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Up late…. working working. Feeling a bit behind the 8-ball after a couple weeks off. I want to get the radio show firing on all cylinders. Need to update my wedding DJ business, present myself as a Vancouver wedding DJ, update the website, upgrade equipment. Bought a new laptop today. I am excited about that. My old laptop is a 2010? Macbook Pro. Some old Intel Core 2 duo processor, 4 gigs of RAM…it just lost the ability to keep up with Serato DJ and the Numark NS ii.

i feel confident I’ll be able to compete in Vancouver against the other wedding DJs once I polish up the website and upgrade some equipment.

I had some other thoughts about what I might want to do for another job or to expand my production. I’ve been looking into Projection mapping…following this person on Instagram called Ayramultimedia. Their stuff looks amazing and I wonder if I could create something like that for a wedding reception?

And still I have some other ideas. God dammit.

Spent the night bouncing around the information superhighway researching things. All the while, this song we bouncing around my head. Remember last fall when Eastside was briefly a thing?

I feel like there is still so much I want to do tonight, but I must sleep. Madelyn has day camp tomorrow. Coral and I are (and Jack) are meeting her friend Jane at Burgoo. THEN, I need to focus on putting together a radio show. Huge day in front of me…and still the gears turn in my head.

This blog isn’t really about anything. Just writing things out.

Go with yourself.

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My wife tracked down her old Motorola Razr flip phone the other day. We plugged it in and came across a bunch of old pictures. She found this beauty… the day she told me she was pregnant with our daughter Madelyn.

I picked her up on Yates Street in front of our first apartment together. She was emotional, told me she was pregnant. I said, “do you wanna keep it?” She said, “yes.” I said, “cool. We’d better hurry up…don’t want to be late for Monster Trucks.” And off we went to host a suite of radio contest winners in a suite at the arena.

Now we’re totally married with kids!


OK, enough with the “dear diary” … let’s get to it.

A song that screamed up the Hype Machine charts. The mysterious (being mysterious is so hot right now) Eastside. This BLOG says we don’t know anything about her (they do have a picture of a woman’s back…maybe Eastside’s?). But we do know she sounds amazing and her cover-mash of Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” crossed with Chris Brown’s “Loyal” is novel.

This song has been on repeat.


Jaymes Young is another British duder… Earbuddy says this song is so much more than a devastating love song…there is a depth or darkness that might lurk behind the simple promise to be “a better man.”


One of the women I do boxing training with is named Debbie Stirling. She was tellling me that she is currently obsessed with Clean Bandit. Then the other day I was trolling the “Most Shazamed in Victoria” chart… and somewhere around #4… Clean Bandit. And now today… #4 on Hype Machine, Clean Bandit. Something is up…let’s hit play on the new song “Real Love.”

and then revisit their MONSTER jam “Rather Be.”

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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The first dance is an important part of almost all weddings. Here are three new songs that I’ve come across that might fit perfectly for your wedding.

John Legend – “All of Me”

“All of Me” is a single from John Legend’s forth record, Love in the Future.  The song was written as a dedication to John’s wife. A beautiful ballad that was released to radio last year, but burned low and slow until finally reaching number one in May.  Knocking off another exceptionally popular wedding song, Pharrell’s “Happy.” (Pharrell’s “Happy” is one of the more popular Grand Entrance songs of the season)

The music video is pretty sexy too.

Ed Sheeran – “One”

The British wonder had the number one song on iTunes the other day.  His album X (pronounced multiply) comes out on June 23rd. “One” is the first cut off the record and the first song Ed wrote for the album.  The song was written about his now ex-girlfriend Alice.  I’d presume during happier times.

OK, we’ll have to suspend the bad mojo to make this song fit as a first dance cut.

Lee Brice – “I Don’t Dance”

Lee Brice straight up wrote a first dance song.  But then country artists tend to say what they mean and mean what they say. His record label tagged the song #wedding and #firstdance on soundcloud. The music video is basically a wedding infomercial.

The song is the title track to his upcoming record.

Go with yourself.

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I have been posting songs up to Hype Machine now for awhile. I try to understand how it works, but after over a year I have no idea why some stuff gets the “hearts” and most does not.

I think generally electronic stuff out performs rock.  Metal and punk? Forget about it… but then there are bizarre exceptions.  Even the electronic stuff that takes off surprises me.  On my latest post of remixes… the Ed Sheeran song “I See Fire” remix crushes, 13,000 hearts… its Ok. Not changing my world. People love it.

The next most popular would be Lorde at just under 2,000. Then to my ear, the best song of the set… Young Galaxy, despite 14 blogs whipping it, 709 hearts.

Some songs are very popular with blogs and get a lot of posts, but that doesn’t always translate into hearts.

I wonder if I can ask Hype Machine on the data of what type of people visit the site?

In all my worlds, there seems to be little crossover.  Generally stuff that is popular on The Zone doesn’t chart very high on Hype Machine. And the stuff that crushes Hype Machine never gets requested when I DJ a dance party.  I figure the internet is a big place and all the weirdoes who like a certain sound end up on Hype Machine…maybe inflating the importance?  Maybe I live on an Island…

I was thinking about Disclosure the other day.  Their record Settle is considered one of the better dance records of 2013 by many critics….but the band has NEVER been requested to me when I DJ, ever.  Granted…I generally DJ weddings, but still, you’d think the BEST dance record would get at least one request?

22,000 hearts on Hype Machine
over 5,000,000 plays on soundcloud
over 25,000,000 on Youtube
Critical praise

Go with yourself.

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Dear internet,

Feels good to be back to a kind of regular day at the radio factory.  Today I only met Jim Pattison, Canada’s forth richest billionaire.  Yesterday I was wandering around East Vancouver in the rain at 7:45AM.  Its been a couple of interesting days to say the least.

Monday, I hopped on the ferry with 100.3 The Q! music director Scott James to see Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol at their sold out Orpheum show.

It was a bit of a whirlwind as Scott and I rushed to the 3PM ferry to discover it full.  We walked on and abandoned Scott’s choice 1991 Honda CR-X.  We took the PCL into Vancouver and checked into the Rosedale on Robson. No sooner had our bags hit the bed, we were taking the elevator down for a quick pint and then the show.

The Orpheum was packed for the show.  Ed Sheeran is a young gentleman from the UK via Hollywood (or vise versa?  He was born in the UK, but moved to LA).  There was a considerable amount of hype surrounding this folky-hip hoppstery-beat boxer (seriously he does a variety of things).  Immediately I ran into a group of girls excited for Ed!  His show was exceptional… I’d say my biggest concern was that it was too short.  I’d be surprised if he played more than 4 songs.  You can tell he is young and enjoying the crowds.  He is still learning how to handle the huge audience… Musically; he was on-point.

I personally prefer his folky Damien Rice type stuff over the beat-boxing raps about his ginger hair.  That is why I recorded his hit, A-Team.

Ed Sheeran – “A-Team” (live 20120430 Vancouver)
Download MP3 >> Ed Sheeran – A Team

Snow Patrol headlined the show.  I had heard through the hype-machine that Ed Sheeran was blowing SP off the stage every night.  I didn’t get that vibe myself.  Not because Ed Sheeran was bad, but because Snow Patrol’s sound and stage is just bigger.  Ed can’t… he was one guy beat boxing and layering his own music.  Impressive trick for sure… but Snow Patrol sounded way bigger and fuller.  Plus they had the lights and screens…

Scott was at the Coldplay show the other day in Vancouver and basically likened Snow Patrol to a little Coldplay.  Snow Patrol is good, but Coldplay are the masters.  And I think what I took from Scott after seeing both Snow Patrol and Coldplay… is that Coldplay is one of the biggest bands in the world for a reason. But we couldn’t quite pin down what that reason is… Scott says a lot of what Snow Patrol does, Coldplay does, but with Chris Martin it came off as more believable?

Gary Lightbody is flying around the stage, doing a humility schtick, talking to the audience and being very flamboyant and upfront.  And then there were maybe 6 other guys back in the shadows behind him making the music.

The set also felt light for me, which is probably good… I was never bored or scratching my head during a song selection.  They played most the hits from all their records and they played my favourite song “Set Fire to the Third Bar” off Eyes Open.  I hit record (a little late) for this song.

Snow Patrol – “Set Fire to the Third Bar” (live 20120430 Vancouver)

Download MP3 >> Snow Patrol – Set Fire to the Third Bar

After the show, it was a quick beer then bed as we had to be on an early ferry… but seeing as things weren’t going right for Scott and I… we missed the PCL Bus at 7:30 and had to wait till 9:30AM.

Rolling with the adventure, I took the time to wander down Main Street into Chinatown… see the East Van sights as the city was waking up and found a coffee shop.

Go with yourself.

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