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“The Township of Esquimalt wants to ditch the Victoria police in favour of the RCMP, Mayor Barb Desjardins revealed Tuesday afternoon.”

That’s what the Times Colonist newspaper read today.

I don’t know how wise of an investment this will be for Esquimalt considering the RCMP might be pulled out of BC over the next few years.

I do know, that if I were Mayor, I’d be doing things differently in Esquimalt.

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I went to Shoppers Drugmart in Esquimalt last night to buy some medicine for my little sick monkey (or Baby Sick Money as I call her). I thought, “hmm, maybe I want a magazine?”

I perused the magazine racks past all the thousands of wedding magazines, Cosmo, Home Decor and I spy… Bow Hunter.

Wow. I get that people are into hunting with a bow… but are there enough Bow Hunters in Esquimalt that it needs a whole magazine? Is it that mainstream that I will find my Bowhunter right beside my Rolling Stone, People, and National Geographic?

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Thanks Maggie.

copy/pasted from my comment section.


Maggie Bailey

I voted for you. I liked your platform, the fact that you are not 110 years old and that you didn’t come from some PAC association or a church with a stick up your rear end.

I went to Esquimalt high you know, and the daughter of a re-elected council member was in a grade below mine. The student council raised money to put a condom machine in one of the bathrooms. This was a student funded and student initiated effort, aimed at providing students with a necessary device, sexual health, it’s important right? The kids are doing it, being active and involved in their community, giving their peers easy access to something that can protect them from unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease. It’s great right? It’s action, it’s proactive, community oriented.

I mean really… it should have been applauded… and this certain council member, who was re-elected just a few days ago to council, who happened to be a big PAC honcho at the time, lobbies the school administration to get these condom machines removed from the school, for moral reasons and succeeded… and out they went. Can you imagine?

I mean really. This is not someone I want representing my municipality.

I wanted youth, intelligence, diversity… what is with the voter turnout too? It was horrid. Reprehensible. I heard more people talking about US President Elect Obama than any of the municipal or city elections. That is pathetic.

I think that is why you lost. Not because you sucked, because you didn’t suck, but because when I went and voted, 80% of the heads in that room were long grey, and didn’t get why young men with ideas should have anything to do with council.

I could be wrong but that is what I think. Most people didn’t care and young people REALLY didn’t care.

It sucks, but I think if people 40&under had bothered, it would have turned out very differently for a few people. I guess they must have forgotten about the whole condom machine incident and moved on…

Although I must say, your posters were nice, very modern and stylish and well done, but it took me a few pass by’s to realize they were not advertisements for gigs.

Thanks for giving it a shot anyways. It was appreciated.

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I wish some Hollywood taste maker would declare, “Last Place is the new First Place.”  That would be pretty groovy.

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Today is the day.  Please go out and vote for me.  My name is the last one on the ballot. True story.  They did a random draw and I went from first to last… I hope that is not a metaphor for my life 😛

information on voting: http://www.esquimalt.ca

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Whoa, there is only one remaining World War One veteran left.

John Henry Foster Babcock

Lest We Forget.


Our stroller sold on Used Victoria yesterday so we are off to get a new one.  Something considerably smaller.  We did love of our Bumbleride, but it was giant and squeaky and drove Coral mental.  and a mental Coral means a mental me, so it had to go.

Funny story… it drove Coral to the point of madness on Sunday (the day we listed it) and in her rage she called Bumbleride and left a message… or maybe emailed.  On Monday they contacted her back and told her how to fix the squeaks.  So I went to Rona and got lubricant and it did a tremendous job reducing the squeaks… but at this point, stroller sold.  So yeah.  Good story.


From the Esquimalt Town Council Front, another letter.

—– Original Message —–
From: SA
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 10:21 AM
Subject: secondary suites
Hi, Jeremy,
I’ve finally gotten around to giving serious consideration to who I’ll vote for next Saturday.
You’ve stated that you support increased density along Esquimalt Road near the Village
Core and Vic West border. Are you talking about increased building height beyond the
10-story limit set in our Official Community Plan? I sincerely hope not. Since the
Matson Lands have been developed, there is now a great, ugly, box  obstructing the
very centre of my view of the Olympic mountains. I would much prefer that infilling,
and secondary suites, not only be allowed, but encouraged through expedited
zoning applications, and reduced fees.


Thank you for the email Ms. A,
I believe that secondary suites and infill are the best way to increase density in our community while maintaining the detached family home charm of many of our neighbourhoods.  It is my family’s goal to one day own our own house and having a suite for my fiancée’s mother or to rent will be the only way we’ll be able to afford the mortgage.

I am for increased density in the village core and along Esquimalt Road by the Vic West border.  These areas have already been singled out for development in the Official Community Plan and have older apartments along there now.  The OCP calls for a maximum height of 10 stories for a condo development and that sounds reasonable to me.  As a town councilor I would always vote to uphold the views of the OCP when approached by developers.  The benefit of this is two fold.  It reflects the views of the community which what the people of Esquimalt want and it is also offers a fair process for developers.  They know going into their planning of what is acceptable in Esquimalt.  Development along Esquimalt Road will hopefully encourage older buildings to be replaced by more environmentally friendly (see: http://www.cagbc.org ) and ascetically pleasing apartments that improve the image of the township and increase property values for all residents.

Increased density in the village core and along Esquimalt road will add vibrancy to our town, attract a diversity in resident, attract new business, and add efficiencies in services and transit that will benefit the whole community.

I hope my answers have encouraged you to consider me on November 15th for Esquimalt Town Council.


Jeremy Baker

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