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A girl called up the Zone today during the Picks @ 6 to request the January Band of the Month, On Call Heroes.

The song “That Guy” (mp3) is a neat song. Its about d-bags that end up with the hot girl.  A story all us nice guys who finish last can relate too.

And of course… do they?  What’s a “hot girl” and why are the nice guys being so defeatist… maybe a little confidence and the pole would get waxed? but yeah… that’s another debate.

Lets pretend then, that yes, the nice guy gets dumped on and the hottie is running around with the dude that has a neck tattoo.

Its a popular theme in movies, books, TV and of course music.

On Call Heroes the latest in a fine line of songs wondering aloud and with melody… “WTF hot girl, why do you waste your time with Johnny Daterape… I mean his last name is daterape, c’mon man”

Lots of 90s punk rocker dwelt on the subject… I am thinking songs by The Offspring (Self Esteem maybe) or Blink 182 (Dammit) or Green Day (Nice Guys Finish Last).

Green Day – “Nice Guys Finish Last”

My favourite jam is a little ditty by a gentleman that recorded music under the moniker The Mr. T Experience. His 1993 song “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” nails it down perfectly.  If you’re currently suffering through virginitis, this shit is the remedy for the lonely night (and the internet I guess).

The Mr. T Experience – “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend”

“Even Hitler had a girlfriend, who he could always call.  Someone to be there despite of all his faults.  Hitler was the worst guy ever, despised and reviled… even Hitler had a girlfriend, why can’t I?”

Holy shit, if that doesn’t make your loneliness worse, nothing will.  Hitler man…Hitler was getting laid.  And you gotta think that back then, some German bureaucrat was pushing pencils in Nazi HQ thinking to himself… “WTF, douche bag gets the chicks. Every time, every time.”

This song is pretty magical… but I didn’t hear the MTX version… no this song was made popular (to me) at CiTR by a one Mr. Plow.

One of (if not) the first Mr. Plow records is a home burned creation called Shut Your Legs and Open Your Ears.  6 songs recorded in Vancouver circa 2000.  Track 6 is a cover called “Even Hitler…” and 20 year old Jeremy’s mind leaked out through my ears after hearing it.  The song was a hot rotation on the old Morning After Show.  I would end up becoming half decent friends with Plow for a few years in Burncouver (or was it Vanaby?).

Mr. Plow – “Even Hitler…”

Plow introduced me to the other bizarro-acoutic-punks in Vancouver.  We did some shows together at the Cobalt or the Java Joint in Surrey. He stayed up late and jammed out my radio show.  He took me around with him to pick up dead bodies one time.  Good times, great reflections.

Plow has put out quite a few records over the years and continues to perform to this very day.  I think right now he might be in Portland hosting a weekly night at some bar?  That’s the last I heard on the Facebook at least.

Right… what was the point of this?  Oh, a girl requested On Call Heroes and it got me thinking of my old friend Plow and one of my favourite songs, “Even Hitler…”

Go with yourself.

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