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Victoria’s Warbuck call their sound alternative ambient electronic indie pop.  Listening to their two songer Two (produced with help of Brandon DeLyzer…nice), and I really like the slow climber, sexy “We Can’t Be Touched.”

Warbuck is playing the Moustache Party at Lucky Bar tonight and a fundraiser for Movember (AND featuring a DJ set from me).

I talked on an earlier post about headliners Handsome Distraction….so lets have a listen to the other support band, Citizen Joy.  Groovy, bluesy, vocally driven, jazzy rock & roll.

Go with yourself.

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I had so much fun getting up to adventures on the weekend.  And I had so much fun writing about adventures from the weekend.  It only stood to reason… I’d enjoy podcasting the adventures.  Introducing the second installment of Living in the City.  Please have a listen and share.

Soundcloud: Living in the City >> Bourbon sours, Red Fish Blue Fish and Roche Cove

Oh wow, the times we’ll share.

You’ll learn:
1) How to make a bourbon sour from Katie McDonald, Veneto Lounge
2) How to make Malt Vinegar Syrup from Kunal Ghose, Red Fish, Blue Fish & Top Chef Canada
3) How to find Roche Cove Regional Park

***neat, here is an article about Kunal Ghose from the Times Colonist.***

We so excited. I love living in the city!

Go with yourself.

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Jettisoning off to Tofino this weekend won’t work for Coral and I… but we wanted to take a little adventure somewhere and now we’re thinking of the west coast Island outpost of Bamfield.

Bamfield is named after the gentleman Banfield.

I don’t know if this is racist or encouraging, but the story goes that the native population had a hard time pronouncing the ‘N’ and so it became Bamfield.  That or the post office made a typo in 1902 and no one gave enough of a shit to correct, and so Bamfield it is.  A typo clinging to the shores of British Columbia.

When I spoke of making the overland to Bamfield, many folks spoke out to inquire if I had the ability to navigate the back roads to this fishing/tourist/educational metropolis.

Yes I do.

It may not seem it as well, most my life is a comical bumbling of happy accidents but me and my co-pilot in adventure Coral, have a track record of success in this field.

Many moons ago, we did seek out and find the fabled Nitinat Lake.

A similar drive through the rain forest over logging roads… but all the signs pointed to Bamfield and few pointed to the lake.  We found the lake! The village should be easier to track down in the wild (it doesn’t move about right?).

When we get to Bamfield, I am not too sure the plan.  It had a population of only 251 (ish)… so like it might have a Wal-Mart but I am not expecting to find a Red Lobster.  I think they have a coffee shop? and maybe a restaurant?

Monday looks like rain!  The best!

Go with yourself.

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Band of Horses latest record Infinite Arms didn’t get stellar reviews… but personally I really enjoy the record.

Pitchfork was saying it is ideal for long drives through the wilderness and I can attest to that (if you consider parts of Southern Vancouver Island wilderness) as I rocked a BOH album in the earliest hours of the morning after a wedding in Shawnigan Lake.

The NEW BAND OF HORSES VIDEO features lots of two of my favourite things… driving and the desert!  its like a match made in heaven as my future will one day call for living in a dusty desert village.

I would imagine that the “Laredo” in the song is a reference to the Texas border city but there are little Laredos all over the US, Mexico and the original village by that name is in Spain.

There are even some Laredo place names in BC. There is a Laredo Inlet, Channel and Sound. Neat.

When I go there one day, I’ll rock “Laredo” by Band of Horses and think about an aquatic desert and what a mind fuck that would be.

Go with yourself.

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Add this album to my list of “looking forwards to…”  The new Wolf Parade album will be out in June (or maybe July from Sub Pop) and is named after one of my earliest memories growing up, Expo ’86.

Anyone in my age bracket or older that lived in British Columbia in 1986 likely has some fond memories of the World’s Fair that dominated Vancouver.  Every time you ride the Expo line of the Skytrain or take in a IMAX film at science world, you’re basking in the legacy.  I thought it was pretty neat when I read an interview with WP’s Dan Boeckner about why they chose Expo ’86 as the title for their new record:

Pitchfork: Do you have a title for the album yet?

DB: The title for the record, as far as we know now, is– unless we get sued for using it– Expo 86.

Expo 86 was a World’s Fair that happened in Vancouver in 1986. It’s been this thing we all talked about as a band. We all grew up in British Columbia, and we were all at Expo, which lasted about three or four days. It’s a weird little thought experiment– basically, we were all young children at the same big event. I remember Expo 86 was as big as the Olympics were this year in Vancouver. They completely reorganized part of the downtown core, and they built this giant geodesic dome called “Science World”. Now it looks completely, totally dated and a product of its time. They built monuments, built rides. It was something I don’t think we’re going to see in Canada ever again because World’s Fairs have fallen out of favor, at least for the Western World.

Pitchfork: Do you have any particular memories of going to Expo 86?

DB: I remember going to the German Pavilion, which was totally terrifying. Each country had a pavilion showing off their prime exports or a little bit of the culture, and the German Pavilion was this super austere, really cold Bauhaus-style minimalist building. It freaked me out as a child.

I remember the UFO HTO water park, Expo Ernie! and MFing Rainbow War.  I still have a an Expo ’86 t-shirt that is wearable… not that I wear it much, it’s been co-opted by Ms. Coral Crawford.

Fun fact: The above cover for the new Wolf Parade album features some greasy looking youngsters about to fuck some ship up… those kids are actual family members of Wolf Parade’s Dante DeCaro.  Wait an minute?  the same Dante that used to be in Victoria favourite sons Hot Hot Heat?  yes, the same one!

And one more degree of Kevin Bacon; Expo ’86 had a chief operating officer named Jim Pattison.  He now owns The Zone @ 91-3!  Believe that.

That’s it…  Go with yourself.

Me, Expo Ernie, and my brothers CJ and Matt: May 1986

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Whatever, she is still pretty hot.

aside from the fact the commercial is a bit of rip from the ” California – Find Yourself Here” ad, its pretty slick.

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Click and Listen to: Capital Rock City #57

Thank you for finding my Victoria rock internet show Capital Rock City. Lots of great music this week (just like every week right).  Find Capital Rock City in the iTunes store for a free weekly subscription or use the Zone’s handy dandy RSS Feed.


DJ Notes

01) Doc Currie – “Eastern Shore”
02) Aegis Fang – “Ghetto Man”
03) Saul – “Too Quick To Judge”
04) The Racoons – “Secret Song”

I met the boys in Doc Currie last week at Logan’s opening for The CFC (not to be confused with the Couples for Christ). DC is just two just guys doing the drums and guitar thing.  Lots of audio weirdness.  Two was thinking they sounded like Modest Mouse, I disagreed and pulled some threads of Japanadroids out.  But listening to “Eastern Shore” again on Capital Rock City… it is a little more noisy and experimental.

Aegis Fang!  Lets do it, this Thursday at Sugar for Beats and Babes 2!


The good kids in Saul asked me a couple weeks ago if they could use a clip form the Zone Afternoon Show in an intro to a song on their new record.  I said, “yuppers!”  And now you’re hearing it on Capital Rock City.  man, those were some good oranges.  I still remember them.  And to tie CRC 57 in to The Paper Cranes, Miranda went to Save-On and bought some oranges too.

The Racoons are on tour right now… Ontario maybe?  They’ll be back in Victoria for a show at Sugar on June 12th.  new ep, “Islomania” is out in Early June as well.

The “secret song” at the end of the “I’d Rather Be Sailing with” ep is a song that lead singer Matt describes as their “National sounding song.”  The National are taking FOREVER to follow up Boxer, so the Racoons will have to scratch that itch for me.

That’s all I got.  Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City.  If you like the show, please share the fine music of Victoria with your friends and pass the link on your social networks.

Go with yourself.

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Seriously?  WTF is this?  How about you say what the right party is instead of ridiculous cartoons.

Dear Family Owned Businesses… make better commercials or I’m shopping at Wal-Mart.

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