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Year After Year
Yesterday on the show, Victoria alt-folky-countryish-indie rock band Hawk and Steel stopped by to perform a couple songs and talk about their set  at VIC Fest this Saturday, Day Stage at 3PM.

The boys performed a song they are currently working on as an upcoming 7-inch single called “Year After Year.” It just might be the best slow jam of 2014!

Hawk and Steel then performed a song called “David and Katie.” The song is the fictional tale of a couple who rob a bank to get the money they need to leave their small town life behind.  But is it a fictional tale? Lead singer Peter Gardner knew a kid in highschool who actually robbed a bank on Salt Spring Island.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday when Family of the Year were in studio, Christina spotted a poster with Mother Mother on it.  She remarked, “I know those guys… they toured the US with our good friends Blondfire! (and Awolnation)”

Blondfire are a popular band in the US… we don’t play them on The Zone and I don’t think they get many spins in Canada.  I’d liken their style to Metric.  If you like Metric, well, there is more of that for you.

Rolling into the Radio Factory today, I got a message from the Lucky Basstarts out of Germany.  They have a remix of the Blondfire single “Where the Kids Are.”  With the weather turning sunny and warm in the Rain Forest Kingdom…this song fits with the patio sips of Vic Fest Beer!

“All roads leave Kansas.”  Hey Blondfire, I live on an Island….

Go with yourself.

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