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Smack dab in the middle of week 2 of Boxing Bootcamp. November 22nd, this DJ/music blogger will fight a real life person during a gala boxing match! Yesterday I learned about protein, and fuel, and recovery…and then today I was yapping with Dylan Willows and absorbing more. I know for people who regularly enjoy the fitness, it’s all pretty standard. But this whoe protein shake lifestyle is new to me!

I’ve been enjoying waking up at 5:30AM every morning for a hard hour of boxing and fitness. After a great workout…I do feel sore. I know that being new to working out, there is soreness…but I didn’t know about recovery, and what foods I could be eating to help with that recovery. Thank you to Chris at Popeye’s Victoria and DW here at The Zone for them wisdom. Looking forward to my new regime of protein shakes, and…bananas?

Here is a radio promo we made for the Charity Boxing Classic.


I received a message the other day from a rapper out of Lexington, Kentucky! The artist is called Reva. It’s kinda grimy, small town hip hop. I like her style. The vocal hook catchy…the beats distorted.

Go with yourself.

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On the weekend I DJ at a lounge in Victoria called the Veneto Tapas Lounge.

They make up their cocktails using premium liquor and ingredients. Something I never really cared or thought too much about before unless I was drinking with Dave Sawchuk or my buddy Bob.

I’ve been playing Motown and chillwave records there since December/January of last year and I’ve slowly been learning about the bartender craft.

Right now Solomon Siegel and and Simon Odgen quarterback the drink menu in the lounge and Simon shared with me the art of the Old Fashioned.

The Old Fashioned is often considered to be the first “cocktail” and was invented in Kentucky in the mid-to-late 1800s.  It was the drink of civil war veterans! Basically the cocktail is spirits, bitters, sweetener, water.  Yum.

At the Veneto I learned to add some orange and lemon zest to the equation and delicious.

On the weekend I tried to track down some Bulleit Bourbon which is Simon’s pick for the Old Fashioned.

Sadly, the backwoods of Coquitlam could not provide and seeing as my old man was out of real Kentucky Bourbon I grabbed a bottle of Maker’s Mark (another good Kentucky Bourbon that is popular at Veneto: I paid $42 for a bottle).

The bitters for a Veneto Old Fashioned is easy as they use the mainstream Angostura Bitters. You’ll remember I found this bitters at Save-On Foods.

Start your glass with a sugar cube and a few dashes of bitters with an easy splash of bourbon.  Let that sit there while you slice off two pieces of orange peel and one of lemon.

Get the knife in there and shave or cut away all the pith as its not delicious.

What you do next is what separates all the Old Fashioned makers as they have their way of adding the orange and lemon which I can’t really explain.  You’ll have to watch Simon or Josh or Katie do it sometime.  I tried to copy them as best I could at a dinner party and my Old Fashioned served… but they were no Veneto.

Muddle the the first orange peel in the glass with the sugar and bitters.

In a tumbler, pour two ounces of bourbon and stir with ice then strain into your Old Fashioned glass with your sugar/bitters/orange.  Add two ice cubes (or however many you want).

Then you release some of the lemon zest in the drink and drop the lemon peel in.  Finally you take your last orange peel, heat it with a lighter over the glass for a few moments and squeeze it into the glass.  A cool little fireball should happen. Don’t be scared, be brave! That is the fun part.  Then twist the orange peel and drop it in.

Your drink should smell yummy, like a fruit punch.

Then sip and get ready to get rose cheeked!  This beverage packs a smooth but deliberate punch.

Go with yourself.

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That’s all I got

Having a kid is good for a lot of things. Today, it is for healthy eating choices. This time last year… lunch would have likely been a a coke and salt (a sandwich with salty meats, fast food, chips… maybe just a spoonful of salt).  But now, I need to feed the kid, so I just eat what she eats.  Raw whole fruits and veggies.  Never any pop (well I sneak her a sip but Coral has a hurricane like fit!).

We saw this documentary on Kentucky on the TV the other day.  I guess it wasn’t a “documentary” in the truest sense, it was a Dateline or 20/20 or whatever the show is with Diane Sawyer.  She went to the backwoods of Deliverance country and discovered that the hillbillies feed their kids Mountain Dew.  Fucking gross.

My old man spends a lot of time in Kentucky for business, I’ll need to ask him about that.

Madelyn is eating, I am reading my music news.  About to head to the studio.  I am going to start playing around with a new show idea that I want to get put on the radio.  It might not be done today, but if/when it is, I’ll post a pilot here for you to have a listen to.  I’d love your feedback.

I saw this music video on A Morning, didn’t realize these girls were so cute.

That’s all I got.  I need to get Madelyn out of her chair and tidy up before Nana comes to look after her this afternoon.

Go with yourself.

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