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Have a listen to The Offspring breaking down “Gone Away” with Dead Sara‘s Emily Armstrong.

The Offspring – “Gone Away” featuring Emily Armstrong

Growing up, I used to listen to lots of the Offspring.  Their breakout Smash came out when I was 14 or so, and it got played everywhere.  My favourite song was always Ixnay’s “Gone Away.”

Talking to Rolling Stone today, Dexter Holland said, “When we started building our own set list, I realized the stripped-down version of ‘Gone Away,’ which we’ve been doing for a few years, would fit Emily’s voice really well (…) It turned out to be a special moment in the show each night.”

Check out the video they produced for the track on Rolling Stone.


We’ll stay in Southern California and we’ll stay with music videos.  Email today from  Kids Without Instruments pointing to their new music video for the song “Nausea Nostalgia.”

Cool video… dark little beats and production.  The female vocals need some seasoning… sounds like they were in Choir or something in high school…they need to make a few more bad choices.

Go with yourself.

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I meant to blog this remix last week.  So good, but I am conflicted on the jam.

I love Nirvana and I love remixes.  When I laid it down at Lucky Bar last week, people got grooving.  BUT the song is about sexual violence.  Just seems weird to play this dance song in a club where everyone is drunk and hooking up.  Clearly I am an old man that thinks too much about this stuff as the remix is a monster jam and the dance floor went off when the song came on.

From the Ministry of Remixes of the songs from my youth.  Check out this remix outta Portland by Stefan is Stefan.

Go with yourself.

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New Offspring will be coming to the Zone on Friday (if it doesn’t leak sooner.)  The record and single are called “Days Go By.”

Offspring – “Days Go By” (clip)

Hard to say whether I love this new song or not based on 30 seconds… I mean, its Offspring.  I haven’t loved them as a band since I was 15… but I do have a fond nostalgia for being 15.  So its all good Offspring.

Smash was a monster record if you were into rock and roll in the 90s.  I mostly remember it being played in the dressing room before and after hockey games.  It sound tracked a lot of parties.  By Ixnay on the Hombre I was a fan and to this day, I consider “Gone Away” my favourite Offspring song.  It was the Ixnay tour when I first got a chance to see them live.

I’ll say I have guarded optimism for the new record.


This is a picture of the Quadra Village…starting to feel like summer.

I went for a baby hike on Saturday during some down time at Mount Doug.  It started to smell and when I rounded a corner… ewwww, swamp!

Whatever, I’m a man, I walked through mud.  NBD.

Go with yourself.

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A girl called up the Zone today during the Picks @ 6 to request the January Band of the Month, On Call Heroes.

The song “That Guy” (mp3) is a neat song. Its about d-bags that end up with the hot girl.  A story all us nice guys who finish last can relate too.

And of course… do they?  What’s a “hot girl” and why are the nice guys being so defeatist… maybe a little confidence and the pole would get waxed? but yeah… that’s another debate.

Lets pretend then, that yes, the nice guy gets dumped on and the hottie is running around with the dude that has a neck tattoo.

Its a popular theme in movies, books, TV and of course music.

On Call Heroes the latest in a fine line of songs wondering aloud and with melody… “WTF hot girl, why do you waste your time with Johnny Daterape… I mean his last name is daterape, c’mon man”

Lots of 90s punk rocker dwelt on the subject… I am thinking songs by The Offspring (Self Esteem maybe) or Blink 182 (Dammit) or Green Day (Nice Guys Finish Last).

Green Day – “Nice Guys Finish Last”

My favourite jam is a little ditty by a gentleman that recorded music under the moniker The Mr. T Experience. His 1993 song “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” nails it down perfectly.  If you’re currently suffering through virginitis, this shit is the remedy for the lonely night (and the internet I guess).

The Mr. T Experience – “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend”

“Even Hitler had a girlfriend, who he could always call.  Someone to be there despite of all his faults.  Hitler was the worst guy ever, despised and reviled… even Hitler had a girlfriend, why can’t I?”

Holy shit, if that doesn’t make your loneliness worse, nothing will.  Hitler man…Hitler was getting laid.  And you gotta think that back then, some German bureaucrat was pushing pencils in Nazi HQ thinking to himself… “WTF, douche bag gets the chicks. Every time, every time.”

This song is pretty magical… but I didn’t hear the MTX version… no this song was made popular (to me) at CiTR by a one Mr. Plow.

One of (if not) the first Mr. Plow records is a home burned creation called Shut Your Legs and Open Your Ears.  6 songs recorded in Vancouver circa 2000.  Track 6 is a cover called “Even Hitler…” and 20 year old Jeremy’s mind leaked out through my ears after hearing it.  The song was a hot rotation on the old Morning After Show.  I would end up becoming half decent friends with Plow for a few years in Burncouver (or was it Vanaby?).

Mr. Plow – “Even Hitler…”

Plow introduced me to the other bizarro-acoutic-punks in Vancouver.  We did some shows together at the Cobalt or the Java Joint in Surrey. He stayed up late and jammed out my radio show.  He took me around with him to pick up dead bodies one time.  Good times, great reflections.

Plow has put out quite a few records over the years and continues to perform to this very day.  I think right now he might be in Portland hosting a weekly night at some bar?  That’s the last I heard on the Facebook at least.

Right… what was the point of this?  Oh, a girl requested On Call Heroes and it got me thinking of my old friend Plow and one of my favourite songs, “Even Hitler…”

Go with yourself.

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I am going to begins today’s blog with a call for help.  Dylan Willow‘s GF Jacquelyn is trying to help an organization raise $10,000 to build a school in Africa.  She asked me to find 10 people that want to give $10 for the cause.

Please take a quick sec and pledge $10 right here: Help Build a School


I thought this was pretty cool.  Trolling the doubleUdoubleUdots today, I saw an interesting fact.  Only four independent bands in the history of Billboard’s modern rock chart have ever reached number 1.

The Offspring – “Self Esteem” (1994)
Everlast – “What Its Like” (1998)
Silversun Pickups – “Panic Switch” (2009)
Phoenix – “1901” (2010)

I don’t know if Billboard has updated their chart or what, but they are still showing them at number 2 despite this news article to the contrary.  Maybe I got the wrong chart?


I know we should be thinking winter Olympics in this part of the world… but with the weather so nice, I can’t help but look ahead to baseball season.

Our local pro team is the Victoria Seals and in their second season they will begin by playing the new expansion team from Maui.

The Victoria Baseball Blog had a look at their new jerseys.  I am not so much a fan, but David Eleanor seemed to like.

ahhh, I don’t know… But I do know I’d love if we could organize a Zone road trip to Maui…

Go with yourself.

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