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It is time.

Rifflandia is upon us.

Today I am broadcasting my radio show from Riff HQ. Downtown on Douglas at Pandora. I’ll be getting my family’s wristbands. Maybe taking advantage of Wristband Connect tonight for dinner. 10% off at Foo? C’mon!

Victoria’s Jon and Roy stopped by the show yesterday to talk about their set at the Victoria Public Market. They also performed their new song “Every Night.”

Jon and Roy
Friday, September 12th
11:30 PM, Public Market


Roy (of Jon and Roy fame) is a teacher. I had to share with him a rant my 6-year-old did at the dinner table the other night. She started going off on the strike and because I carry a recorder with me everywhere, I captured it!

To Rifflandia and Beyond!

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Canadian west-coast roots/folk duo Jon and Roy perform tonight at the Alix Goolden Hall…. sold out.  In front of the concert, they stopped by The Zone @ 91-3 for a live performance.  They lay down “Vibrant Scene” from the album Let It Go.  Then they dive into a cover of David Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World.”

Go with yourself.


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Jon Middleton
Tag this one as Canadian Chill Folk or West Coast Chill Roots…. solo ep from Jon Middleton (Jon & Roy).  Jon’s solo stuff is very pretty and light.  If you took the foot off the gas even further from a typical Jon & Roy song you’d get a pretty good understanding of the ep called … I think its just called EP.

The music is very calm, relaxing and meditative.  If you live in the Rainy Forest Kingdom, or maybe just feel like sometimes you’d like to transport yourself to the world of storms, waves and trees, this is the record to do it.

I like a lot of songs on the EP from this Victorian singer-guitarist…but I like Jon best when he’s singing about nature, reflection, and reconciling that with modern urban living.

The Jon & Roy Holiday special is comingDecember 14th at the Alix Goolden.

Yay! Post 1,000! Thank you for reading.

Go with yourself.

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Wake Owl create a beautiful style of indie folk.  The Vancouver band’s ep is on my list for favourites for the year and a dark horse for my top 10.  I had a chance to meet the boys and see them at Rifflandia V.  Truthful moment… the live show at the Vic Event Center did not impress me.  I think they suffered from my high expectations and maybe playing a “bigger” show than their skill set at the time.  I was listening to their ep Wild Country HEAVY leading up to the show.  I am not letting one good, but not great, show spoil the fun…. Wake Owl return to Victoria on December 14th for the Jon & Roy Holiday Special… this time at the beautiful Alix Goolden.

Wake Owl has also generated two spoonfuls of buzz after their song “Gold” was featured on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy.

“Gold” is a wonderous song….like the whole ep.  If this is your first chance checking out Wake Owl or you have heard/ read some buzz and like what you hear, it gets better on the ep.  Check out “Wild Country” or “Seaside.”



Go with yourself.

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Hazy Californian Foster the People-esque indie pop AND more palm trees.  The band is called The Neighbourhood…they use the Canadian spelling of Neighbourhood, wise.  I am new to the young band that has already cycled through the blogs and that’s cool because you can’t follow every trend.  The band is starting to hit a critical mass…as in a record label in Canada is repping them to the radio stations, they’re touring with Paul Banks of Interpol fame (after wrapping a tour with the Temper Trap, hmmm someone likes these guys)….  I punched up their song “Sweater Weather” and it sounds groovy.

A wintery chill day on the beach in California.  Very pretty lyrics pitter-pattering quickly, painting a romantic story over beats and jangly indie rock guitar.


How about this track…. Victoria’s Jon & Roy at a house concert a couple years ago.  Last song of the set is a cover of Lead Belly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” (made famous for our generation by Nirvana). Lead Belly’s legend and lore is worth your time and its on wikipedia. And now Jon & Roy’s take on a classic.

The annual Jon & Roy holiday special goes down in Victoria on December 14th at the Alix Goolden Hall.  In Vancouver on the 21st at The Vogue and the 22nd in Kelowna at Habit.

American friends… look out! Jon & Roy head south for a West Coast tour in the new year.

Go with yourself.

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A weekend in Twitpics!

Mads enjoying some ice cream backstage at The Blue Sky Festival

Afra, Mark and Vince Vaccaro getting ready for their set at The Blue Sky Festival.

Sunday, we headed to Sidney to see Jon and Roy! Sunny at the Sea.

A pic from Coral's phone. We hit Sea Cider for some patio drinking and farm life late on Sunday afternoon.

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Everybody’s favourite local rocker podcast is once again ready for download.

Please click and listen: Capital Rock City #60

Thank you for taking the time to find the program and if you like the show, please share the link with a friend, subscribe to the podcast from the iTunes podcast section (just search ‘Capital Rock City’ in the iTunes store) or use this RSS feed.


DJ Notes

01) theset – “Echohead”
02) November Rising – “Origin”
03) The Listening Party – “Before the Night”
04) James Kasper – “Breezy”


Capital Rock City #60 has lots of great new music this week.  Well new, to me.  However I start the show with one off theset’s Neveroddoreven album.  The song is called “Echohead” and I like it because I recently had a chance to see the video.  Superb video.

November Rising is a band I saw many years ago?  I can’t remember but it was sometime ago and it was at Steamers, so it must have been in the distant past.  My friend Justin from Station House Pub told me about the band.  Very epic.

Jon Middleton of Jon & Roy fame has a new side project, The Listening Party.  The Listening Party loves their drums and they sing about summer.

James Kasper is back with some new music, so I sampled my favourite.  I like “Breezy’s” nice build to a furious jam at the end.

Thank you for downloading.  Please share this link with your friends.

Go with yourself.

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Come get some, the Best of 2009 (so far) on Capital Rock City #50.

Best enjoyed through your ears: Capital Rock City #50

and remember friends, the only way FOX News will take Canada seriously is if you SUBSCRIBE to Capital Rock City from the iTunes podcast section or RSS this bitch from the Zone dot FM.

DJ Notes:

01) Racoons – “Tangiers”
02) Vince Vaccaro – “The City at Sunrise”
03) Acres of Lions – “Working”
04) Justin Hewitt – “Close Your Eyes”
05) Jon & Roy – “What I Need”
06) Paper Cranes – “Telephone”


I don’t know what to write here except these are a few of my favourites.  Really, anything from most these bands could go in this space.  All the new Racoons, or Acres is amazing.  I just remembered Vince’s “Costa Rice” which is a shame, because I would have included that track in place of “The City at Sunrise” now that I think about it and hear it again on Vince’s MySpace.

Here is a pretty rad music video that Chucky shared with me.  The artist is Johnny Galactic and the song is “Pink Coat.”  Look out for my man Aran from the Armchair Cynics rocking the bass guitar!

whoa… while typing this, Mads took a header off the couch.  ahhh, Mom will get this one.

That’s all I got.  Please download my podcast and share the link with a friend if you dig it.

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