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I created another product to help teachers and parents during the current Teachers’ Strike raging in British Columbia right now.

From the makers of the Pit-hole & Daycare. and the Pit-hole & Daycare & Tailings Pond comes….


“The Classroomba sweeps away the issue of class size.”


Producer: Sheldon Hovdee
Talent: Chelsea Coulter & Caleb Kirby
Graphics: Webmeister Bud

Go with yourself.

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My daughter Madelyn goes to preschool…and to help raise some money we’re selling coupon books.  So much savings!  And just $25.  If you are into saving money as much as I am… throw me an email at jeremy@thezone.fm and we can sort out how you too can get your very own coupon book, and join the legions of people who are already saving.

Working in radio… I understand the power of a well produced audio commercial to move some units.  I asked Zach on the creative team to produce the commercial and he was so kind to make some time.  Thank you Zach!  You’ll also hear Caleb and Chelsea from Creative on the commercial.

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There is a TV commercial they seem to play all the time when I’m watching highlights on TSN or Sportsnet.  Its for erectile dysfunction… 40 Over 40. I watch it and think… man, we sure do get preoccupied with weird shit.

I was talking about this commercial on twitter with @TimAyres, and he made a comment about the other weird shit we could be preoccupied with. I laughed and thought about it some more then made this with Cassie and Kim at the Zone.

Soundcloud >> 40over40 Hodgson Commercial

Thank you for taking the time to listen and share.

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