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I have been posting songs up to Hype Machine now for awhile. I try to understand how it works, but after over a year I have no idea why some stuff gets the “hearts” and most does not.

I think generally electronic stuff out performs rock.  Metal and punk? Forget about it… but then there are bizarre exceptions.  Even the electronic stuff that takes off surprises me.  On my latest post of remixes… the Ed Sheeran song “I See Fire” remix crushes, 13,000 hearts… its Ok. Not changing my world. People love it.

The next most popular would be Lorde at just under 2,000. Then to my ear, the best song of the set… Young Galaxy, despite 14 blogs whipping it, 709 hearts.

Some songs are very popular with blogs and get a lot of posts, but that doesn’t always translate into hearts.

I wonder if I can ask Hype Machine on the data of what type of people visit the site?

In all my worlds, there seems to be little crossover.  Generally stuff that is popular on The Zone doesn’t chart very high on Hype Machine. And the stuff that crushes Hype Machine never gets requested when I DJ a dance party.  I figure the internet is a big place and all the weirdoes who like a certain sound end up on Hype Machine…maybe inflating the importance?  Maybe I live on an Island…

I was thinking about Disclosure the other day.  Their record Settle is considered one of the better dance records of 2013 by many critics….but the band has NEVER been requested to me when I DJ, ever.  Granted…I generally DJ weddings, but still, you’d think the BEST dance record would get at least one request?

22,000 hearts on Hype Machine
over 5,000,000 plays on soundcloud
over 25,000,000 on Youtube
Critical praise

Go with yourself.

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