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USS and Mother Mother

Last night, my daughter and I went to see USS and Mother Mother at the Royal Theatre in Victoria.

A great night of music….USS’s set was criminally short, and they didn’t play Madelyn’s favourite song. She tends to gravitate to the weirdo album cuts, so she is a hard to please fan. I personally loved the tight, hit driven set.

We were planning on catching only a couple Mother Mother songs. It was a school night after all…but Mother Mother were so engaging that I couldn’t drag Madelyn out of there. It took a text from Mom to get us back on-track and heading to bed.

Mother Mother started the show with this dark, moody, synth driven song, “Have It Out.”

And for those keeping score…Madelyn’s favourite USS song.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday when Family of the Year were in studio, Christina spotted a poster with Mother Mother on it.  She remarked, “I know those guys… they toured the US with our good friends Blondfire! (and Awolnation)”

Blondfire are a popular band in the US… we don’t play them on The Zone and I don’t think they get many spins in Canada.  I’d liken their style to Metric.  If you like Metric, well, there is more of that for you.

Rolling into the Radio Factory today, I got a message from the Lucky Basstarts out of Germany.  They have a remix of the Blondfire single “Where the Kids Are.”  With the weather turning sunny and warm in the Rain Forest Kingdom…this song fits with the patio sips of Vic Fest Beer!

“All roads leave Kansas.”  Hey Blondfire, I live on an Island….

Go with yourself.

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by this time tomorrow

Vancouver blues-rockers Head of The Herd sent a new single to radio today.

The Rain City duo ht the studio with Ggggarth Richardson, noted for being a West Coast leafs fan (gross), and the man who produced the first Rage Against The Machine record (plus about a billion other modern hard rocking beauties).

Head of the Herd enlisted friend-of-the-show Jasmin Parkin of Mother Mother to duet on this cut, the title track for their upcoming album, By This Time Tomorrow (June 4th, RMP/Indie).

Quality jam… I love it.

Go with yourself.

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hannahgeorgas2Tonight at Royal Theatre in Victoria, Mother Mother and Hannah Georgas are performing a sold out show.  In front of the concert, Jasmin Parkin from Mother Mother stopped by for an interview, then Hannah Georgas and band came for a conversation and performance.  Her performance of the single “Robotic” was magical.

If you like interviews, have a listen to our conversation on The Zone where we talk about booty dancing, Jian Ghomeshi, Wal-Mart, Ryan Guldemond, her time in Victoria, and the Arkells.

Here is my interview with Jasmin Parkin from Mother Mother where we discuss this article out of Edmonton where they claim Mother Mother “the most hated band in Canada,”  Mother Mother getting signed to Last Gang Records, Jasmin joining the band in 2009, going to school with Ryan Guldemond and growing up on Vancouver Island and moving to Vancouver, how it’s going being Mother Mother, and “what would you be doing if you weren’t in Mother Mother?” ….

Go with yourself.

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I know what you’re thinking… how can “sick shit” ever be good?  I don’t know either.  It actually sounds rather horrible.

BUT the new Mother Mother single is pretty magical.  Its getting ridiculous how every single Mother Mother song is so bloody catchy.  One listen of the song “Let’s Fall In Love” and you’ll be singing along.  Jenkies!

Mother Mother – “Let’s Fall In Love”

New Mother Mother record will be called The Sticks, its due in the fall. MM plays Rifflandia in September and yeah, Mother Mother is pretty much great.

The end.

Go with yourself.

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Last week, Mother Mother were in town to perform a couple sold-out shows.

The band that was lucky enough to get the opener support spot was a group from Vancouver called Rococode.

Rococode feature the very lovely Laura Smith.  She is from Victoria and moved to Vancouver to go to music college.

There she hooked up with some guys to form a band and here we are…  Laura sent me a few songs and I have one to share on my blog with you today.

Rococode – “Weapon”

Download MP3 >> Weapon REV001 (2)

“Weapon” has that nice, very modern indie-rock, harmony sound thing going on.

I think Ryan Guldemond has something to do with these guys… maybe produced or helped record them? A couple members of the group also spend time as Tegan and Sara’s band. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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Getting in the Halloween spirit with a half-hour collection of songs with “ghosts” as the theme.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my mix.

Click and listen: Mixtape >> Ghosts


DJ Notes

Memphis leads off the mixtape with a most fitting Ghost song… Torquil Campbell, the male vocal ying to Stars‘ Amy Milan’s female yang… put out a great little side project album many moons ago.  I saw him perform at Logan’s back in like 2006, and it was mighty.  I always remembered this cut because its so darn spooky.

The next song features a white Motown artist.  SWA?  I know right, a white guy that made MoTown magic back in the 60s and 70s.  Only in Canada.  R. Dean Taylor was born in Toronto, Ontario back when the Leafs lost the Stanley Cup to the Bruins (1939).

He recorded a song called “At The High School Dance” in 1961 which garnered some local success and his next song “I’ll Remember” charted on legendary Canadian rock radio station CHUM.  The success promoted our Maple Leaf Rocker to move to Detroit…this historic occasion also marked the last time a Canadian would ever willingly move to that city yeesh.  R. Dean taylor would get hired on by Motown as a performer and writer and would have a moderately successful career.  Go Canada and obscure white Motown artists!

I make a mean game of dumping on Matthew Good, but the fact of the matter is, I like a lot of his songs.  Apparitions are ghosts and “Apparitions” is on the list of favourite Matt Good songs.

Did I ever tell you the story of running into Matt Good at a gas station convenience store on Burrard street and I ran around the store heckling him till he left? Yeah, I’m an asshole and wouldn’t do that again if I had the day back.  But it made sense at the time.

Hey Matt Good, if you google yourself and my blog comes up and you remember that time some skinny douche bag gave you a hard time in a gas station convenience store…. Sorry.

The only time we ever really dabbled with Band of Horses on the Zone… the song was about ghosts!

You should be familiar with Wintersleep’s “Weighy Ghost.”  A more mainstream cut that got ample play on the radio.

Mother Mother is hard at it right now, working on a new record (due January).  Currently “Hayloft” is the most requested song on the Zone Afternoon Show, but believe this hype! Its not even the most quirky song on the album O My Heart.  Put this “Ghosting” song in your ear-hole and ruminate.

The National are my favourite band, so when I had a song on my iTunes with the word “Ghost” in it… well it had to make the list.

Riot Act, Pearl Jam’s seventh studio record and first post-9/11 and post Roskilde Festival Accident record has a song called “Ghosts.”  Rad.  I do like me some Pearl Jam… and going back to read about Riot Act after jamming out “Ghosts” and now I want to hear the whole record.

yee-yah… Riot Act is a great record.

The mixtape ends with a haunting cut from Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga… “The Ghost of You Lingers.”  Shit’s going on in my right ear… whoa, then my left.  Stereo sound.

Go with yourself.

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thank you Tyson for the picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tysonelder/

Vancouver’s Mother Mother came to the Capital City for a pair of Zone shows yesterday and Tuesday.  Like any quality rockers, they were sure to visit The Zone Afternoon Show… our time together was recorded and now it is time for sharing.

Interview >> Mother Mother

Ryan Guldemond and I briefly chatted about their work on some new music and a follow up to 2008’s O My Heart.  Then, they played a couple songs, both their radio hits, “O My Heart” and “Body of Years.”


Next up, it was time for Tom and Zach of Terminal City progressive rockers, The Zolas!  I like the Zolas because Zach listens to my radio show and I’m easy like that.

Interview >> The Zolas
Read >> The Zolas in Monday Magazine

Go with yourself.

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Its been awhile since I shared some emails and today I got a couple nice ones.


The first email is from Jessica talking about the Matt Good/Mother Mother concert last week.

Hey Jeremy!
The concert on Saturday was really good! It was my second time seeing Mother Mother and I was sad they only did 6 songs…it was a very short opening act! In the intermission there was so many people who had never heard them and all bought there CD’s because they were so impressed!

It was a first seeing Matt Good but, he was awesome!! Apparently, people were upset that he was only on for an 1hr and 15. I thought it was a good length though!
On that note! I’d love to hear one of these songs if you get a chance!!
Mother Mother – Touch Up

Thanks a bundle!


I was trolling Mike Devlin’s Facebook the other day, and the founder of the The Zone, a gentleman named Al Ford, posted a picture of Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) on his site.  The concert was from 1990 I think, at Harpos (where Upstairs is now).  AiC played with the beginnings of Pearl Jam (some band named after a basketball player), and a group from Victoria (name I can’t recall).


What a rad picture.  Al has all sorts of great Victoria rock and roll memorabilia.  Makes me wish I had done a better job collecting over my years as a broadcaster and indie rock hipster.

I talked about this picture on my radio show the other day and got some of it wrong.  More fun facts emerge from Troy.

I have to help you out a little on your comment on Jerry Cantrell earlier.

Yes the club was Harpo’s in Bastion Square where the club something or other “… Upstairs” is located now.

The band name you tried to recal was Mookie Blaylock. Another pre-Pearl jam played there as well during that same era under the name Green River featuring Mark Arm later of Mudhoney fame plus Jeff Ament and other Pearl Jam members. I didn’t live here at the time but might I suggest that perhaps you confused the two groups?

At any rate you’re the best DJ on the zone and a decent bloke. We met when my old band was band of the month back a few years ago and you were a very genuine guy. So with that in mind please play some Visqueen sometime, like Hand Me Down from Message To Garcia, the kids will dig it.




awwww.  Suzanne jammed out CRC 80.

I listened to your podcast from today! I loved it and felt all nice
and fuzzy afterwards:)

just to let you know:)


I feel fuzzy now too.

Go with yourself.

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Thank you for finding my blog.  If this is your first time visiting I would like to invite you to check out my weekly podcast called Capital Rock City.  Capital Rock City is a weekly audio podcast I create that features some of the fine music of Victoria and points in and around the capital.

Please Download: Capital Rock City #63

If you enjoy the show, please consider sharing the link with a friend and subscribing to the podcast.  You can subscribe by using this RSS feed or by searching ‘capital rock city’ in the iTunes store.

Now lets get to it.

DJ Notes

01) Mother Mother – “Hay Loft”
02) Paper Cranes – “Black Centipedes”
03) Great White Shark – “Long to Tell You”
04) Everybody Left – “Get Used”

The show begins with a taste of an interview I did with Mother Mother lead sing Ryan Guldemon.  We’ll get a couple chances to see this Quadra Island native (now living in Vancouver) on August 15th at Cumberland’s Big Time Out Festival and then here in the city in late September at Rifflandia.  Ryan and I mostly talk about how I completely fail at interpreting their music.  good times.

The Paper Cranes have a new record called ‘Chivalry’s Dead’ and they be celebrating its release with a pair of CD release parties.  July 17th here in Victoria at Lucky Bar (Racoons in support) and then the following night, July 18th in Vancouver at The Biltmore.

I got an email from my man crush Eric Thompson at A TV.  Eric has a son and he is the drummer in the band Great White Shark.  AND it turns out I know the lead singer.  He was in the band Something Better which I have featured before on Capital Rock City (I thinkon the podcast I make a mistake and confused my notes.  I said that Great White Shark was Everybody Left… and that is wrong, they were Something Better).

Finally, a song from the band Everybody Left.  What a groovy track.

That’ll do it for this week’s Capital Rock City.  Thank you for spending your time exploring new indie rock with me and I hope you’ll not be a stranger and introduce yourself in the comment section and make a point to subscribe to the podcast.

Go with yourself.

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