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I was looking through my mother’s Grade 11 year book. In 1974, she went to Alpha in Burnaby. Lots of groovy 70s-ness throughout. I really liked this ad for Woodward’s.

Trolls? Ogres? Hipsters? Woodward’s get’s it for you. Fun fact, when I was a kid, my Mom would work evenings at a Woodward’s in New Westminster. Neat.

A few songs that drifted by my ear that I thought…”huh, that could be a wedding song….”

New one from Family of the Year.

This one is from Meiko.

And traveling even further back in time… this song is from Katie Herzig.

I downloaded all these cuts to use on my wedding playlists. Maybe there is something here you’ll like.

Go with yourself.

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Back from an amazing weekend in Victoria. It was my birthday on Saturday. I turned 35! Huzzah!

The family and I went out for a nice brunch and then I took Madelyn to see Annie. Much singing.

Before getting into the season premier of Girls (I love it. I know, I’m the worst), my wife had the Golden Globes on. Oh my, I heard Family of the Year‘s “Hero” 8,000 times!

A couple years ago the band was in Victoria. They stopped by my radio show and recorded a couple acoustic songs for us. One of those songs? “Hero.”


When I see an article start with “emo sucks now but” I want to read it.

Floridian? band You Blew It! have a new record and a tour. Nice. Now Vancouver date (or even Seattle). Not Nice.

I have their 2014 record, Keep Doing What You’re Doing. Solid disc. I’m looking forward to hearing more new stuff from these guys.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday when Family of the Year were in studio, Christina spotted a poster with Mother Mother on it.  She remarked, “I know those guys… they toured the US with our good friends Blondfire! (and Awolnation)”

Blondfire are a popular band in the US… we don’t play them on The Zone and I don’t think they get many spins in Canada.  I’d liken their style to Metric.  If you like Metric, well, there is more of that for you.

Rolling into the Radio Factory today, I got a message from the Lucky Basstarts out of Germany.  They have a remix of the Blondfire single “Where the Kids Are.”  With the weather turning sunny and warm in the Rain Forest Kingdom…this song fits with the patio sips of Vic Fest Beer!

“All roads leave Kansas.”  Hey Blondfire, I live on an Island….

Go with yourself.

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Wow, last night Family of the Year dominated at Upstairs Cabaret.  An amazing set of high energy, positive, and fun music.

Before the LA band crushed the Bastion Square nightclub… they stopped by the Radio Factory for a chit chat and live performance. Joe, Christina, and James played “Buried” and their radio hit “Hero.”

Family of the Year just started their Canadian tour, last night was night one in Victoria.  Tonight they are in Vancouver, then Edmonton, Calgary and so on.  GO TO THE SHOW.

Go with yourself!

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To crib a line from my buddy James Sutton across the Strait at The Peak, I’m into this today, Family of the Year, “Hero.”

James jams this song on his show and we hit it sometimes on The Zone.  Pretty song.  I guess its poised to go super-nova now that it is added at KROQ in Los Angeles.  We were lucky when we got a chance to see Family of The Year last summer at Rifflandia.


I made a little 30 minute mix of some of my favourite alternative pop songs right now.  Some are my wife’s faves.  Have a listen!

That’s all I got…. Go with yourself.

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The march to Rifflandia V continues… September 13-16th, the city will be buzzing on rock, electronic, hip-hop… and all the spaces in between.  Family of the Year will be on the Side-Stage on Saturday fairly early in the day.  Make a point to hit it.

We’ve been jamming on their sound around thew radio station a bit.  After the bands were announced, Bossman Johnny flew on the youtuber machine and found a few quality tracks.  One of the songs from this Los Angeles band that we like at The Zone is called “Diversity.”

Family of the Year – “Diversity”

Download MP3 >> Family of the Tear – Diversity (youtube rip)


I love Imagine Dragons.  Its not an everyone fave at the Zone brain trust, but the ep Continued Silence is pretty special to my ear.

The single “It’s Time” is a strong modern rocker. The first song on the ep gets a little dirtier and aggressive.  Reminds me a little of Awolnation’s “Sail.”  The Las Vegas band is popular with some of the servers at Veneto so I’ve been going to the record a lot for the last month or two.

Imagine Dragons – “Radioactive”

This song gets drilled into my head all the time.  For the past couple days I couldn’t place the melody I was singing in the shower then today! BOOM, “Radioactive!” What a relief when you get that earworm out of your brain..oh man, I hope it didn’t lay any eggs!  Ear Worms can do that you know…

This morning, when I HAD to get this song out of my head I went on Youtube.  In the comments it seemed like some band spammed it with a link to their video.  I never click on those, but the band was called We Barbarians.  I judge bands all the time based on superficial shit like band name and appearance.  We Barbarians just sounded cool so I clicked.


I ended up kinda like the song.  Simple, clean sounding. Weirdly familiar… maybe Alt Nation plays We Barbarians? or someone on Facebook sent me a link in the past?  I can’t remember.

We Barbarians – “The Wait is Over”

Download MP3 >> We Barbarians – The Wait Is Over

The song isn’t new… last summer.  And clearly did not capture the mainstream attention as well, they haven’t become stars yet, but the song is nice.  Maybe it was overlooked, maybe they’ll keep working hard and it’ll happen for them.

Lots of new music to check out… might even have some thoughts on new Bloc Party later or tomorrow… we’ll see if I can pull myself away from Rome Total War for 5 seconds to write tonight.

Go with yourself.

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