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The Byzantine Empire

I finally get why peolple steal music off the internet.  The companies that take your money punish you for the experience.

I am one of the few people I know left that routinely buys my music.  I use music a lot for my mental well-being and for work, and I have no problem dropping .99 cents on a song from iTunes.  I have multiple Apple products and have spent hundreds thousands of dollars on music in the past couple years.  Maybe I am not a HEAVY user but I think I am more than a casual music fan.

iTunes however has DRM on many of the songs I bought.  I can only play my music on my authorized computers of which I can only have 5 going at any one time.  No worries.  Until I hit my five and then got my hands on a new Mac Book for a work project.  I went to play some of my music and the computer said that I had maxed out my 5 authorized computers.  Dang it.  OK, deauthorize all the old ones.  One of the computers I have since put into long term storage because it is broken and the other is Boitano’s that I authorized to DJ on it one time last November.

Nope, I can only deauthorize all computer once a year!  WTF?  why?  who cares if I want to deauthorize all computers all the time.  My music, my computers, deauthorize please so that I may continue to buy iTunes music on my Mac computer!

On top of that, iTunes has since seen the error of their ways and dropped DRM (digital Rights management) on their music, so let me open up as many computers as I want to be authorized?  or remove the DRM off my already lawfully purchased tracks.  The bastards are “offering” to lift the DRM off my songs for like $300! O RLY, thank you iTunes.  But how ’bout you keep the offer and just work.  just work… that is all I want.

Or how about this Apple and music industry, I take back the Mac to the Apple store and download Limewire and cut all of you out my life?  I tried finding an iTunes customer service number but good luck on that, had to leave an email.  Not acceptable at 2AM when I NEED a laptop to work for my job.

God, I am the last man on earth that buys music and its a Byzantian ordeal.

Sorry for the cry baby rant, but I am upset that I have spent so much money and time doing the “right” thing and I am being punished, but if I’d just ripped off all the music, this would be a non-issue.

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