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Sebastian Dittrich is a German producer under the brand Koni. He took a cover of Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime” by a singer named Gabriella, and turned it into a bouncy cloud house song (like the sound Gryffin says music blog Yaqui.co). Sounds pretty great.

I’ll have to take advantage of this cover for a DJ set.

Oh sweet…then I hit Gryffin’s feed and he has a song featuring Josef Salvat! Love it. Happy Friday.


Here’s your nature moment of Zen…I went for a hike to Jug Island Beach on Monday in Belcarra…and along the trail I found this rock with water bouncing down it.

Go with yourself.

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I love Josef Salvat and this big, bright, house remix from Gryffin of his stellar song “Open Season” sounds good.

“I’m extremely excited to present my official remix of Josef Salvat’s “Open Season.” For this one I tried to switch things up a bit with different styles and influences. I’m very happy with the end result and I hope you enjoy the song!”


Go with yourself.

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London based, Aussie born Josef Salvat is one of my favourite pop singers right now. The 25-year-old just does no wrong.

I was unpacking this easy-breezy interview from Noisey…I dig his vibe.

Today I received an email from The Chainsmokers…a new remix and wouldn’t you know it…my fave Salvat song is getting the attention. Perfect.


Go with yourself.

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Josef Salvat

Josef Salvat is an Australian singer based out of London currently. The first single from the Canberra native is called “Open Season” and serves to hype his new EP Your Prime (September 22nd / Columbia Records). A full LP is due in 2015.

Josef says on twitter, “in your prime, you have to fuck where you fit and do what you want.” I don’t know what that means exactly, but I’m glad he said it!

“I believe in you, I know you believe in me too. We’re in this game together.”

Go with yourself.

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