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Feels good to be home right now. Kids are sleeping, wife is in bed.  Last night my oldest had a stomach flu, she was up throughout the night barfing away…this morning it spread to Coral.  It was a long day.

Then there was the shenanigans at the radio factory!  Three bands stopped by for live performances.

Pol Plastino featured Jay Malinowski and the Deadcoast.  Jay performed in the group Bedouin Soundclash…but with his solo music, its darker, there are strings, and I think he described it as “colonial classical.”

“Something that feels like the past, that is going to a new world. (…) very distant, you don’t sound that good, pretty rough around the edges, but you used to be some place civilized.”

Later in the afternoon, Mounties popped in for a spacey breakdown of their new single “Tokyo Summer” from the record Thrash Rock Legacy (which is GREAT!).

Finally… Vancouver’s Japanese Girls made their live debut in Victoria.  They stopped by the factory and performed their single “Smalls.”

Huge day.  Took a cast of thousands to produce… OK maybe not thousands, but Pol, Jon and Boitano were all able to help get ‘er done and sounding half decent on the radio.

Go with yourself. (hey!  The Morning After Show is on Facebook, maybe you are too?)

shut up and take my like

encore, encore!  Our 2013 song of the summer in Victoria.

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