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My daughter Madelyn goes to preschool…and to help raise some money we’re selling coupon books.  So much savings!  And just $25.  If you are into saving money as much as I am… throw me an email at jeremy@thezone.fm and we can sort out how you too can get your very own coupon book, and join the legions of people who are already saving.

Working in radio… I understand the power of a well produced audio commercial to move some units.  I asked Zach on the creative team to produce the commercial and he was so kind to make some time.  Thank you Zach!  You’ll also hear Caleb and Chelsea from Creative on the commercial.

Go with yourself.

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My man Ryan from The Paper Cranes left a comment on my blog from the other day about which computer program might help me master the beat production.  he recommended the Mac program Logic.

Ryan Awram from The Q! also rocks Logic so what I would like about that is that we can share knowledge at work.  I think Logic also has some similar attributes to Garageband which comes standard on the Mac.  That might allow me to learn the Garageband as I already have it, then graduate to Logic if/when I get the hang of it.

I went down to Simply Computers on Quadra, where I normally go to stare at Apple stuff, to look at Logic.

I asked the sales rep about Logic and he steered me toward Ableton… again.  Always with the Ableton.

Ableton is expensive, BUT the sales rep said I don’t need the super duper version… the basic $500 package would be good for me.  And he said that Ableton is working with Rane (they make Serato mixers) to be compatible with Serato DJ software (and I hope my Numark???).

yeesh.  brain hurts.

Its all pretty amateur for me right now and will one day require me to make a decision and jump in.  The issue I mainly have is money.  Coral is hoping to go to University or college in the fall and will need tuition/computer/earn less money for the family.  I’ll need close to $1,000 to rock the wedding fair in the fall and that has to be the priority as success there will guarantee me the opportunity to earn the money I need for fun toys (and to pay the mortgage).  Fun toys now… wasted chance at future business.

man, being an adult sucks.  Garageband for now.


In other news, my set for the party Friday Night is taking shape and I like the direction.  I am stressing about it as I don’t really know what people will want to hear.  But I think if I play what I like, I’m opening… no harm no foul and like any performer… all I can do is what I do.

I’ll practice it tonight before bed and if its a good hour, its gold for Friday at Sugar. It’ll be some Brooklyn meets Ibiza chillwave and blisscore beats with some classic soul/funk/R&B.  Might be a trainwreck, but last night at 2AM… it sounded good.  I’ll try it again on the decks tonight, if I can mix it together and the story makes sense in my brain, it’ll be what you hear as you file into Sugar. if this mix that is my head doesn’t come together I was also feeling a modern rocky/remix/local beats set.  Maybe I can do both… a side A and a side B kinda dealio?

Details >> – Well Served – @ Suagr Nightclub

Lastly… I still love Four Tet.

Go with yourself.

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photo: Jesse Moore Photography

The idea of taking my DJ business to a legitimate and professional level is taking shape.

This summer I have 3 weddings booked and the first is this weekend.

I managed that with a tiny amount of word-of-mouth.  no website, no ads, no wedding fairs.

I am getting to the point where I am starting to seriously consider generating some capital (money!) and trying to grow my business to a level where it can generate a sizable chunk of my income.

Where I’m at now is deciding if I want to finance my purchases myself or try and get a bank loan.  As far as businesses go, I don’t think I need a ton of money (the flip being, I won’t generate a ton either so… its likely a good investment:income ratio).

If I bought the Cadillac of sound and lights that I want for the typical 100-200 person wedding, $5,000 would set me up.

BUT, I could just buy the speakers for about $3,000.  And either finance interest free over 6 months or with interest over 12 months.  I think I could do that with out needing a loan and with the three weddings I’m doing, come close to paying it off before summer (when it will get slow).

Maybe think about the lights in the winter and rent what I need for now.  Actually, I kinda like that plan.  Glad I talked it out on my blog!

In other news: I’ll need a business plan.  What do you think about this style?

Seth Godin>> The Modern Business Plan

Even if I don’t seek a loan, a lot of the research I’ve done on starting a small business says you should make one.  If only for the practice and to help keep the business focused.

Then I better get crackilacking on a website, business cards, set decorations and advertising.

To be in the Victoria Bridal Expo in September will cost me $700!  oh vey! I’d imagine the fair in January will be similar.

Long term goals will be to figure out how to stay busy outside of wedding season with school dances, corporate events and Christmas parties.

Go with yourself.

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Red Barn

Last week was a bit of a fail with the sandwich project.  I ran outta sandwich stuff on Friday so went to Wendy’s.  My burger meal cost close to $8!

Today, Corj, Madelyn Oh Yeah! and I braved the rain to drive north to the Red Barn market.  And I am happy to report that this week I’ll be able to make some epic sandwiches and my total bill was around $20.75.  I will likely need to buy a couple days of lunch meat near the end and maybe even another loaf of bread…. so we’ll see how that plays out.

This week it’ll be roasted chicken sandwich with Maple Cheese on a Bond’s Bakery Honey Grain bread.  Sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce, avocado and tomato.  Yum yum.

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Finally finished John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.  Only took me forever to get through it!

Now I am rocking Hugh MacLeod’s Ignore Everybody.  This book is a pretty easy read and I’ll finish it tonight.  So many great one liners and quotes and general inspiration!

“The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.”

I am hoping that Chris Anderson picks me, picks me! picks me! to get a copy of his new book… Free.

I loved the Long Tail and still check his blog on a regular basis.  He is doing a contest where you send him an email and maybe he sends you a book  for… get this… FREE!

“When scarce resources become abundant, smart people treat them differently, exploiting them rather than conserving them. It feels wrong, but done right it can change the world.”

Lots of great ideas in Hugh’s book, that when added to some principles from other books I’ve read, help me chill out a bit.  Make me happy.  Enjoy the ride more.

Chris talks about giving shit away for free, and then somehow making money… SWA?  His blog posts have always been convincing for me.  I work in radio and my product gets “given” away and somehow the paycheck doesn’t bounce twice a month so there must be something to it.

Go with yourself.

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To Download, click the link and follow the directions: Coldplay – LeftRightLeftRightLeft

Track List

01) Glass of Water
02) 42
03) Clocks
04) Strawberry Swing
05) The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away
06) Viva La Vida
07) Death Will Never Conquer
08) Fix You
09) Death and All His Friends

I don’t know if you’re planning on hitting the Coldplay show(s) in Vancouver June 20 and 21st, but this free live record should get you in the spirit.

Singer Chris Martin says on FMQB, the songs on LRLRL are songs “that you might not hear if you didn’t go to a concert, but things that we really love playing. And also songs we think the audience sing really well.” (…) “In a way it has to be free because there’s so many backing singers on it. There’s no way we could afford to pay them all… Our crowd make Bohemian Rhapsody sound like a two-track demo.”

Oh Chris Martin, you know how to bring the lolz.

The song “Clocks” always sounds dreamy, but you get a great understanding of this song’s power on the live recording.  That early piano noodling gets the fans amped up and you can hear them singing right away and then during the whole song.

Of course the hits are definitely the songs that get the crowd fired up.  “Viva La Vida” is another high point on the record and I have always been a sucker for “Fix You.”  Sara hates that song, but I think its one of their best.  Most of “Fix You” is sung by the audience.

For the low low cost of free, this is a pretty easy recommendation for me to make. Hit the link already.

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Cue up: The National – “Theory of the Crows”

not enough money
to buy a PC
so i come in this weekend
asleep on my feet
and if i forget you
ill have nobody left to forget
i guess thats what assholes get

traded my day light
for a career

but i need you to disprove
my theory of the crows

pouring my fingers across the keys
will someone review my salary please?
im selling my time to the man who sells style
that time should be mine to waste on you

ill suck off investors
ill suck off VCs

im losing my posture from time on my knees
they treat me so well
cause i’ll do anything
its in my nature of service


I am jamming out The National which always makes me happy. “Theory of the Crows” came up and I went, “hmm.”  Timely track.

Last night I guested at Lucky Bar for WTF!  Lots of fun to DJ in a club that was A) full and B) the people were really into dancing to ANYTHING.  It was cool.

There were three of us tagging in at the controls, Liam Lux, DJ Fatso and myself.  I felt really old.

I plugged in my laptop and was using iTunes to DJ (lame I know).  I was telling Fatso how much I’d love to get a proper rig one day (I’ve been talking about FOREVER) .  Fatso said, what, you can’t drop $1,000 on Serato?

I said, “I’d love to, but my DJ money goes to the kid or bills or diapers or food.”

he looks at me oddly, “how old are you?”


“Wow!  you are one young looking 29 year old.”

He was cool, he apologized and said, “yeah I’m 22 and my DJ money is weed money so….”  Then the dude turned me onto this program called Ableton.  He said you can buy it at Long and McQuade or… um, download it off the internets.

Fatso was a good man and showed me what it can do.  Requires no controller which was rad.  He had a little channel mixer thing that he wasn’t even using but said costs like $80 is I wanted to go there and have a controller of some kind.  Fatso was a real wizard with Ableton, so I think if I can get my hands on the program I might be able to elevate my game from “dude that pushes play on CDJs” or “Music Nerd that makes fantastical playlists on iTunes.”

It was sorta neat at Lucky, I saw a bunch of old regulars from my days playing at Hugo’s.  It was odd, never thought I’d miss the weekday party kids… till they were gone.  I wondered what became of them after Hugo’s closed.  I’d hoped some would come to the Clubhouse for my new Tuesday but they are all at Lucky on Wednesday now I guess.


Coral and I are pretty excited to learn that Jimmy Eat World will be reissuing their brilliant record Clairty on vinyl.

I was never a big Jimmy Eat World fan before I met Coral.  I had always thought they were a pop band that we played on the radio.  Never really dived too deep into the lore.  I met Coral and that all changed.  She told me how amazing they were.  I thought she was amazing, ergo JEW=Amazing.

Coral’s favourtie record is Clarity.  One of those discs that is just so good but never meant for mainstream accolades.  A record, that when enjoyed in the right context will change your entire perspective.  Beautiful, challenging and hmmm… I want to say gliding?  but I don’t think that is a word.

Coral and I like to collect our favourite records on vinyl.  Not so much cuz we are overly snobby about our tunes (the record player is in Madelyn’s closet) but because we like displaying the album artwork on the wall (and I like to have the albums).

Clarity has always been high on our list of acquisitions but the dude at Ditch Records says it is a real collector and a challenge to track down.  Until now.  10th year anniversary reissue!  huzzah!

Now I don’t have the money to take Coral to San Diego or San Francisco for a 10th Anniversary show, but I can probably scrounge $30 for the LP.

She get an IOU on Valentines day… coming in the mail… your Clarity record.

That’s all I got.

Go with yourself.

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