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I was talking in a blog post earlier this month about the Sasquatch Festival being a very positive influence on my young lovely and her re-energized appreciation of alternative music.  She came home with a few new favourite bands and artists.

It being payday today, I headed down to Ditch Records before work coming to the Zone to buy Coral the Foster the People LP. Coral had been talking about shaking up our record wall and subbing in some new cover art and one record she mentioned was Foster the People.

Sadly, Ditch was sold out.  Jeremy said that since FTP became popular on the radio (Number 1 on the Zone’s modern rock countdown) and Sasquatch, its been a constant parade of music lovers coming down looking for the CD or LP.  Both, currently, “out of stock.”  Sadness.  I have really been enjoying Torches as of late myself and was looking forward to some lazy weekends or late night drinks with that disc on the turntable this summer.

I remembered that Coral has had a couple other bands rotating on her iPhone.  !!! and Yeasayer.

Ditch had !!!’s Strange Weather, Isn’t It and Yeasayer’s 2007 debut All Hour Cymbals.

I unleashed the power of the modern mobile cancer causing universe and sent her the choices.

She liked !!!’s cover art but preferred the sounds of Yeasayer.  And so its Yeasayer added to the collection.

I brought the album to work and noticed a couple neat things.  Track 2, side one: “Wait for the Summer.”

Track 2, side two: “Wait for the Wintertime”

Neat.  Let’s have a listen.

Yeasayer – “Wait For The Summer”

Wow, what a terribly dark and evil song.  Listen carefully… its about murdering (or dreaming about murdering) your lover.

Yeasayer – “Wait for the Wintertime”

Ok, a slightly more positive jam… about making babies in the Brick Yard and my favourite lines:

Is a ball and chain,
for the old and grey,
It’s the price to pay for the

Circles man… its all circles with Yeasayer.

Go with yourself.

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The Sasquatch Festival did something mighty for my love Coral… it brought her back to the alt. music fold.  Not that she had drifted far, but maybe the Beat 94.5 was on the radio more than maybe it used to be.

Coral came home for the Sasquatch with a tan, a week long hangover and an iPod FULL of great new (and not so new) jammers.

And its great for me, because now there are so many groups we both enjoy and get to punch up on a car ride or even… Coral is starting to turn the TV off, and the stereo on… nice.

One record she is on hard right now is Foster the People’s Torches. The song “Pumped Up Kicks” is arguably the most popular song on the Zone right now and currently number 1 on our countdown show.

Before its life as a mainstream modern rock single, the song enjoyed the distinction of being a “viral internet hit.”  On the strength of that song and a small 3 song e.p., a record label snapped them and signed them.  That might have been a wise investment as the full length record is super duper solid.

Very dancey, summery and fun.  The record features some light dance numbers and a few pretty, 80s/90s-esque pop/love type songs.  I love song “I Would Do Anything for You.”  So cute.

Driving to Nana’s house yesterday for a BBQ; Coral, Alyx, Mads and I rolled down the windows of the Jeep and turned up the record.  Coral said her favourite song is “Don’t Stop (Colour on the walls)

Such a fun song.

I prefer track one, side one and the band’s third single… “Helena Beat.”

If you’re looking for a great summer soundtrack, Foster the People have more than a few songs for your playlist which makes Torches an excellent selection when thinking of buying new music.

Go with yourself.

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Generally when I read or hear about some hipster jam and its not reviewed or mentioned on Pitchfork, my bullshit meter goes off.

One of two things must be true about this song:

01) Its a corporate construct like Paramore or Taco Bell “Beef”

02) Its too enjoyable and accessible for the “Dictators of Taste” in Chicago.

The story is bizarre and wonderful and strange.

LA scenesters record one ice-cool song.  Share it for free on their website.  One friend tells another down the grapevine and presto-bingo-bango, internet phenoms.

Foster the People‘s “Pumped Up Kicks” reverberated around the internet tubes this past summer and with a discography that includes… uhh, “Pumped Up Kicks” they are now off to do a little tour of Australia and will be at this year’s Coachella.

What’s going on?  Is the song really that good?  I dunno…  lets have a listen.

Foster the People – “Pumped Up Kicks”
Download mp3 >> FosterthePeople-Pumpedupkicks

The LA Times had all sorts of positives to say about the song, I mean, if you think sounding like Phoenix or Empire of the Sun is a positive.

I’ve listened to the song a half-dozen times at my desk today.  I like it.  Is it changing me world?  not really… so maybe I don’t fully appreciate or understand why this particular track got touched by the fickle hand of the viral internet.  But I will download the the free MP3 and include it in my set at Veneto for sure.

Go with yourself.

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