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Lots of emails today.

Interviews being scheduled including this gem in march.

BASH’d : A Gay Rap Opera

starring: FEMINEM & T-BAG

Yeah, pretty awesome.


Maddy O is one year old today!  Huzzah!  Coral and I managed to keep her alive, fed and in diapers for a whole year.

We had a big party with all our family and friends at Moxies on Sunday.  Thank you to everyone that took some time on a Sunday afternoon to spend it with us.


The starter button on my scooter hasn’t worked in a couple months.  I’ve had to kick start the beast everyday.  Yesterday on my drive into the Zone, the scooter stalled out on Blanshard.  Yikes!  I was worried I’d have to get off my bike, put it up on the stand and kick start it right in the middle of traffic.  How embarrassing!  As a sign of desperation, I hit the starter button and eureka!  it worked.  Now it works again.  funny little Honda, it fixed itself.


David Armano is my social media guru and he posted this very interesting paper about customer service.

Robert J. Glushko and Lindsay Tabas, “Bridging the “Front Stage” and “Back Stage” in Service System Design” (June 15, 2007). School of Information. Paper 2007-013.

If you work in the service industry (and most North American trades these days have a boat load of service involved) then you might want to read it.


That’s all I got for now, going to hop into the studio and try to get my Capital Rock City #46 done before 3PM!  Its going to sound so good!  Interview with Carpenter with a couple Carpenter tracks AND an older cut from All State Champion.

Go with yourself.

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