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Smack dab in the middle of week 2 of Boxing Bootcamp. November 22nd, this DJ/music blogger will fight a real life person during a gala boxing match! Yesterday I learned about protein, and fuel, and recovery…and then today I was yapping with Dylan Willows and absorbing more. I know for people who regularly enjoy the fitness, it’s all pretty standard. But this whoe protein shake lifestyle is new to me!

I’ve been enjoying waking up at 5:30AM every morning for a hard hour of boxing and fitness. After a great workout…I do feel sore. I know that being new to working out, there is soreness…but I didn’t know about recovery, and what foods I could be eating to help with that recovery. Thank you to Chris at Popeye’s Victoria and DW here at The Zone for them wisdom. Looking forward to my new regime of protein shakes, and…bananas?

Here is a radio promo we made for the Charity Boxing Classic.


I received a message the other day from a rapper out of Lexington, Kentucky! The artist is called Reva. It’s kinda grimy, small town hip hop. I like her style. The vocal hook catchy…the beats distorted.

Go with yourself.

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