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Direct from Ruth in Minnesota… she sent over Grant‘s remix of San Holo’s red hot jammer “Lights.”

Grant says this about the art of the remix: “I don’t believe remixes are meant to be seen as better or worse than each other, or the original. I really think remixes are just one artist’s interpretation of another artist’s piece of work. For me this felt just like writing an original piece of music, but with an already amazing vocal and hook melody. Creating a song means pouring a bit of yourself into a shareable entity. Interpreting and sharing what the piece of art says to you, well, that’s a remix.

This is my first remix in years, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Huge thank you to bitbird and SAN HOLO for letting me re-imagine this beautiful song!

Go with yourself.

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San Holo‘s “Lights” is a rising electronic dance song.

The Dutch DJ is doing pretty good an indie electro party rocker. “ “Light” has sold 2,000 downloads, according to Nielsen Music, since its Nov. 22 release … despite being available for free on his website.”

Ruth from Minnesota sent over this remix by WRLD.


Bright, blue skies, sunny, and cold in Vancouver this week! I wish I could say I had some fun plans, but mostly DJing into the weekend before starting a mini-holiday to Vancouver Island on Sunday.

#vancouverwinter @cityofcoquitlam #portcoquitlam @portmannhwy1 #sunrise_sunsets_aroundworld #sunrise

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Go with yourself.

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Hanging out at home before racing off to Match for a Thursday night.

He doesn’t look a thing like jeeeeeeeesus.

OK, you got me, not a remix. I just like San Holo.

Anderson .Paak is my go to these days. Love these easy and bright remix. “If she can’t can’t dance then she can’t woo”

I better go! My wife is chirping at me to spend some precious moments with one of my kids…I don’t which one, I can never remember their names 😛

Go with yourself.

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