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My man Ryan from The Paper Cranes left a comment on my blog from the other day about which computer program might help me master the beat production.  he recommended the Mac program Logic.

Ryan Awram from The Q! also rocks Logic so what I would like about that is that we can share knowledge at work.  I think Logic also has some similar attributes to Garageband which comes standard on the Mac.  That might allow me to learn the Garageband as I already have it, then graduate to Logic if/when I get the hang of it.

I went down to Simply Computers on Quadra, where I normally go to stare at Apple stuff, to look at Logic.

I asked the sales rep about Logic and he steered me toward Ableton… again.  Always with the Ableton.

Ableton is expensive, BUT the sales rep said I don’t need the super duper version… the basic $500 package would be good for me.  And he said that Ableton is working with Rane (they make Serato mixers) to be compatible with Serato DJ software (and I hope my Numark???).

yeesh.  brain hurts.

Its all pretty amateur for me right now and will one day require me to make a decision and jump in.  The issue I mainly have is money.  Coral is hoping to go to University or college in the fall and will need tuition/computer/earn less money for the family.  I’ll need close to $1,000 to rock the wedding fair in the fall and that has to be the priority as success there will guarantee me the opportunity to earn the money I need for fun toys (and to pay the mortgage).  Fun toys now… wasted chance at future business.

man, being an adult sucks.  Garageband for now.


In other news, my set for the party Friday Night is taking shape and I like the direction.  I am stressing about it as I don’t really know what people will want to hear.  But I think if I play what I like, I’m opening… no harm no foul and like any performer… all I can do is what I do.

I’ll practice it tonight before bed and if its a good hour, its gold for Friday at Sugar. It’ll be some Brooklyn meets Ibiza chillwave and blisscore beats with some classic soul/funk/R&B.  Might be a trainwreck, but last night at 2AM… it sounded good.  I’ll try it again on the decks tonight, if I can mix it together and the story makes sense in my brain, it’ll be what you hear as you file into Sugar. if this mix that is my head doesn’t come together I was also feeling a modern rocky/remix/local beats set.  Maybe I can do both… a side A and a side B kinda dealio?

Details >> – Well Served – @ Suagr Nightclub

Lastly… I still love Four Tet.

Go with yourself.

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A bartender named Holly turned me on to this song from a band called Kyte.  Wikipedia reminds me of the epicness of Explosions in the Sky or This Will Destroy You; but with a wispy vocal melody.  Mighty good.

I met Holly last Saturday at the Rialto where I find myself DJing Saturday nights.  What a great place, it feels good to be at a place where I can really bite into my playlists and find some interesting music.  This gig found me because I sent a cold call email to the Rialto about a year ago when they did their renovations.  I asked if I could DJ, they said no… fast forward a year and there I am.

The evening forced my hand in finally investing in my production.  I headed to Long and McQuade and purchased a Numark NS7.  The NS7 is a controller that lets me use Serato Itch.  It simulates a turn table DJ rig, but I like it because it is smaller (it uses two 45s instead of LPs) and all contained.  I can set it up in our little home, practice, and break it down much easier than the turntables I had from Boitano.  I might have wanted to chose the Vestax VCI 300, it is smaller still than the NS7 and cheaper, but I wanted to play on something a bit more substantial… but I can see myself one day wanted something even smaller, when my skills improve.

My goal right now is practice, practice, practice.  I want to have at least a passable skill at blending and mixing two cuts together.  The NS7 also has lots of fun and user friendly features to create loops and rush around a track, maybe one day I’ll be able to really birth some interesting sonic creations.

In the future, I will need to get an accountant (thank you John!), register the old business up, promotional material and I think we’ll need a new laptop.  I just didn’t have the money or the guts to finance one right now.  Coral and I are hoping that after her layoff is final, we put some money in the bank and my DJ business stabilizes and becomes legitimate I can invest in a MacBook Pro or something equally fancy pants (do I *really* need a Mac?  I mean all the other DJs have one…).  The Toshiba is a temperamental lady these days, but she serves like a wiley veteran of foreign wars and so far hasn’t had any meltdowns or tantrums during a set (well it did the other night but no one really noticed!).

After the laptop, my next goal is a mobile set of speakers to rock a shindig that is not rigged for a dance party and build a visual component for my performance.  Then Coral and I will need a bigger home to store all this stuff and build my studio to make my historical podcasts and Coral was saying something about living somewhere where it snows in the winter and we have a barn… OK, breathe… now I am getting way ahead of myself.

First, practice, practice, practice.

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falling down

Any of you fine folks see the movie “Falling Down?”

Michael Douglas’ character gets stuck in traffic and starts to lose his mind.  At some point he abandons his car and begins the travel home on foot.  Thus setting off a chain of events that ends tragically.

I often feel like Michael Douglas in that film and I sure did today.  The chain of events began late last night.  I was up late enjoying some music on my iTunes when the program prompted me to download the new iTunes 9.

I downloaded the program and the shit hit the fan with my computer.  iTunes 9 corrupted my laptop somehow and now I have no iTunes.  I’ve lost all my playlists, have no way to listen to my music and when/if I ever get back on… I’ll need to reload all my music again which takes time.  And time, I love time and giving it to Steve Jobs is something I don’t want to do.

Holy moly the aggravation.  I shouldn’t let this shit bother me so much, but it makes my heart beat.  I’ll need to take my laptop into a computer store to see what is wrong and that will cost me money and time.  I feel frustrated because there is nothing I can do about it.  I am too far in with Apple now, invested too much much time and money, I MUST try and re install iTunes.  What I want to do is send the bill to Apple and add some sort of compensation for my time.  I am sure that will go over well at Apple Head office, but I think I might do it anyways.  I am racing against the clock too as I need my laptop to be able ot play my music by Saturday when I have a Rebels game.

The worst part, this is not the first time that upgrading my iTunes has wiped my work clean or generally fucked me in some way.

The cult of Apple users tend to blame the victim when the shit storm rains.  They say its my fault because I didn’t spend $2,400 on an iMac.  To make me feel even worse, people with PCs are saying, “works fine for me!”  Why? How?  What did I do to my Toshiba?  This is an example of the phrase, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There must be some setting that I have tripped on or some malware/spyware/virus or I dunno, something that is making my computer not want to be friendly with iTunes 9.

If/when I can control my anxiety of losing a ton of my music, I might just wash my hands of iTunes and listen to music some other way… like… I don’t even know another way.  I’ll need to google that.  Windows Media Player?  Is that thing any good?  Can I transfer my music over to Windows to play there?  Typing blogs in silence really sucks Steve Jobs.  Or do I just dive right in and save my pennies and join the  cult?  If I’m on the inside then my stupid iTunes will stop crashing saving my heart from dangerous palpitations… so owning a Mac could save my life?  hmmm, since i put it that way…

I just hope I never run into that Mac TV Commercial nerd.  My logical brain knows he’s just an actor… but if I catch him on a “Falling Down” day, we’ll have words.

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The Byzantine Empire

I finally get why peolple steal music off the internet.  The companies that take your money punish you for the experience.

I am one of the few people I know left that routinely buys my music.  I use music a lot for my mental well-being and for work, and I have no problem dropping .99 cents on a song from iTunes.  I have multiple Apple products and have spent hundreds thousands of dollars on music in the past couple years.  Maybe I am not a HEAVY user but I think I am more than a casual music fan.

iTunes however has DRM on many of the songs I bought.  I can only play my music on my authorized computers of which I can only have 5 going at any one time.  No worries.  Until I hit my five and then got my hands on a new Mac Book for a work project.  I went to play some of my music and the computer said that I had maxed out my 5 authorized computers.  Dang it.  OK, deauthorize all the old ones.  One of the computers I have since put into long term storage because it is broken and the other is Boitano’s that I authorized to DJ on it one time last November.

Nope, I can only deauthorize all computer once a year!  WTF?  why?  who cares if I want to deauthorize all computers all the time.  My music, my computers, deauthorize please so that I may continue to buy iTunes music on my Mac computer!

On top of that, iTunes has since seen the error of their ways and dropped DRM (digital Rights management) on their music, so let me open up as many computers as I want to be authorized?  or remove the DRM off my already lawfully purchased tracks.  The bastards are “offering” to lift the DRM off my songs for like $300! O RLY, thank you iTunes.  But how ’bout you keep the offer and just work.  just work… that is all I want.

Or how about this Apple and music industry, I take back the Mac to the Apple store and download Limewire and cut all of you out my life?  I tried finding an iTunes customer service number but good luck on that, had to leave an email.  Not acceptable at 2AM when I NEED a laptop to work for my job.

God, I am the last man on earth that buys music and its a Byzantian ordeal.

Sorry for the cry baby rant, but I am upset that I have spent so much money and time doing the “right” thing and I am being punished, but if I’d just ripped off all the music, this would be a non-issue.

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