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We have been watching lots of Sons of Anarchy lately.  Coral and her sister are obsessed.  Alyx has all the seasons and got Coral into it, now its on at our house all the time.

I have been enjoying the show.  There are some silly bits like how their club is called ANARCHY but they vote on everything.  Opie keeps telling his wife that everything he does is for the family then proceeds to murder people and spend time in jail…not really Dad of the year type stuff. But the show is entertaining and filled with drama.

Also, for a motorcycle show, show more motorcycles!

We’re all broke but Coral and Alyx keep talking about getting motorcycles.  They want little sport bikes… I like the older motorcycles.  I blogged a few years ago about wanting a Harley Nightster which looks like a vintage motorcycle.

But my tastes have changed and now I think I’d actually want something vintage.

My first car was a 1969 Triumph Spitfire… and Triumph made motorcycles.  (Well different parent company, same brand…its a long British Industry story)

I’ll have to do more research… but Wikipedia says the 1969 Triumph was one of their best years for bikes!  That has to mean something right?  The pictures on the internet of both restored and modified Triumphs look cool.  So I dig it.

ANYWAYS…who cares about motorcycles… music.

Sons of Anarchy, like any modern TV show worth its airtime has an interesting soundtrack using both familiar, undiscovered and cover songs to help tell the story.  We’re still in season one, but this song the other night was great.  Subtle, but great.

Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers – “Fortunate Son” (CCR cover)

Download MP3 >> Lyle Workman & The Forest Rangers – Fortunate Son

This song shows up in Season One, Episode 9; Hell Followed. The original of course… the classic 1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival jam off Willy and the Poor Boys. 1969?  Whoa….

Go with yourself.

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Last night was a rough one.  Madelyn has a cold so that means everyone has a cold.  She’d sleep for maybe an hour, then up wailing.  I battled her most the night then finally said, fuck it, and we got up.

Her nose is all boogery…. ewwwwww.

I am working on a few projects right now.

1) Satan on The Zone

for the past couple of hallowe’ens on the Zone, our producer Sheldon has produced these caller tags with Satan yapping on the radio.  Last year I took it to the next level by having Satan host my entire program… this year… it’ll be a produced hallowe’en extravaganza!

2) Explorations in Recorded Sound

I am still working to develop a radio show of heritage artists.  I did some work last night on maybe my 5th or 6th installment.  I like this show so far and will cut it as a demo version of the show and found a way to post it online for feedback.  This show might appeal more to your Mom and Dad… but if you like music like I do, there be something there for you.  The show I am working on right now is heavy on CCR and Roy Orbison.

3)  I am considering a run for city council here in Esquimalt.  Just not sure if I am ready to campaign right now to win.  I have been researching and trying to understand some of the issues that will matter to rate-payers in Esquimalt.

4) I am obsessed with John Jewitt’s adventures on Vancouver Island back in the early 1800’s… long before Fort Camosun or Judge Begbie or any of that.

Everything you need ot know about John Jewitt.

Wouldn’t that make a rad Canadian movie?


Today on the show, I am going to talk to a student at Reynolds (I hope) that says all the talk about how much money Oak Bay and Claremount raised for the Tour De Rock doesn’t matter because her school crushed them both… combined!

and I might try to get the talking head from Butchart Gardens on the show to try and explain to me how $22.50 to look at flowers is a good price.

I will need to admit to the man that we had a good time.. but after lunch, the cost for our family was like $80!  yikes… seems like the sorta place designed for aristocrats.  Get it?  Aristocrats!


We have the technology, we can rebuild him.

Mill Worker loses arm to saw, gets it back


The “R-Word?”  Swa?


The Times Colonist’s Iain Hunter nailed this one right on the head.

This is an election campaign, not TV game show

” Our magnificent five,” lol… yeah, I’m stealing that.


go with yourself.

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