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a real hero

I love when you’re watching TV a clip of a song comes on and you’re like, “I know this!”

During the CBC’s Rio 2016 Olympic coverage, they air this Chrysler Pacifica commercial starring comedian Jim Gaffigan. It’s funny enough, but the song….I know that song!

The song is from French producer, David Grellier and his project College. The song is from his 2011 ep A Real Hero.

It’s a song I used to play all the time during my time at Veneto Lounge and honestly let slip out of my brain, but because of Chrysler…it’s back!

The song was moderately popular when it was used on the soundtrack to the movie Drive and later Taken 2.

Now it is back in my brain.

Go with yourself.

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Brand Autopsy is a blog I have on the blogroll that lately hasn’t being doing much for me.  I almost aced it, but then they featured this hilarious gem of a clip.

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