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Turks & Caicos Photo: Natalie Mead

VancityRockGirl just got back from Turks & Caicos and her next adventure is to ITALY! (the food looks pretty awesome).  Huckdoll did the Disneyland thing….which is on Coral and my list of things to get done.  But after reading Huck’s blog, we might wait till Madelyn is a bit older.  Which means… I am pretty close to talking Coral into Hawaii.  She said Hawaii or Mexico might be fine if we can rally some cash.

She hasn’t been to either… I haven’t been to Mexico since 2006 and Hawaii since 1998! The problem we’ll run into is saving money.  We are bad at it.

But I want to go to a coffee plantation and do a beach holiday so bad (or both).

Ah, we’ll see.  Money, debt, time, work.  Blah.  MUSIC! Huzzah!


Today I bring you a couple from Coral’s currents list.

Coral heard this track somewhere (maybe Sirius XMU… which has terrible presentation, but some decent tunes).  The group is called How To Dress Well.  Coral thought this song “&It Was U” might be pretty groovy during the lounge sets at Veneto.

How To Dress Well – “& It Was U”

Download MP3 >> Pitchfork BEST NEW MUSIC

Another jam getting some spins at home that Coral is digging is a song I first heard during Tea Time on The Zone (3PM Monday to Friday with #TeamJollyJon) is Django Django.  This British group slow burns and swirls with some weirdo-pop.

Django Django – “Default”

And I Like remixes
(but you already knew that!)

Django Django – “Default” (Walls remix)


Go with yourself.

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This summer I am going to work all the time.  Crush some debt, save some money, buy my camping gear…

Next summer (or year… or whenever) I need to go to Hawaii.  I am going to camp in the jungle, work on a coffee plantation and jam out Hawaiian versions of pop songs.  And yes, there will be giggling the whole time.

On the weekend, the TV showed the classic comedic cinema, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I love this movie.  And after so many laughs, the credits rolled and some guy singing Hawaiian sang the Prince penned and famously made popular by Sinead O’Conner slow burner “Nothing Compares 2 U.” Amazing.  Or at least it was to Coral and I lounging on our couch.

The Coconutz – “Nothing Compares 2 U”

Download MP3 >> 10 Nothing Compares 2 U

Aloha with yourself.

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I get a pang from time-to-time where I think it would be good to create or make something tangible.  Live in the tropics and grow stuff.

But sadly, I have no idea how to be a farmer or where I’d live.

I love coffee, so growing coffee might be fun.  But how do you even begin to become a coffee farmer?  Can I go to coffee farmer school, get a piece of paper that makes me legit then walk over to Coffee Farms R Us and use on-site financing to get a coffee farm?  Nope.

It seems to be the domain of working poor people in third-world countries or retired wealthy folks in Hawaii.

If I had to pick to be one of the two, I’d saddle up to be and be wealthy retired folk.

A quick search on the internet found that coffee farms aren’t overly expensive all things considered (I thought they’d be way more). But still outta my price range.  So maybe it’ll be my retirement goal.

But before I retire… I could take a holiday and be a coffee farmer.  My interneting took me to a website for a group called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF. You volunteer your labour on a farm, and the farmer provides a place to lay your head and some food.

AND they have a ton of WWOOF hosts on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Maybe I don’t have to sell all my processions and move my little family to Hawaii… I can just take a couple weeks off around the harvest and be mercenary farmer!

I’ll just have to keep plugging my pennies in my RRSP fund and get a little more serious about retirement saving.  Yeesh, is there anything worse than thinking about retirement?  But if there is one thing I take away from Krystal’s blog, its that if you can take some abstract thoughts (like retirement) and apply practical steps today, things can happen for you.  At least now the $000s taken from my pay-cheque every two-weeks that go to some faceless account now have a purpose.

I could get used to living like this:

There is even a University on the Big Island… maybe Madelyn will want to come live with her farmer dad…

Go with yourself.

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Thursday, April 23rd, The Killers came to Victoria for first time since what?  the summer of ’03?

This time, sold out in the Save On Foods Memorial Center and before the fantastic show, the Brandon and Ronnie came by the Zone suite for a chit-chat.  Because of the mega loud sound check going on below, we took the interview outside on the deck to soak up the sunshine.  The Killers thought it was cold, I disagreed and that set the tone for 6 wonderful minutes where we cover their stage setup and its Vegas influence, the upcoming covers record, Oingo Boingo, Danny Elfman’s influence on the song “Bones,” future real estate endeavors, alternate names for Killers songs, family life on the road, and Brandon’s wife’s favourite (or lack there of) Killers song.

Unfortunately off the mic, we talked about the Kanye West/Brandon Flowers collaberation (BULL SHIT! True story according to Mr. Flowers: Brandon was in Hawaii, walked past Kanye’s studio and popped in to meet him.  Next day, Kanye releases crazy news to world.  Brandon didn’t want to call him a liar on the radio because “Kanye is a nice guy.”), Camping in Oregon (Ronnie wants to buy property there), Cuervo Loran calling Ronnie the guitar player, Brandon’s kid and wife were at the show and expecting another son, they filmed some of the Vic show for possible future DVD projects and Brandon telling David Eleanor that Ronnie will talk Cuervo and my face off in the suite for hours after the interview (it wasn’t hours but the man likes to talk).

We never touched on the breakup rumours. (but this article says the collaboration with Kanye is true… so???)

Then the Killers hit the stage.

Highlight: Brandon saying “How you doing VICTORIA!?!”
Hilariouslight: Lead singer dude of Wild Light: “How you doing VANCOUVER!?!” (SWA?)


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