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it never goes away
I finally got around to jamming another mix on my Mixcloud.  Maybe you’ll take a second to check it out?

Mixcloud >> It Never Goes Away

I have been feeling mentally cluttered for awhile now…. and tired.  The title comes from a thought bouncing around my brain on my hikes.  It Never Goes Away.  At the time, I was thinking, “being tired.”  I can sleep or rest, but I still feel tired.  Originally I was going to call the mix Biophilia.  I still think a future mix will get themed on that.  Coral, Maddy and I were walking around Thetis Lake and I guess those Suzuki Reports we air on the radio have effected Madelyn in a positive way because we had a discussion about “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life.”

Later after the hike, I hopped in the studio and turned the music up really loud, and the thought, “It Never Goes Away” turned into something else and I liked it as a different rallying cry.  Not about being tired or nature…

The set isn’t long…. it features a few songs I enjoy during my sets at Veneto Lounge…. particularly the Danny Brown “Grown Up” (Distinction Remix)… here’s a download.

and the Crystal Fighters “You & I” (Gigamesh Remix)…. and a download.

I hope you discover a new favourite.

Go with yourself.

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It can feel like a challenge, thinking about summer in Victoria in June.  The weather has been cold, grey and wet for the most part.  On Thursday, I had the chance to DJ on the Rooftop Surfclub for their Solstice party.  I was the first DJ up at 6PM and had a 45 minute set before Boitano turned it up and Marshal A and DJ Speedyshoes closes out the night.  I posted my mix on Mixcloud if you’re into it.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Children of Summer

A few weak mixes in here…but for the most part I think you’ll enjoy the set if you normally listen to modern rock.

Some of my favourite songs on the list… Cloud Nothings.  I could listen to them all day.  I dig the Passion Pit and Imagine Dragons remixes.  Alex Clare is growing on my with every listen.

My next mixtape will be an Osheaga festival mix similar my Sasquatch mix.

Go with yourself.

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That is a picture of Russ doing some work on the Zone @ 91-3 studio.  Neat.

Coral is off to the Sasquatch festival in about week… and we’re both struggling with trying to fit fitness into our lives.  One idea has Coral walking to work.  I reckon it’ll be a 45-60 minute walk… through parks, by the water, over a trestle bridge and cut into a gorge, before crossing an industrial park and a mall.  She wanted a playlist… and get her excited for some bands I made her a list of Sasquatch songs (and Passion Pit).  Maybe you’ll dig it too? Maybe you’ll share with friends?

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Sasquatch Festival 2012 Mix (Coral’s Walk)

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Yesterday it was Robbie Burns Day.  A day to celebrate the life of the great Scottish 18th century poet.  Today is Australia Day… like Canada Day but backwards and upside down… less snow, more Vegemite. (is there anywhere to buy Vegemite in Victoria?  huh.)

I have been listening to a few bands form both Australia and Scotland lately and thought… if ever there was time to merge a playlist of these two geographically opposite Nations… its today.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> North Sea // Coral Sea

01) Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Winds” Selkirk, Scotland
02) Altas Genius – “Trojans” Adelaide, Australia
03) Biffy Clyro – “Many of Horror (live)” Kilmarnock, Scotland
04) Gotye – “Eyes Wide Open” Melbourne, Australia
05) Twin Atlantic – “Free” Glasgow, Scotland
06) Twin Atlantic – “Crash Land” Glasgow, Scotland
07) Angus Stone – “Broken Brights”  Sydney, Australia
08) Angus & Julia Stone – “Big Jet Plane” Sydney, Australia

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for listening and go with yourself.

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Back in September, Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem fame released a side-project record as The Horrible Crowes.  At the time, we spun the feature song a bit on the Zone and I remember Dave Sawchuk being a bit of an early convert on the project.

It never really jelled on the Zone, song went away to be replaced by the next “it” thing in modern rock and I didn’t think too much about it.  Till about a week ago.

Talking with my sister-in-law Alyx… she was telling me that she LOVES the Horrible Crowes Elsie.  “OK, I’ll give it another listen,” I says to her.

A day or two after that… outta the blue!  Homeboy Tyson sends me a text saying… check out the Horrible Crowes.  Great sad bastard music.

He was right.  Great sad bastard music… and the launch point for today’s mixtape.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Sad Bastard Music

Using the Horrible Crowes’ dark sad sack tale of woe as a jumping point… I went on Facebook and twitter to ask best friends for their sad bastard songs to add.  here we go.  Strap in, its about to get sad.

01) The Horrible Crowes – Lady Killer (me)
02) Nada Surf – “Inside of Love” (Adrienne)
03) Farside – “I Hope You’re Unhappy” (Jared)
04) The Low Anthem – “To Ohio” (Simon)
05) The Helio Sequence – “Lately” (Simon)
06) Hayden – “Bad as they Seem” (me)
07) Hayden – “Stem” (Alix)
08) Frightened Rabbit – “Backwards Walk” (Me)
09) Jeff Buckley – “Hallelujah” (Carrie)
10) CKY – “To All Of You (Acoustic)” (Conner)
11) Pete Yorn – “Lose You” (Chelsea)
12) Damien Rice – “The Blower’s Daughter” (Geoff)
13) Radiohead – “Creep” (Krysta)
14) Morphine – “I’m Free Now” (Sean)
15) The Horrible Crowes – “Teenage Dream” (Me)

So many great songs.  Many of these new to me and I hope you’ll hear a few new ones to you.

Reading about the Horrible Crowes I was excited to discover they will be releasing “Lady Killer” as a 7 inch single in February.  B-Side…. their cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”  Wow.

Download MP3 >> 02TeenageDream

OK, happy listening?  Sure.

Go with yourself.

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Stream from Mixcloud: Mixtape >> When its sunny in December

A playlist that began to take shape after I heard a few interesting songs. The first couple of jazz numbers I heard when I read one of my favourite male fashion blogs (yes I have a favourite male fashion blog).


I also tracked down Ben Kweller after watching the movie “The Change-Up.” (don’t make fun of me, I already feel like a weirdo jiving on Ben Kweller… and to discover the song on a Jason Bateman film… shameful… but thus is fate)

Then it became a matter of trying to draw some parallels and connecting some dots and this is the playlist I sported.

I little melancholy, but at times erotic or desperate. Sprinkled in the forlorn… I heard brightness and rounded out the little set with some Afrobeat.

The idea of December came from Vampire Weekend drinking horchata in the winter. And The Green Arrows are an African band from the 70s. There style reminds me winter holidays in sunny places.

I hope you enjoy the mix.

The flip to this playlist…. when its raining in December is coming soon….

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I like making mixtapes… I guess its almost the same rush as someone who plays fantasy baseball or something.  I go through my collection and build a setlist.

With some help from Pitchfork, iTunes Genius and my friend James… I found a set of fuzzy electronic off-kilter beats split up by some adorable indie pop.

The set begins with an ominous song from How To Dress Well. A song that is also side 1, track 1 from their album. It rises with some mellow and enjoyable beats, then bogs down with crackling distortion of Hudson Mohawke. Maybe the most most interesting of the songs I included, if only for its spooky weirdness.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow has some of that ethereal-ness of Hudson. Then I jammed out new music from Alexander, aka Alex Ebert aka the dude from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Something delightful from Kelowna band We Are The City and its a wrap.

Thank you for listening to my set.

Stream it from my Mixcloud: Sometimes beside, never next to


DJ Notes

01) How to Dress Well – “You Hold The Water”
02) Baths – “Plea”
03) Gold Panda – “Back Home”
04) Teen Daze – “Neon”
05) Bibio – “Ambivalence Avenue”
06) Hannah Georgas – “the national”
07) Hudson Mohawke – “Star Crackout”
08) A Sunny Day in Glasgow – “Nitetime Rainbows”
09) Alexander – “Trust”
10) We Are The City – “Time, Wasted”

Go with yourself.

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