorable too… that didn’t hurt.


With all this Replacements lately, its no surprise that this week on my Last FM they are number 1 with a bullet.

Jeremy Heavy Rotation for the week

01) The Replacements
02) The Thermals
03) Alice Cooper
03) Lou Reed
05) Falco
05) Alice in Chains
05) The Garner Andrews Podcast

hmmm, a couple SWA?’s on the list.  Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus” was featured fairly prominatly in Adventureland, and in the two days since the movie, um, yeah, the song has gotten a couple spins at home.

The new Thermals record is just plain good.  Go git it!

The Garner Andrews Show podcast from Sonic in deadmonton is turning into a daily listen for me, so I’d imagine it’ll chart on my Last FM. Weird, but good.  Kinda like the Polcast from the Zone except Garner puts it together every morning, so its a daily download.

and that’s that.

Go with yourself.

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