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Two Friends
Two Friends sent over a new remix. Eli and Matt went back to 2007 and MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular for the song “Kids.”

Eli says, “got a brand new remix we wanted to shoot over- our take on the classic ‘Kids’ by MGMT, bringing it back to our high school days. hope you enjoy this one!”

Well I’m a few years older than the cool DJs…but yeah it takes me back to not being 30 yet!


I want to shout out this amazing artist. Jarrod is a friend-of-the-show for a ton of years and also an incredible first nations artist. He is in Vancouver right now and so I was able to get one of his prints. And I love it.

Go with yourself.

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This video is darn wonderful.  Makes me like the song again… that is how good this video is.  “Kids” enjoyed many weeks at Number1 on the Modern rock Countdown and now is number one in my heart with this whimsical tale.

The “mom” is the lovely Joanna Newsom, I don’t know if she has a kid in real life, but my-oh-my, she sure can portray a yummy mummy.

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