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hot hot heat

Hot Hot Heat have a fifth and final record to put a bow on a career that began in Victoria back in 1999. The first single is “Kid Who Stayed In The Picture.” Steve Bays says the song is about “parting ways with a best friend.”

In the years since the heights of Hot Hot Heat fame, Steve Bays has been in Vancouver. He produces other bands, and works with so many of Vancouver’s alt-rock groups. He also took part in Mounties (fellow Mountie Ryan Dahle helped produce this new HHH s/t record). Mounties had a minor hit ’round these parts called “Headphones.”

I can’t help but think that all the writing and song creation with other bands hasn’t filtered into this new song. It is a tight and bright altrerna-pop song.

Singer Steve Bays said in a press release: “To be able to tour from 1999 to 2014 and play hundreds of shows a year was amazing. It changed all of our lives. It was the greatest experience I could ever imagine. I can relate to our fans and I respect our fans. They are the kind of people I’d hang out with. I’m proud of every single record, and of finding the ground between making it challenging and fresh, but also not being afraid to be entertaining and put on a crazy show. Every show we ever did was just a total high energy spectacle and that’s a great legacy to have.”

Go with yourself.

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Feels good to be home right now. Kids are sleeping, wife is in bed.  Last night my oldest had a stomach flu, she was up throughout the night barfing away…this morning it spread to Coral.  It was a long day.

Then there was the shenanigans at the radio factory!  Three bands stopped by for live performances.

Pol Plastino featured Jay Malinowski and the Deadcoast.  Jay performed in the group Bedouin Soundclash…but with his solo music, its darker, there are strings, and I think he described it as “colonial classical.”

“Something that feels like the past, that is going to a new world. (…) very distant, you don’t sound that good, pretty rough around the edges, but you used to be some place civilized.”

Later in the afternoon, Mounties popped in for a spacey breakdown of their new single “Tokyo Summer” from the record Thrash Rock Legacy (which is GREAT!).

Finally… Vancouver’s Japanese Girls made their live debut in Victoria.  They stopped by the factory and performed their single “Smalls.”

Huge day.  Took a cast of thousands to produce… OK maybe not thousands, but Pol, Jon and Boitano were all able to help get ‘er done and sounding half decent on the radio.

Go with yourself. (hey!  The Morning After Show is on Facebook, maybe you are too?)

shut up and take my like

encore, encore!  Our 2013 song of the summer in Victoria.

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I WAS in love with iTunes Genius… and I do still sorta like Genius, but sometimes it makes me go WTF?

I wanted to base a playlist on Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.”  Brilliant song.  I did get a wonderous song from Rogue Wave called “Eyes” which is special and a song that made me sad in Pinback’s “Fortress.”

But then a whole bunch of other crud… mind you, all this “crud” is on MY hard-drive… but still, Genius was down-right  well… genius with yesterday’s “Pennyroyal Tea” playlist.  I guess I just expected genius everytime.


Coral and I just finished watching Grey’s Anatomy and I am not liking the lack of nurses on the show.  Nurses are a big part of getting healed and they are never anywhere to be found… it is always some crying, over-sexed doctor saving the day.  I haven’t had too many encounters with the health care system (ouch wood) but I pretty big one was the birth of Madelyn.  And it was nurses that were the for the whole ordeal and it was nurses that make you feel better.  Sure, doctors swoop in from time to time, but it was nurses who did all the work.  There should be more nurses on Grey’s Anatomy.


A couple stories in the news today that had me looking cock-eyed at the computer and wondering, “wow, this my community.”

Times-Colonist: Felon Steals Again Minutes After Being Released By Police

A 33-year-old man, already out on probation for breaking into a house, was picked up two weeks ago and taken to Victoria police headquarters for allegedly stealing a camera from a car. He was processed and released back onto Caledonia Avenue, outside headquarters. Undercover officers watched in amusement as he walked half a block away and, barely out of the shadow of the police station, returned to old habits.

“Within five minutes he breaks into another two cars,” said Sgt. Grant Hamilton, police spokesman.

Neat.  Imagine if that was your car and you had to pay the $300 deductible.  grrrr.

The police are cool about it, god bless ’em.
Both Hamilton and Bown were reluctant to criticize the justice system for its role in handing out sentences that appear to do little to deter career criminals. They said police simply focus on doing their jobs, which is only one part of the law-enforcement process.

“It is definitely a concern of ours that these people come and go from jail, but it’s a bigger social issue of what to do with these people,” said Bown.

“We can’t put everybody in jail. There’s just not enough room.”

I get that, can’t throw every criminal in jail… but you know what?  I bet we could find a cot or something to roll out for this guy, I mean he really wants to be in jail.


This story is tragic.

CBC: Loss of Man in fatal crash involving mountie unbearable

The SAME cop that was involved in the taser death of the Polish man at YVR killed a 21 year-old because he was drunk driving… and wait for… is suspended WITH pay.  Sadness.

But you really want to get fired up… read the comment section on the CBC.  People got a serious case of eye-for-eye going on… these are our neighbours…. yikes.


Its enough to drive a man to drink.

and this libation from from Vancityrockgirl is just the thing.

the digital topsoil:

  • 2 parts espresso vodka
  • 1 part kaluha
  • 1 part butter ripple schnapps

Now that is a shooter cocktail I can get behind.

Go with yourself.

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