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jon and roy

It is time.

Rifflandia is upon us.

Today I am broadcasting my radio show from Riff HQ. Downtown on Douglas at Pandora. I’ll be getting my family’s wristbands. Maybe taking advantage of Wristband Connect tonight for dinner. 10% off at Foo? C’mon!

Victoria’s Jon and Roy stopped by the show yesterday to talk about their set at the Victoria Public Market. They also performed their new song “Every Night.”

Jon and Roy
Friday, September 12th
11:30 PM, Public Market


Roy (of Jon and Roy fame) is a teacher. I had to share with him a rant my 6-year-old did at the dinner table the other night. She started going off on the strike and because I carry a recorder with me everywhere, I captured it!

To Rifflandia and Beyond!

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