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The Morning Zone’s Quest to fill the Chevy Cruze is spiraling out of control in the best of ways.

An event that began as Dylan’s Mom wondering why the Zone doesn’t do MORE to help kids has escalated into a great event on Friday, December 17th.  DW and Jason will be at the Mayfair Mall parking lot at 6AM till 10 doing their radio show.  Please bring new unwrapped toys.

Not that you need another reason to do the right thing, but Future Shop has kindly donated FIVE prize packs that are valued at at least $1,000 each!  You can win if you bring toys.  Plus Future Shop is starting to fill our Cruze with music instruments for kids that could really use them.  Wow.

On top of the $1,500 in Toys from Brett and Dave Wheaton Chevy and Dylan says another $250 from The Real Canadian Superstore.

A Zoner also showed up with TWO boxes filled with Toys as he can’t make the broadcast on Friday.


The Killers are on the hiatus… but they are not letting that stop them for jamming out a Christmas song for the holidays.

I do believe it is number 5 in their series of Christmas singles.

What I like about the song “Boots” is that its not overtly Christmassy.  I don’t think they say “Christmas” in it once… while still painting a beautiful (and slightly melon collie) holiday song.

The song talks about watching Christmas programs on TV… like “Its a Wonderful Life.”

The Killers – “Boots”

And since I’m feeling a wee bit festive…

I got an email from Ellisa Hartman… I *think* she is a local singer-songwriter… There was no bio on her website.

She did a nice take on “Little Drummer Boy.”  Which… and I didn’t know this, is religious.  I know now because Treehouse had a cartoon on the other day that was about the little drummer boy being a slave to some fat evil guy… then he ran away to see the baby Jesus.  Good times.

Ellisa Hartman – “Little Drummer Boy”

Go with yourself.

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