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Madelyn dressing herself last night.

On the weekend I finally headed over to the Ableton website to download their free version of Live.  It is a 30 day trial or something.

I do have some music projects I am working on right now, but I am hoping to steal a little time to learn it.  Talking to Tyson last night, and the man said he had an old MIDI keyboard I could have/borrow.  Fun.  Its no Akai somethingorother shiny toy, but beggars can’t be choosers and it’ll let me get started.

I don’t know how to do any of this stuff… I just know what I want stuff to sound like.  But I don’t know how to make the sounds.  You dig?  ugh, should have stayed in band as a youth.

Then a Eureka moment!  learning to play instruments is for communists.  Check out this video, a man has unleashed the power of Capitalism to give me instant results!


In other news of awesome, Polbot 4000 found me this website: iPodMeister.

Let me get this straight, I find somewhere in the neighbourhood of 600-1,200 CDs.  Ship them to some guy and he sends me an iPad?

At first I thought… no way… but then you do the numbers.  What does an iPad sell for?  $500?  really this guy is bulk buying my CDs for about .50 cents each.

Is that fair?  They do sit in a combination of storage, Dave’s basement and in my closet doing me nothing.  Maybe I can scrape together 1,200 and see if this dude is legit?  Not gunna lie, I kinda want an iPad.  It looks like fun.  Or at the very least, I could get an iPhone…

Go with yourself.

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