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the wombats

Back from a holiday to Disneyland with my family. The weather in Southern California was perfect. It’s a bizarre feeling to leave winter in Vancouver, fly two hours and step out into summer.

My current favourite song right now is from Liverpool’s The Wombats. They’ve had a few jammers over the years that have worked their way into my brain and the latest single, “Turn” is no different.

The Wombats’ fourth long player is called Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life and it comes out on February 9th.

“‘Turn’ was written in New York and is probably the most electronic song on the album,” frontman Matthew “Murph” Murphy shared. “Which is weird as I was pushing for the album to be more organic and less synth driven. ‘Turn’ was…kind of a beautiful mistake.”

The band was JUST in Vancouver and I missed it because I was not in Vancouver. Next time I guess.


Like I said, we just got back from Disneyland. It was a sublime trip with all the kids. It was also my wife Coral’s 35th birthday. And her Mom and sister Alyx joined us.

if you wanna get personal in our music blogging relationship…here’s a short video of our adventures in the Magic Kingdom.


When I am not bringing you guys sick tunes on this here music blog, I am also a radio presenter on CFOX in Vancouver.

Part of the job entails listening to people whine about music. We all have a take right? It’s the one thing I hate about the job. To me the radio is supposed to be a celebration of music.

I posted that other day. I think it all the time. Coral was telling me some self-quiz thing I wrote on Facebook back in 2009 showed up on her feed so I went back and read it.
#18 on the mini-bio: I hate when people complain about music. If you start a sentence with me that begins with, “I hate that (or this) song,” then I am sad. I am far more interested in which song(s) you love.

Righteous.  Still true.

Go with yourself.

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Turks & Caicos Photo: Natalie Mead

VancityRockGirl just got back from Turks & Caicos and her next adventure is to ITALY! (the food looks pretty awesome).  Huckdoll did the Disneyland thing….which is on Coral and my list of things to get done.  But after reading Huck’s blog, we might wait till Madelyn is a bit older.  Which means… I am pretty close to talking Coral into Hawaii.  She said Hawaii or Mexico might be fine if we can rally some cash.

She hasn’t been to either… I haven’t been to Mexico since 2006 and Hawaii since 1998! The problem we’ll run into is saving money.  We are bad at it.

But I want to go to a coffee plantation and do a beach holiday so bad (or both).

Ah, we’ll see.  Money, debt, time, work.  Blah.  MUSIC! Huzzah!


Today I bring you a couple from Coral’s currents list.

Coral heard this track somewhere (maybe Sirius XMU… which has terrible presentation, but some decent tunes).  The group is called How To Dress Well.  Coral thought this song “&It Was U” might be pretty groovy during the lounge sets at Veneto.

How To Dress Well – “& It Was U”

Download MP3 >> Pitchfork BEST NEW MUSIC

Another jam getting some spins at home that Coral is digging is a song I first heard during Tea Time on The Zone (3PM Monday to Friday with #TeamJollyJon) is Django Django.  This British group slow burns and swirls with some weirdo-pop.

Django Django – “Default”

And I Like remixes
(but you already knew that!)

Django Django – “Default” (Walls remix)


Go with yourself.

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