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It may or may not be a surprise to some of you, that I do enjoy me some AM radio.

I started my journey into the realm of commercial radio pushing buttons for a radio show called Coast-to-Coast AM on CFUN.

When I started there, I hated the show.  It was so stupid.

But after the better part of a year, staying up late and listening to the show all the time, I kinda got into it.

When I moved to Victoria, I more or less just stopped listening to AM radio.

Recently however, I have been enjoying this late night radio show twice a week.  After my DJ sets at the Veneto.

I only listen for 30 minutes or less… but its enough to hear some weird shit.

Last Saturday was a show called “Renegade History of the United States.”

People calling up the host to debate facts about history and motivations for stuff.  Slavery came up lots and the host said something interesting.  He wasn’t justifying the practice at all, but he did say that some good might have come for the horrible evil.

Chiefly, rock and roll.


He said that the earliest roots of rock trace back to slave music.  No slaves, no slave culture, maybe no rock and roll.

Bob Seger – “Old Time Rock and Roll”

The weird consequences of the law don’t stop there.

What about Prohibition in the US in the 1920s?

The Untied States flirted with banning the manufacture and sale of alcohol.

As you might suspect, that didn’t go over to well with.. well pretty much everyone.  So an underclass of illegal nightclubs and saloons sprung up all over the US called the Speakeasy.

The Speakeasy became a hub for what racial activism was going on at the time and for jazz music.

Jazz music of this era would also have an influence on the rock and roll that would begin to take shape in the 50s.

Go with yourself.

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My staycation be damned!  You’re getting a podcast.  The reason I was jazzed to come into the Capital Rock City studio so late on a Monday night was to share with you an interesting find.  My wife, Coral, was digging through some old boxes and found a burned copy of Vancouver band In Medias Res’ first ever rock show.  They performed “Best Kept Secret,” which is a crushingly great song.  Vince Vaccaro sent in a demo he is working on and the show ends with some harder rock from Black Hat Villain and new music from Great White Shark. Thank you for downloading my podcast, share it with a friend.

Download: Capital Rock City #89

Please tell a friend about the show to help me grow the weekly downloads and/or hit the RSS Feed to subscribe, or on iTunes in the podcast section, just search ‘Capital Rock City.’


DJ Notes

01) In Medias Res – “Best Kept Secret (Live)”
02) Vince Vaccaro – “Dawson City Anthem (Demo)”
03) Black Hat Villain – “My Generation”
04) Great White Shark – “There’ve Been Times”

When I first got into radio many moons ago, I had an indie rocker program on CiTR in Vancouver and my first paid gig was a place called CFUN.  CFUN was a groovy AM radio station back in the Paleolithic era, but by the time I was there it was basically the a place for infomercials, Dr. Laura and ghost stories at night.  My job was to punch a button or two every thirty minutes and for that I was paid the princely sum of $8 and hour.  The best of times.

I did this while attending broadcasting school at BCIT where I knew a guy named Ash Poon.  He applied for a job at CFUN and the boss man asked if I knew Ash and if he would make a decent worker… I said basically, “well he’s not meth addict… I don’t think,” and he was hired.  It also turned out that Ash was in a new band with a very progressive post rock vibe called In Medias Res and one day he left me a CD of a demo that they put together from a live show to play on my radio show or maybe it was to book a concert at the John B. Pub… either way, that CD survived and you are hearing my all time fave IMR song, “Best Kept Secret,” from their first ever love show… at a church I think?  At the beginning of the podcast you hear Ash about to say “all honour to the builder,” but he isn’t sure the mic is hot and yeah, it didn’t start with the bang that I am sure a young Mr. Poon would have liked.

The old CFUN splitter I lifted from Radiowest.

Go with yourself.

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