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Hanging out at home before racing off to Match for a Thursday night.

He doesn’t look a thing like jeeeeeeeesus.

OK, you got me, not a remix. I just like San Holo.

Anderson .Paak is my go to these days. Love these easy and bright remix. “If she can’t can’t dance then she can’t woo”

I better go! My wife is chirping at me to spend some precious moments with one of my kids…I don’t which one, I can never remember their names 😛

Go with yourself.

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Anderson .Paak’s Malibu cuts are increasingly a big part of my sets at Match.

He also released another look with a project called NxWorries. Pitchfork called it a “beat tape.”


.Today on the skytrain ride in, I was paying attention to all the amazing drops he uses between cuts. They’re these old surfer bits from vintage surf documentaries.

before the song “The Dreamer” there is a line that says, “I enjoy some of the old and I enjoy the new
And if I can find a balance between it, that’s where I find my satisfaction

I thought that was cool, so I hit the website Rap Genius and down the rabbit hole I went. I ended up watching this trippy 60s documentary. It was so glorious, I had to share.

Go with yourself.

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