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Marty sent a tweet to CFOX asking us to check out Vancouver’s Carpenter. Oh man, I used to love Carpenter, and lead singer Dan’s previous band, All State Champion.

I have a warm nostalgia for 00’s post-hardcore. Firing up Carpenter’s new record Lifelines just blasted me with memories of tooling around Vancouver’s East Side dive bars and Logans or Lucky in Victoria.

There are a few songs off this record that first listen stood out for me.

I think I have a Carpenter t-shirt in band t-shirt storage, I better dig it out.

Let’s go back and fire up a beauty from All State Champion too…since we’re hanging out on the music blog.

Carpenter has some shows coming up. October 6th they’re at 333.

Go with yourself.

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God bless friend of the show Boston Matt for reminding me that I had “liked” the Prick Bastards facebook page…. because I had NOT taken the time to fully appreciate the tunes.

Prick Bastards are quality metal from Vancouver BC. A band forged from the remnants of By A Thread, All State Champion, and Means to an End.  The style of their sound combines some vintage punk elements with stoner or sludgey metal.  Being a fan of By A Thread & All State, I of course pull those sounds out as well.  Their self titled ep is a free download… so you know, go do that.  LINK >> Prick Bastards

The record was produced by Steve Evetts (The Cure, Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan).  Here are a couple cuts.


Go with yourself.

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Good rockers don’t go away, they just change their band name.  Daniel Sioui was in the most excellent Vancouver post-punk band All State Champion.  That morphed into Carpenter with members of By A Thread, Speaking of Heroes, and Daggermouth.

Some fond Victoria memories are going to see All State and later Carpenter shows.  I remember seeing Carpenter at Logan’s a few times… going with my brother CJ, meeting up with Coral (BEFORE WE WERE MARRIED! SWA?) and hanging with Razer.

The other day I blogged about By A Thread playing a show in Chicago, and that night I dug through some old bins of compact discs and pulled out some favourites. This morning, driving my 4-year-old to pre-school she was meowing about wanting to hear songs (she just doesn’t get The Current yet) so I popped in my Carpenter Town and Country ep.  My kid, god bless her… knows music only from the radio, vinyl, or youtube so she thought the CDs were pretty bizarre. “Oh cool, you have mini records!”  That was a trip.

The brought me to the wormhole of the internet… searching for Carpenter to see if those guys are still operating.  and would you look at that, a post YESTERDAY on their Facebook.

Daniel has a new project called Precursor and it definitely scratches that Vancouver post-whatever itch.

Gosh darn… that’s good.

Go with yourself.

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Some music getting some play on the home stereo over the past week here at the Baker homestead.

01) Frightened Rabbit
02) New York Dolls
03) MGMT
04) The National
05) All State Champion
05) Mission of Burma
07) Metric
08) The Killers
09) The Animals
09) Flo Rida

Flo Rida?  I know right…. but I bought this new single of his that features or samples or he riffs off “Right Round” as in…

How can you not love the song?

New York Dolls had a strong week because that record is new for me.  I bought it after watching the New York Doll documentary the other day.

Madelyn and I jammed out the MGMT, she seems to like that band (and oddly, The Layne Mitchel Podcast?  The Rick Lee prank calling Rick Lee… yup as funny as it sounds).

The other odd one showing up this week is The Animals.  I dunno why, just went on a Animals kick last week.  I think I heard the song “I Got to get outta this place” on the TV somewhere and it triggered a need for further audio exploration.

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Right near the end of my time broadcasting The Morning After Show at CiTR, I fell into it with a band called All State Champion.  I had the chance to see them live a few times and even played a song of theirs on The Zone late at night when no one was listening.

ASC would go their separate ways, but leader Daniel Sioui would continue with a new project called Carpenter.  I might like Carpenter even more.  Coral likes to tell the story of the time I ignored her at a show at Logans! (duh, boys ignore girls that they like, that is biology!)

Today on Capital Rock City I talk to Daniel and play the music of both All State Champion and Carpenter.  You can see Carpenter live in Victoria on Friday when they open for Gob at Lucky Bar.

Download: Capital Rock City #46

You can also subscribe to Capital Rock City in the podcast section of the iTunes store or use this handy dandy RSS feed.

DJ Notes:

01) All State Champion – “Regret’s a Bitter Taste”
02) Carpenter – “Best Place”
03) Carpenter – “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

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Lots of emails today.

Interviews being scheduled including this gem in march.

BASH’d : A Gay Rap Opera

starring: FEMINEM & T-BAG

Yeah, pretty awesome.


Maddy O is one year old today!  Huzzah!  Coral and I managed to keep her alive, fed and in diapers for a whole year.

We had a big party with all our family and friends at Moxies on Sunday.  Thank you to everyone that took some time on a Sunday afternoon to spend it with us.


The starter button on my scooter hasn’t worked in a couple months.  I’ve had to kick start the beast everyday.  Yesterday on my drive into the Zone, the scooter stalled out on Blanshard.  Yikes!  I was worried I’d have to get off my bike, put it up on the stand and kick start it right in the middle of traffic.  How embarrassing!  As a sign of desperation, I hit the starter button and eureka!  it worked.  Now it works again.  funny little Honda, it fixed itself.


David Armano is my social media guru and he posted this very interesting paper about customer service.

Robert J. Glushko and Lindsay Tabas, “Bridging the “Front Stage” and “Back Stage” in Service System Design” (June 15, 2007). School of Information. Paper 2007-013.

If you work in the service industry (and most North American trades these days have a boat load of service involved) then you might want to read it.


That’s all I got for now, going to hop into the studio and try to get my Capital Rock City #46 done before 3PM!  Its going to sound so good!  Interview with Carpenter with a couple Carpenter tracks AND an older cut from All State Champion.

Go with yourself.

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