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Madelyn dressing herself last night.

On the weekend I finally headed over to the Ableton website to download their free version of Live.  It is a 30 day trial or something.

I do have some music projects I am working on right now, but I am hoping to steal a little time to learn it.  Talking to Tyson last night, and the man said he had an old MIDI keyboard I could have/borrow.  Fun.  Its no Akai somethingorother shiny toy, but beggars can’t be choosers and it’ll let me get started.

I don’t know how to do any of this stuff… I just know what I want stuff to sound like.  But I don’t know how to make the sounds.  You dig?  ugh, should have stayed in band as a youth.

Then a Eureka moment!  learning to play instruments is for communists.  Check out this video, a man has unleashed the power of Capitalism to give me instant results!


In other news of awesome, Polbot 4000 found me this website: iPodMeister.

Let me get this straight, I find somewhere in the neighbourhood of 600-1,200 CDs.  Ship them to some guy and he sends me an iPad?

At first I thought… no way… but then you do the numbers.  What does an iPad sell for?  $500?  really this guy is bulk buying my CDs for about .50 cents each.

Is that fair?  They do sit in a combination of storage, Dave’s basement and in my closet doing me nothing.  Maybe I can scrape together 1,200 and see if this dude is legit?  Not gunna lie, I kinda want an iPad.  It looks like fun.  Or at the very least, I could get an iPhone…

Go with yourself.

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I had talked about wanting to start a financial blog on here awhile back, but I think the reality of that happening right now is low.  It is a challenge enough  to stay on top of this blog and keeping on the news and music for my radio show.  Plus I am DJing more and more these days and I really enjoy that and want to keep growing my performance, so right now, no new blog.

That said, Coral and I are really starting to get into the hang of the “Jar Budget” or basically, living off a set value of cash every week.  Granted, we set a fairly generous amount of cash to live off each week, but its working.  We now generally have a little of last week’s cash in the jar by the time its time to put more in!  Just in time for Coral’s birthday.

The other benefit… and this is one I shared with my buddy Dave, you end up collecting lots of change.  Loonies and Twonies and quartres and all that good stuff.

Its getting to the point where for some goofy things like a coffee or even a lunch or simple groceries, I just take a fistful of change and not even open the cash jar.

We’re not perfect at not using the debit, but its much better than before.


Which brings me to my next project.  A new laptop!  huzzah.  But I’m not there yet.  I am still dreaming and pricing and see what I need and/or want.

I need a more powerful laptop to run my DJ software and eventually I want to play around with creating my own lounge beats.  The Toshiba, god bless it, freezes during my sets sometimes (well actually about once a night).

I want a Mac Book Pro.

The conflict I have is cost.  I am still putting a jihad on bills and debt so no computer right now, but my projection is to be in a position to buy a computer by April.  Knock on wood, no issue with the Toshiba and it serves till then.

From my wandering on the Serato message boards, the consensus is a Mac.  It might be true that 90% is on PC, but in the creative DJ world, the opposite is true.  It feels like 90% of professional DJs and producers use a Mac.

But when you ask why?  the answer isn’t always clear.  “Its better” is common.  That’s cool, but is it $1000 better?  Coral and I bought our Toshiba two years ago for about $750.  Is a MacBook Pro 17″ monster worth $2,599.99?

My studies have concluded that even if I went Mac, I could get away with a MacBook ($1,000 ish) or the more powerful Pro 13″ 2.53 GHz.  cost: $1,599.00.  wow, for a computer.

That screen is actually smaller than our 14″ Toshiba… and my second major issue after the freezing is the small screen.

Bump up to the 15″ MacBook Pro and now we’re talking $1,799.99.


I want it, but do I NEED that?

Coral was watching Olsen on Your Side on CTV the other day, and they said the best PC Laptop for value was the Dell Studio XPS which start on the Dell website for around $1,000.

Get a Dell, save $800?  hmmm.

Is a MacBook Pro worth $800 MORE than a PC?  If you think so, I’d like to hear it.  The biggest thing I’ve heard of the value of the Mac is stability.  At the end of the day, that might be my most important attribute.  One DJ said that “the cheapest used Macbook on Craigslist is better than any PC for operating Serato.”

I figure, if the Toshiba, god forbids, shuffles off the mortal coil before April, I can always find a used Macbook and just get back out there.

*** future project, I want a MIDI controller ($200 ish) and to learn Ableton (Thanks Rozie)!  And start building a stage show for when I DJ.  Maybe my saved up change jar money can buy some lights or what I really want is a screen and a projector.***

Go with yourself.

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The Byzantine Empire

I finally get why peolple steal music off the internet.  The companies that take your money punish you for the experience.

I am one of the few people I know left that routinely buys my music.  I use music a lot for my mental well-being and for work, and I have no problem dropping .99 cents on a song from iTunes.  I have multiple Apple products and have spent hundreds thousands of dollars on music in the past couple years.  Maybe I am not a HEAVY user but I think I am more than a casual music fan.

iTunes however has DRM on many of the songs I bought.  I can only play my music on my authorized computers of which I can only have 5 going at any one time.  No worries.  Until I hit my five and then got my hands on a new Mac Book for a work project.  I went to play some of my music and the computer said that I had maxed out my 5 authorized computers.  Dang it.  OK, deauthorize all the old ones.  One of the computers I have since put into long term storage because it is broken and the other is Boitano’s that I authorized to DJ on it one time last November.

Nope, I can only deauthorize all computer once a year!  WTF?  why?  who cares if I want to deauthorize all computers all the time.  My music, my computers, deauthorize please so that I may continue to buy iTunes music on my Mac computer!

On top of that, iTunes has since seen the error of their ways and dropped DRM (digital Rights management) on their music, so let me open up as many computers as I want to be authorized?  or remove the DRM off my already lawfully purchased tracks.  The bastards are “offering” to lift the DRM off my songs for like $300! O RLY, thank you iTunes.  But how ’bout you keep the offer and just work.  just work… that is all I want.

Or how about this Apple and music industry, I take back the Mac to the Apple store and download Limewire and cut all of you out my life?  I tried finding an iTunes customer service number but good luck on that, had to leave an email.  Not acceptable at 2AM when I NEED a laptop to work for my job.

God, I am the last man on earth that buys music and its a Byzantian ordeal.

Sorry for the cry baby rant, but I am upset that I have spent so much money and time doing the “right” thing and I am being punished, but if I’d just ripped off all the music, this would be a non-issue.

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