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Jettisoning off to Tofino this weekend won’t work for Coral and I… but we wanted to take a little adventure somewhere and now we’re thinking of the west coast Island outpost of Bamfield.

Bamfield is named after the gentleman Banfield.

I don’t know if this is racist or encouraging, but the story goes that the native population had a hard time pronouncing the ‘N’ and so it became Bamfield.  That or the post office made a typo in 1902 and no one gave enough of a shit to correct, and so Bamfield it is.  A typo clinging to the shores of British Columbia.

When I spoke of making the overland to Bamfield, many folks spoke out to inquire if I had the ability to navigate the back roads to this fishing/tourist/educational metropolis.

Yes I do.

It may not seem it as well, most my life is a comical bumbling of happy accidents but me and my co-pilot in adventure Coral, have a track record of success in this field.

Many moons ago, we did seek out and find the fabled Nitinat Lake.

A similar drive through the rain forest over logging roads… but all the signs pointed to Bamfield and few pointed to the lake.  We found the lake! The village should be easier to track down in the wild (it doesn’t move about right?).

When we get to Bamfield, I am not too sure the plan.  It had a population of only 251 (ish)… so like it might have a Wal-Mart but I am not expecting to find a Red Lobster.  I think they have a coffee shop? and maybe a restaurant?

Monday looks like rain!  The best!

Go with yourself.

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