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Saskatchewanese indie rockers Library Voices have a new record on November 6th called Lovish,

The group channeled some classic rock vibes for the first single “Oh Donna.”

“Oh Donna is our stab at bastardizing classic rock. Brennan reached out with the skeleton of the song and said he wanted it to be thematically reminiscent of Lola, I’m A Boy, or Madame George. He suggested the name Donna and I spent the next few days lost inside my thoughts.”

And this is a bizarre story. “(…) singer/guitarist Carl Johnson was jumped, beaten, and left unconscious in the street in a random act of violence. The attack resulted in blood pooling on the front of his brain, a severe concussion, an inability to smell bad odors, and a long road to recovery. For a few months it remained uncertain whether he would be able to continue writing and performing music.”

Oh wow.



One dude is from Chicago, and the other is from Melbourne and now they live in Brooklyn and perform as Surf Rock Is Dead.

Chill. Hazy. A little of that 80-classic alternative/shoegaze thing going on. NOISEY likens their sound to ” DIIV, Beach Fossils, and The Drums.”

This came on my soundcloud after SRID and sounded cool. Plus I love the band name, Diane Coffee.



CRUISR is touring with my fave band from San Francisco, Waters. No Vancouver show? C’mon man, Pacific North-West is the best North-West. Get after it boys.

Hilly Dilly talking “Throw Shade:” ‘don’t be surprised at all if you find this track stuck in your head only after one listen.

Hilly Dilly also posted up a new Sylvan Esso song. Neat.


I’ll end the party today with some LA House music. AC Slater‘s new one is called “U Got 2.”

Cool man. House music, who’d have thuink it. My AC Slater, AC/DC mash-up tribute DJ band is going to be called AC/DC Slater. Right?

Go with yourself.

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Wolf alice tweet
Wolf Alice is performing tonight at The Biltmore. I really want to go, but I’ve been battling a sinus infection/headache thing for a few days. I know, that is not very rock & roll, yet here we are.

Steve tweeted at me to basically, suck it up and go. And if I do go, get there in time for the opening band.

Dead Soft, East Van grunge-pop for the people. Sounds like my style times 100%.


Vagrant’s CRUISR have a new song called “Wild Babe” to check out. The band is also on tour inclusding some shows with Bleachers! Nice. No dates near us in the Pacific Northwest.

New record is called Go For It and it’s out today. Neat.

I’ll report back tomorrow if I sort my life out and hit Wolf Alice tonight.

Go with yourself.

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