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Our man Koni is back with a cover of The Chainsmokers and Coldplay joint, “Something Just Like This.”

Koni puts his signature deep house/tropical vibe on the song and enlists vocalist Marina Lin (from Toronto!).


Go with yourself

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German producer and friend-of-the-blog Koni has had tremendous success remixing and covering some of the biggest chart poppers. The dude has amassed millions of spins of his songs and feels now is the time to put it on the line with his first original house song.

The song leans on his signature style. Tropical tinged deep house.

After all those remixes this is kind of special for me as it is my first original track called ‘Mad About You’ and it is featuring singer/songwriter Danelle.”

Go with yourself.

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New jam from Major Lazer features Justin Bieber so you know it’s gunna be red hot. My soundcloud feed is already overrun with remixes but the guy who consistently stands out is German producer Koni. He traditionally re-cuts the song with different vocals and puts it back together a bright cloud house song.


There was a story the other day in Vancouver of some quirky fellow who did an engagement shoot with a cardboard cut out his fiance who is currently in Taiwan.

His name is Ryan and her name is Phoebe.

When I searched Ryan Phoebe into google I stumbled upon a pop star named Phoebe Ryan and found myself falling down the rabbit whole reading this story in Vanity Fair.

I thought, huh, she sounds neat. Clicked to wikipedia and saw she did a song with Skizzy Mars!

And here’s Skizzy showing up on a Phoebe Ryan song that has been remixed and listened to a whole bunch of times.

She has a newish sugar pop song called “Dollar Bills.” I like Las Vegas too Phoebe.


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Alma is a Finnish singer I stumbled on last week. I’ve really been enjoying her song “Karma.”


One more from my Minnesota blogger best friend Ruth…some happy house music.

Artist is Chris Malinchak from New York City.

Happy Friday! It’s a Long Weekend here in British Columbia so I’ll try to yap at you next week.

Go with yourself.

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Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate.

Future Bass as a genre in general, not my favourite, but I love the original song and this remix does scratch the itch.

and Papa.

The Killers  are in Vancouver tonight for a special return to the legendary Commodore Ballroom. If you’re ever visiting Vancouver on holiday or business and you get a chance to see a show there, that’s the place. Killers in Pemberton on Saturday. Going back in time to 2004 for this one. When is a club going to have a Millennial night? Songs of the Oughts!

Homeboy Koni with another bouncy cloud house cover. Adele… her song “Send My Love” is so hot right now.

I could actually see this Shakira remix working in the Starlight Casino.

This TLC remix only has a few hundred plays…so I don’t know. Maybe it’s not good? That’s a shame, because fun song to remix.

And Coldplay!

Get after it this weekend.

Go with yourself.

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It was the big kid’s 8th birthday last week, so my wife and I bought her a bike. Look at that…riding a bike is just like…riding a bike.

My man Koni sent his latest cover song/remix. This time it’s Rihanna’s “Work.”

Koni writes, “When Shaun’s & Emma’s version of “Work“ by Rihanna and Drake was brought to my attention, i was really excited to get a chance to work with them and produce a remix of it. I’m truly happy how it turned out and hope you enjoy it, too!”


Go with yourself.

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Sebastian Dittrich is a German producer under the brand Koni. He took a cover of Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime” by a singer named Gabriella, and turned it into a bouncy cloud house song (like the sound Gryffin says music blog Yaqui.co). Sounds pretty great.

I’ll have to take advantage of this cover for a DJ set.

Oh sweet…then I hit Gryffin’s feed and he has a song featuring Josef Salvat! Love it. Happy Friday.


Here’s your nature moment of Zen…I went for a hike to Jug Island Beach on Monday in Belcarra…and along the trail I found this rock with water bouncing down it.

Go with yourself.

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Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset

Thrillist had this silly story about a website that does nothing but pineapple stock photography. A lot of the time I hate the internet, but right now I love it.

Another reason to love all the creative folks out there. Koni’s remix of Obadiah Parker‘s cover of “Hey Ya”

We’re all about the Foals right now at CFOX. “Mountain at my Gates” is sounding outstanding on the FM radio. I am looking forward to their August 28th record What Went Down.  Here is another listen off that record.

From Vancouver, Ciele is mashing up The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran (errrrr O.T. Genasis super much mega hit). “If you’re snitching I go loco!” Seriously…. over a 134 million plays on Youtube. Right, what was I saying, i LOVE THE INTERNET!

Finally… ahhhhh I like that new Nicki Minaj song. I was trolling some remixes today and I liked this one because it stayed pretty true to the original but turned it up just a smidge.

And some mooooore progressive house.

Party on Wayne and Party on Garth.

Go with yourself.

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