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Hot Hot Heat have a fifth and final record to put a bow on a career that began in Victoria back in 1999. The first single is “Kid Who Stayed In The Picture.” Steve Bays says the song is about “parting ways with a best friend.”

In the years since the heights of Hot Hot Heat fame, Steve Bays has been in Vancouver. He produces other bands, and works with so many of Vancouver’s alt-rock groups. He also took part in Mounties (fellow Mountie Ryan Dahle helped produce this new HHH s/t record). Mounties had a minor hit ’round these parts called “Headphones.”

I can’t help but think that all the writing and song creation with other bands hasn’t filtered into this new song. It is a tight and bright altrerna-pop song.

Singer Steve Bays said in a press release: “To be able to tour from 1999 to 2014 and play hundreds of shows a year was amazing. It changed all of our lives. It was the greatest experience I could ever imagine. I can relate to our fans and I respect our fans. They are the kind of people I’d hang out with. I’m proud of every single record, and of finding the ground between making it challenging and fresh, but also not being afraid to be entertaining and put on a crazy show. Every show we ever did was just a total high energy spectacle and that’s a great legacy to have.”

Go with yourself.

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Feels good to be home right now. Kids are sleeping, wife is in bed.  Last night my oldest had a stomach flu, she was up throughout the night barfing away…this morning it spread to Coral.  It was a long day.

Then there was the shenanigans at the radio factory!  Three bands stopped by for live performances.

Pol Plastino featured Jay Malinowski and the Deadcoast.  Jay performed in the group Bedouin Soundclash…but with his solo music, its darker, there are strings, and I think he described it as “colonial classical.”

“Something that feels like the past, that is going to a new world. (…) very distant, you don’t sound that good, pretty rough around the edges, but you used to be some place civilized.”

Later in the afternoon, Mounties popped in for a spacey breakdown of their new single “Tokyo Summer” from the record Thrash Rock Legacy (which is GREAT!).

Finally… Vancouver’s Japanese Girls made their live debut in Victoria.  They stopped by the factory and performed their single “Smalls.”

Huge day.  Took a cast of thousands to produce… OK maybe not thousands, but Pol, Jon and Boitano were all able to help get ‘er done and sounding half decent on the radio.

Go with yourself. (hey!  The Morning After Show is on Facebook, maybe you are too?)

shut up and take my like

encore, encore!  Our 2013 song of the summer in Victoria.

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Steve Bays, the pride of Victoria and one the great heroes of Hot Hot Heat has emerged with a new project branded as Fur Trade.

The band immediately ended up on Last Gang Records with an album all ready for July 25th called Don’t Get Heavy.

The first single at the Zone (and the second released) is called “Voyagers.”

This blog RIGHT HERE has a nice interview with Fur Trade.

Go with yourself.

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photo: Lee Rainford @ http://www.hothotheat.com

Victoria rockers Hot Hot Heat have a new record coming out in June called Future Breeds.

Steve Bays was kind enough to make some time and call into the ZAS.

Click to Listen: Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat on The ZAS

We talk about Hot Hot Heat getting dropped or leaving their record label Sire, they built a studio in Gastown, Steve did lots of the recording himself, the story behind the single “21@12” and what Future Breeds means to him. Coming home from tour and then partying in Vancouver, touring Canada more in general.  He talks about some of the music videos they’ve made for the new songs, creative people, film/analog vs digital… then we talk about Serato a bit?… and say good bye.

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CRC 94 starts with some announcements and a contest. Listen to find out how to win a pair of tickets to see band number one this week, Mindil Beach Markets. I have some brand spanking new Hot Hot Heat that sounds good, really really good. Kelowna’s Treelines is coming back to Victoria, I got a song from them and the show ends with a Top 40 sounding pop anthem from a group called Santa Clara. That’s a podcast, thank you for downloading the show and please tell a friend about it.

Download: Capital Rock City #94

It helps me a great deal when you share Capital Rock City with a friend or post a link on your blog or social network.  You can subscribe to Capital Rock City from the iTunes podcast store for the low low price of zero or maybe by clicking this RSS feed.


DJ Notes

01) Mindil Beach Markets – “Drink Up”
Hot Hot Heat – “Future Breeds”
Treelines – “Canadian Airlines”
Santa Clara – “Save Me”

Did you ever watch that Aussie outback epic, Australia?  Terrible film… well not terrible but also not good.  In that movie our protagonist has to drive some cattle to Darwin.  Darwin is also home to Mindil Beach and during the dry season (in the tropics that have a dry season) Mindil Beach is home to the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Go wikipedia!  I guess sunset was a word too far for MBM… so that go dropped.  Good party sound.  Check out Mindil Beach Markets when they play a fundraiser for Haiti on March 26th at the Victoria Event Center.  Punch up the podcast and listen for how to win a pair of tickets.

Hot Hot Heat were dropped from their label, Warner (or at least we think they are/were).  C’est dommage because Hot Hot Heat might be on to their best music of their career.  So what Canadian band is Warner putting their marketing might behind? Hail the Villain.  BARF central.

The new HHH record is called, oddly enough, Future Breeds.  Fun Fact, the new HHH bass player is Parker Bossley of Pol Plastino championed band, Fake Shark – Real Zombie!

Treelines might feature an alumni of former Zone band of the Month, The Greatest Explorers in the world.  I think.  What I do know, they are playing Lucky Bar on March 20.  If I can make that show, I’ll NEED a Treelines t-shirt.  Like NEED.

The show ends with a band that gives me an Armchair Cynics kind of vibe.  A very polished, high octane pop rock song.  I don’t know a ton about these cats…

That’s all I got, thank you for downloading.

Go with yourself.

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The Zone @ 91-3 signed on the radio June of 2001.  And since that time, The Zone has sponsored a large number of Zone Shows.  I didn’t come to the Zone till the spring of 2003, but I have done my best to reflect on some of the best concerts I can reckon from our extensive list of Zone Shows.

Were there better shows?  maybe… in fact I can think of a bunch of great shows that aren’t on this list.  I didn’t include anything that wasn’t a numbered Zone Show or anything that wasn’t in Victoria.

I wanted to include Rifflandia, it was Zone sponsored, but not a Zone Show… but it deserves a mention because it was so darn fun and the few shows I caught this year completely ripped!  About half these shows I was at,m the other half I am relying on eye witness reports of their greatness and my jealousy of not being there.  Here we go.

10) Sum 41 #1 Legends August 15th, 2001

The first Zone Show.  I was not there but after talking with Sara, she felt that it would be important to mark the historic first in the franchise of “Zone Show” that featured a band that would continue to grow.  When Sum 41 returns to Victoria now, they take up residence at the Arena, so if you were there back in the summer of ’01, you saw something special.

I originally wanted to include  Sloan #60 Legends October 19th 2003.  Sara asked, “what makes that show so special?”

I remember it as being one of the first big rock shows I got to MC as a young buck rocking the evening show on the Zone, but more importantly, there is this Zoner that phones my show from time-to-time that told me the story of his life and that show.

He brought a girl out on a first date to that rock show and they would end up getting married and are still married to this day.  He always tells me how special Sloan and the Zone are to them because of that first date.  awww, cute.

Our first big arena show was aptly, Zone Show #91, Our Lady Peace Save On Food Memorial Center, April 26 2006.

09) Sam Roberts w/ The Killers #74 Centennial Square September 4th 2004

One of my great modern rock shames. Being the junior announcer on the Zone still, I had to work while everyone else went down to Centennial Square to see this hot new band with a hit single called “Somebody Told Me” open up for Sam Roberts!

08) Beck w/ Band of Horses #159 Royal Theatre August 27th 2008

I included this show for a couple reasons.  One: Coral and her friend Alix got to meet the lead singer of Band of Horses outside the Theatre.  Two: Beck totally slays.  Three, Band of Horses just keep getting better.  To see them in the theatre is a treat.

07) Billy Talent w/ Rise Against, Moneen and Anti-Flag #115 Save On Foods Memorial Center January 18th 2007

Fuck it rained that day.  I was outside huddled under a tent in the down pour for an epic live-to-air pre-show that included performances and interviews from all the bands involved.  It was Rise Against’s first time in Vic and marked Billy Talent’s rise to the top of the Canadian Arena Rocking pyramid.

06) The Killers #169 Save On Foods Memorial Center April 23rd 2009

They came in ’04, they conquered in ’09.  The Killers jammed out a bevvy of radio friendly hits, were gracious to allow an interview on the Zone, fired up an impressive stage show and just generally exceeded expectation.

05) Metric #101 Legends March 29th 2006

Metric’s first time in Victoria was a handful of years earlier opening for Hot Hot Heat at Sugar, then again headlining with Death From Above 1979.  Those shows were good, but this show, headlining in the basement of the Strathcona Hotel was great!  Metric was starting to firmly establish themselves and you knew then that these guys were gunna be huge!  Just read the The Zone DJs top records of the year and almost everyone has Fantasies on their list.

04) Tragically Hip #174 Save On Food Memorial Center June 20th 2009

The Hip have had more than a few amazing shows in Victoria.  I personally preferred their visit in January of 2007 for Zone Show #116.  Then I saw them at the Commodore with my brother CJ.  That show was spectacular.  But talking with Dylan Willows, he said that #174 was the BEST Hip show he had ever seen.  The special shout out that Gord had for the Times Colonist’s music writer Mike Devlin was go down in infamy ’round these parts.

03) Queens of the Stone Age #153 Save On Food Memorial Center May 1st 2008

There is a trend on this list for the best shows being later int he decade.  I think that is happening for two reasons.  The first being that I remember them better and second, the Zone is growing as a radio station and bigger rock acts are choosing our fair city.  I’ll take it.

Queens is arguably the biggest band we play on the radio.  Not only are these guy important to our playlist on the radio, Josh Homme delivers the goods on stage.  Was a joyful man to interview and just generally owned the evening.

02) Tool #143 Save On Food Memorial Center December 1st 2007

It was my mother’s 50th birthday party on December 1st… and so I had a date in Coquitlam for the shin-dig.  And I missed one my all-time fave bands.  I am not too broke up about it however, I’ve seen Tool live more than once and every show they do is special.  I can only imagine that a concert that sold out instantly was as insane as I imagine.  this will be a show that Zoners will celebrate forever, along with,

01) Nine Inch Nails #161 Save On Food Memorial Center December 5th, 2008

Could there have been a more perfect live experience in Victoria of the arena variety?

The lights alone were worth the price of admission.  Trent had an exceptional set list, great energy and excitement for the entire evening.  I didn’t want it to end.

There were a lot of great shows in Victoria, a lot club gigs, little festivals, Meatloaf.  I could write all day about some of the adventures I’ve had watching Bob make out with some random goer in the beer line of the Def Leppard concert, falling down a flight of stair and cutting my leg at Pirate Party (that was after puking and sharing the hot tub with the twins… male twins… awkward), Plants and Animals, Lucky Bar in general, open Air at Centennial Square (RIP) all those crazy SUB parties up at UVic, Band of the Month shows… oh the list.

Actually, Meatloaf was pretty good.

Go with yourself.

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