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I’ve been away from the MAS Blog for awhile…. apologies to the handful of folks still reading music blogs in 2017.

What have I been up? Glad you didn’t ask.

Busy busy… baby number 3 was born at the beginning of September. That exciting time for my family also coincided with the fall ratings period in radio, so I’ve been a busy boy.

The music doesn’t stop and I’ve already missed so so much.

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite British bands, Wolf Alice!

The reviews for their new album, Visions of Life, are good! Pitchfork gave it a 7/10, Rolling Stone was a 4/5.

I fired the album on my iPhone for the commute into work this morning and loved it.

The album delivers both moments electrifying grunge and distorted rock, and atmospheric shoegaze. The record was recorded and produced in LA by the same guy that has done music for Paramore and M83. When I listen to songs like “Don’t Delete The Kisses” or “Sky Musings,” I can almost trick myself into thinking I’m hearing a cut off Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

Visions of Life out now!
1. Heavenward
2. Yuk Foo
3. Beautifully Unconventional
4. Don’t Delete The Kisses
5. Planet Hunter
6. Sky Musings
7. Formidable Cool
8. Space & Time
9. Sadboy
10. St. Purple & Green
11. After The Zero Hour
12. Visions Of A Life

Wolf Alice have a couple Canadian show in December. No dates out west yet.

Danforth Music Hall
Toronto, ON
Montreal, QB


Go with yourself.

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jack eating

Here is a picture of our youngest. Coral was telling me that he loves sitting by the window to eat his snack! I love this picture.

My family moves over to Vancouver at the end of the month and I can’t wait. My work is shifted a little later in the day so I’ll get to be a stay-at-home Dad for the first half of the day. My wife is taking a few months off before trying to hustle a job so we’re pretty excited for the summer.

The hardest part of this move is missing out on the little things everyday. My weekends in Victoria fly by and as anyone with kids will tell you, “they grow up so fast!” I remember with Madelyn I’d roll my eyes when the veteran parents would say that. But you know what, it is true. If you’re having a kid, or one day you might…that is a true piece of lore from the parents before you. Anyway, trying to live my life and each day like your instagram feed, but at the same time, kinda wishing days to go by so we hit the end of the month and get this summer fired up all together.

OK music… bah bah bah dear diary…

One of our favourite British 90s grungy throwbacks here at CFOX, Wolf Alice, have a new record on June 22nd called My Love is Cool (Dirty Hit Records). We know and love Wolf Alice from their radio song “Moaning Lisa Smile,” (and their amazing set at The Biltmore back in…March?) now we have another listen from the album, “You’re a Germ.” When I was a snot-nosed skid growing up in Coquitlam, people called me Germy. Neat.


Back on the Borns train. “Seeing Stars” is getting some active play on my new playlist. He’s got the line thing through the “O” on his name, I don’t know how to make that with my Canadian keyboard.


and doesn’t this Crystal Fighters song sound like a jingle for a TV commercial? Catchy as fuck. I know, I’m blogging a 2-year-old song, but whatever…feeling it with this sunny hot weather in Vancouver.

Go with yourself.

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Alright my music blogging friends…I rallied last night and made it to the Biltmore Cabaret in the hip Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver.

London rockers Wolf Alice were in town and I am starting to be a bit of a fan.

Tuesday night at Biltmore isn’t a busy night for rock & roll…but the folks that were there were committed to the night.

Vancouver’s new-grungers Dead Soft opened the show. I blogged a cut of their’s yesterday, “Everything.” I still think that is their strongest jam, and the song truly excelled live. I generally love this grungy fuzz rock happening right now. Not only in Vancouver, but all over North American rock & roll. I am sure it is because I’m a 35-year-old and grew up with the sounds. But hearing new bands fold in on the vibes makes my heart flutter.

Dead Soft sound great on their s/t record (on clear vinyl!), but like so many bands, it soars live.

here’s side-one track one, “Phase.”

Wolf Alice performed a wonderful set. They let a few songs take a walk, they brought down some crushing distortion, and then sprinkled in the odd ballad. One time the bass player and lead singer kinda did a synchronized dance step thing? I dunno…I was on a lot of cold medication, maybe I dreamt it? The band did dive into a few songs from their upcoming June record. And you could tell when they blasted one of their more established songs as the audience would cheer after the first couple bars.

At the end of the night Theo ? (the dude in the picture above that I posted) launched himself into the crowd. Punk rock.

I’m turning into a bit of a fanboy. This VOX article is pretty good to dive a little deeper into the songs. I wish I would have read it BEFORE the show: 5 songs from alt-rock band Wolf Alice you need to hear

Tuesday night rock show in Vancouver, you’re alright.

Just a few North American shows left. San Fran on Friday. LA on Saturday then SXSW before returning to the UK.

I’ll leave you with the first song Ellie Rowsell wrote for Wolf Alice. That band hasn’t being for all that long, but we’re going back to the early days. I just remember this song sticking out at the live set.

Go with yourself.

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Wolf alice tweet
Wolf Alice is performing tonight at The Biltmore. I really want to go, but I’ve been battling a sinus infection/headache thing for a few days. I know, that is not very rock & roll, yet here we are.

Steve tweeted at me to basically, suck it up and go. And if I do go, get there in time for the opening band.

Dead Soft, East Van grunge-pop for the people. Sounds like my style times 100%.


Vagrant’s CRUISR have a new song called “Wild Babe” to check out. The band is also on tour inclusding some shows with Bleachers! Nice. No dates near us in the Pacific Northwest.

New record is called Go For It and it’s out today. Neat.

I’ll report back tomorrow if I sort my life out and hit Wolf Alice tonight.

Go with yourself.

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wolf alice

Wolf Alice has a new single. “Giant Peach.” Whoa…it’s a ripper. New record is called My Love is Cool. It comes out on June 23rd.

Singer Ellie Roswell says of the song, “It’s about a love affair with the city (London). It’s a song to dance to, but also a song to lose your shit to.”

Turn it up to 11.

Go with yourself.

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