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I have fallen a wee bit off the blog train the past week.  Its been crazy busy with work and the stress of life… maaaaaan.

BUT, I did hear something a little different today.  The band is called RoTTen Rails.  Sooke heavy metallers… check out this demo “Gettin The Pit” that will be mastered and included on their upcoming album.

Download MP3 >> Gettin The Pit

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The White Stripes – “I’m Finding it Harder to be a Gentleman”

Big story today, The White Stripes called it quits officially.

I am not too sad in that… well the band hasn’t been functioning lately.  It was like a married couple that gets separated.  We’ve seen this coming… and now the paper just got served and its official.  Sad, but we’re glad they’re both happy now.

I like that they ended it, because it helps preserve the great amount of art they have created before.  They can’t become a parody of themselves.  PLUS, now we have a future “Oh My GAWD!” reunion show for Coachella to think about.

The White Stripes – “Fell In Love With a Girl”


I need to cut my nails.  I hate, HATE, H A T E typing with nails.  gross.


So I am pretty much obsessed with both the desert and the arctic.

If there is a documentary on my holy trinity of HD channels of Discovery World, Nation Geographic or Oasis on either hot or cold climates… I HAVE to watch it.

Saharan Africa… well I have my night planned out.  I know pathetic, I also have four channels of porn, but I’d rather hear about Timbuktu or Berber peoples.

The other day, there was a show about Hammerfest, Norway.  The northern most “city” in the world.

Such an adorable city.  If Canadian northern communities looked more like this and less like … uh, well less… I’d be living in Nunavut.

To be fair, there is a $10 BILLION dollar natural gas plant pumping $90 million dollars into the local economy every year… so, yeah, they can afford to pave a few streets and open a few pubs.

But I keep reading about all the potential of the Canadian North and how there *could* be riches buried beneath the ice or sea bed, but it sure ain’t no Hammerfest.

I may never make it to Hammerfest, but I do hope to one day get a chance to explore the Canadian Arctic.  There is a radio station in Iqaluit.  neat.

Go with yourself.

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Jettisoning off to Tofino this weekend won’t work for Coral and I… but we wanted to take a little adventure somewhere and now we’re thinking of the west coast Island outpost of Bamfield.

Bamfield is named after the gentleman Banfield.

I don’t know if this is racist or encouraging, but the story goes that the native population had a hard time pronouncing the ‘N’ and so it became Bamfield.  That or the post office made a typo in 1902 and no one gave enough of a shit to correct, and so Bamfield it is.  A typo clinging to the shores of British Columbia.

When I spoke of making the overland to Bamfield, many folks spoke out to inquire if I had the ability to navigate the back roads to this fishing/tourist/educational metropolis.

Yes I do.

It may not seem it as well, most my life is a comical bumbling of happy accidents but me and my co-pilot in adventure Coral, have a track record of success in this field.

Many moons ago, we did seek out and find the fabled Nitinat Lake.

A similar drive through the rain forest over logging roads… but all the signs pointed to Bamfield and few pointed to the lake.  We found the lake! The village should be easier to track down in the wild (it doesn’t move about right?).

When we get to Bamfield, I am not too sure the plan.  It had a population of only 251 (ish)… so like it might have a Wal-Mart but I am not expecting to find a Red Lobster.  I think they have a coffee shop? and maybe a restaurant?

Monday looks like rain!  The best!

Go with yourself.

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Its a power pop explosion from Portland indie darlings The Thermals.

Have a listen:
The Thermals – “Canada”

Ok, its is a very basic, balls to the floor power pop anthem.  Some hipsters were barking all over the internet because they expect more from The Thermals, but its better than anything Weezer has put out since Pinkerton and at least as good as most Sloan songs.

The lore behind the song is neato gang:

Don’t get us wrong – Buffalo, NY is a swell American town. But it’s not the easiest city to play, ask any band! So when The Thermals, on a recent tour, found themselves staring down the barrel of a less-than-spectacular night in Buffalo, The Thermals comforted themselves with the thought that the next day they were headed for CANADA. Toronto, to be exact, where they would headline an amazing sold out show at The Horseshoe Tavern. Sitting in the van in Buffalo, Thermals guitarist and singer Hutch Harris picked up a guitar and strummed a few chords, and sang a few lines about going to CANADA. Kathy Foster walked up and sang “Whoa Whoa-Oh Whoa!” as if on cue. Drummer Westin Glass set a fat beat to it at soundcheck et voila, “Canada”. Seriously, I’m not making this up. I mean, listen to the song. It doesn’t sound like it took The Thermals longer than half an hour to write “Canada”. But therein lies its brilliance! Totally off the cuff, yet totally sincere, “Canada” is an instant classic, a raucous, joyous ode to our brothers and sisters to the north. CANADA! Where everyone is funny, friendly and ready to have a beer or seven with you. CANADA! Where we’ll have everything we need! CANADA! The country we aspire to be.

and about the lyrics:

The lyrics to “Canada” contain the line “Sittin’ all alone / Pick up the phone and call Ramona / Go to Canada”. Ramona refers to Thermals sound woman Anna Lockwood, who sometimes goes by the name Ramona Flowers, a character in the Canadian comic book Scott Pilgrim, by Canadian author Bryan Lee O’Malley. Scott Pilgrim is published by Oni Press, who share a hometown of Portland, Oregon with The Thermals. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, a live-action film adaptation of the comic starring Canadian actor Michael Cera, is due in August of this year. Scott Pilgrim is named after a song by the Canadian band Plumtree.

Go with yourself.

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*Phillips Brewing Company’s “Blue Buck.” picture courtesy of Ali The Zone Ranger

BOITANO!  What did you do?  This is why breweries in Victoria can’t have nice things.

Many moons ago, Phillips Brewery, the Pride of Esquimalt, was kindly persuaded by a Vancouver Brewer to change the name of the very popular Blue Truck beer to Blue Buck.

It was a sad time in the history of Victoria, but like generations past, we moved on.  Yet the indecencies continue.  Sara P and Boitano were invited to the Phillips for a Fringe Festival Party.  Sara would not confirm exactly how many IPAs Boitano had in his belly, but the man himself admitted… a “few.”  FYI… If you are ever pulled over by a cop and he asks, “have you had anything to drink tonight?”  You never answer, “a couple,” or “a few” unless you enjoy having your car towed.  You need to give an actual number… I learned that from a Vancouver City Cop… right…

So Boitano drinks a couple and then has to use the washroom and BAM!  Runs through the new Blue Buck robotic mascot and completely murders it!  Will it ever end for Matt Phillips?

Boitano has this to say for himself: I bet the Blue Buck was already broken when I LIGHTLY bumped it and it fell! Either way…I’m sorry Matt Phillips! – @Boitano913


Talking alcohol, yesterday the twittersphere barfed when Rod Phillips (no relation to Matt) posted on his twitter an unbelievable deal.  Be one of the first 50 people to re-tweet his post and you could purchase a bottle of wine for just two bucks!

You know that mantra, “if its too good to be true, it probably isn’t true?”  Well throw that shit out the window, because last night, I drank a bottle of $2 Spanish wine! Then I finished off an old bottle I had kicking around… and drank a beer.  Huzzah to a mid week drunk!  Thanks Rod.


I read this article today and thought it was neat.


Forgotten Expedition to Canada Revealed in Centuries Old Letter


I’d like to end the blog today talking about oranges.

I love them.

That is all, go with yourself.

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Happy 142nd Canada Day!

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I feel great so far.  I woke up and slayed so many dragons last week that looking ahead, I have so few things to get up to.

I suppose I should get Mads a SIN and get started on her RESP and get the ball rolling on a little baby passport, pay this month’s bills and lay some money down on the credit card.

I need to move forward with my self taught graphic design and student loan stuff.

And somewhere amongst all that, sign up for MMA fighting, Kung-Fu or something physical… I checked out a bunch of MMA studios and they are all really expensive and full of… well… not my kind of people to put it politely.  Might have to try a more traditional martial art.  My friends all laugh at me when I say I want to rock the octagon… but maybe that will be my armour?  While my opponent is laughing himself out of position I will kung-fu chop him down to the ground.

My buddy Paul was the only guy who didn’t laugh.  He said I should take something basic like Kung-Fu or even Karate.  Apparently some Karate master ripped it at UFC 100 this past weekend?

On Father’s Day, I bought myself a present… the movie Passchendaele.

Most of the movie is a little slow, the dialogue is weak, the whole premise is almost silly, but then near the end, the third battle of Ypres lights up, the movie is worth the price of admission.  When I watch the film, I generally jam out the opening village battle sequence, then fast forward to the end.

I had this crazy dream Friday night (likely Red Bull fueled) where I was in World War One.  I was in the trench with some dude who wasn’t a very good shot.  We’re all huddled around and the Germans attack.  As I am sitting there dropping German after German, the man huddled in the trench is called, “Jeremy…. Jeremy…”  I keep snapping back at him… “just stay down or shoot, I don’t care!”

Turns out it was Coral trying to wake me up to get ready for the ferry!

The dream stayed in my brain all weekend, so when we go back from Coquitlam, I found a previously viewed copy  of Passchendaele at Blockbuster.  score.

After the film, I dusted off my copy of Pierre Berton’s “Vimy.” I am pretty down with my Canadian History circa WWI, but I thought I’d revisit it while I wait for my next book to show up in the mail.

This blog isn’t really about anything, just wanted to write the week out and then get to it.

Go with yourself.

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oh right.  Passchendaele is out on DVD now, and I am going to buy it and watch it.  In all honesty, not the best war movie ever made… but arguably the best Canadian war movie.  The movie starts fantastically (bayonette to the skull anyone?) and ends almost as fantastically.

There is a whole lot of |romance” that bogs down the middle the of the film for budgetary reason (I hope that was the reason) but it is interesting to see some vintage 1915 era Calgary.

The movie picks up at the end, so have faith if you’re watching and going, WTF?  It gets pretty awesome when Paul Gross ships back over.  The end end, sorta silly… but I think on DVD I’ll enjoy the movie because I can get right to what I want to see.

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