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a real hero

I love when you’re watching TV a clip of a song comes on and you’re like, “I know this!”

During the CBC’s Rio 2016 Olympic coverage, they air this Chrysler Pacifica commercial starring comedian Jim Gaffigan. It’s funny enough, but the song….I know that song!

The song is from French producer, David Grellier and his project College. The song is from his 2011 ep A Real Hero.

It’s a song I used to play all the time during my time at Veneto Lounge and honestly let slip out of my brain, but because of Chrysler…it’s back!

The song was moderately popular when it was used on the soundtrack to the movie Drive and later Taken 2.

Now it is back in my brain.

Go with yourself.

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Something for the lounge.  Love the new College single “The Energy Story.”  The record, Secret Diary, is out on May 6th.

And from Vancouver production team WMNSTUDIES…. a dainty electro bopper.

I’ll be playlisting both these for the set at the Veneto Lounge.

Go with yourself.

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The movie Drive has a pretty solid soundtrack.  The producers have decided to put it out on vinyl and took the time to design a quality looking cover and package.

Pitchfork says that the post art is done by the “legendary” Tyler Stout.  If you’re a fan of the movie, the soundtrack, or cartoon Ryan Gosling, you can order the record on March 22nd from Mondo.

Go with yourself.

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As I’ve blogged about before I have had a minor obsession with the desert of the American southwest, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, and what it might have been like growing up in a suburb of Phoenix. Here is the soundtrack to those thoughts swirling around the grey matter of my brain.

My song selection feels on-point for the mood and story I want to tell save for the Ennio cut off the top which my be a challenge for some listeners, and breaks my golden rule of not staring off with a punch or a song more representative of the set. No worries… I needed this song to get me fired up on the mix.

The mix between Caribou and FM Belfast is rather tragic.  Sorry for that.  I have grappled with this list for a couple weeks and have scrapped a few attempts… I had to settle for allowing some mistakes or I’d never get it done.

The FM Belfast song is quirky… but I like it because it is all about the suburbs and being a teenager, which flows into College’s song so nicely.

“its so sexy… to be… living in America… baby, we’re living in America.”  Well done DOM.

The Crystal Castles song I added just this week after hearing it. I just like it, but it doesn’t really conjure any of the emotions or thoughts listed above. Just thought the sound fitted in.

Listen to: MIX two types


DJ Notes

Clint Eastwood :: Two Types Of People In This World 1 Ennio MorriconeIl Triello 2 John TalabotSunshine (Delorean Remix) 3 DeloreanInfinite Desert 4 CaribouSun 5 Fm BelfastUnderwear 6 CollegeTeenage Color 7 DomLiving In America 8 Crystal CastlesCelestica 9 HealthUsa Boys. 10 PhoenixLove Like A Sunset (Part 1) 11

Did you know it snows in the desert sometimes?  weird.

Go with yourself.

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