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Two Friends
Two Friends sent over a new remix. Eli and Matt went back to 2007 and MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular for the song “Kids.”

Eli says, “got a brand new remix we wanted to shoot over- our take on the classic ‘Kids’ by MGMT, bringing it back to our high school days. hope you enjoy this one!”

Well I’m a few years older than the cool DJs…but yeah it takes me back to not being 30 yet!


I want to shout out this amazing artist. Jarrod is a friend-of-the-show for a ton of years and also an incredible first nations artist. He is in Vancouver right now and so I was able to get one of his prints. And I love it.

Go with yourself.

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Jam opened a new location in Vancouver on Beatty….I walked by it the other day around 11AM…and it was not too busy. Returned today with Jack and Coral, lined up down the block. Bullshit man.

No worries…Meat & Bread was just down the street, so we went there. Great tunes smashing while we ate meatball sandwiches.

Go with yourself.

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One of my favourite podcasts is Hrishikesh Hirway’s Song Exploder. The dude dives into songs with the creators to uncover some truth buried in the tracks and offer insight.

This week, he went back to one of my favourites, MGMT‘s “Time to Pretend” from 2007′s Oracular Spectacular.

So many great insights behind a stand out track on MGMT’s breakout record.

I like the part where they talk about finally getting to play Letterman and decided to wear druid capes.

“Oh yeah but you’re on National TV looking like an idiot in a druid cape.”

You’re neat. Thanks for reading and listening.

Go with yourself.

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Lisa Brown was on the Zone today for My Turn.

She did a great job, and just before go home time at 5PM, she let it be known that she plays a mean acoustic cover of MGMT‘s “Electric Feel.”


4 minutes later, she is going live… and you know what? it sounded pretty darn good.

Go with yourself.

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I’ll admit it, I have a soft spot for some top 40 music and one of my faves is Kid Cudi.  He teamed up with Ratatat and MGMT for this stoner rap jam?  sure, stoner rap jam it is.

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This video is darn wonderful.  Makes me like the song again… that is how good this video is.  “Kids” enjoyed many weeks at Number1 on the Modern rock Countdown and now is number one in my heart with this whimsical tale.

The “mom” is the lovely Joanna Newsom, I don’t know if she has a kid in real life, but my-oh-my, she sure can portray a yummy mummy.

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Lately it seems that every time I crack the mic here at the Zone, I am jibber jabbering about another rock star fight.  Let’s see what is playing out as I type.

MGMT vs. France

Wayne vs. Win

Miley vs. Radiohead

But do you know who Miley thinks is just so cool?  Coldplay!  Shocker!

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Sam Roberts’ beard and The Stills added to Juno Awards.  Wait a minute, whoa deja-vu.

Prince sells his records at Vancityrockgirl’s favourite store!

WTF? Sublime have a new singer?

Those East Coasters recognize Hey Rosetta!  3 ECMAs.

Matthew “Abs” McConaughy jumps into the record business. SHOCKER!  Champions uplifting reggae artist.

Hey everyone a Twitter Fight between rock stars!

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Some music getting some play on the home stereo over the past week here at the Baker homestead.

01) Frightened Rabbit
02) New York Dolls
03) MGMT
04) The National
05) All State Champion
05) Mission of Burma
07) Metric
08) The Killers
09) The Animals
09) Flo Rida

Flo Rida?  I know right…. but I bought this new single of his that features or samples or he riffs off “Right Round” as in…

How can you not love the song?

New York Dolls had a strong week because that record is new for me.  I bought it after watching the New York Doll documentary the other day.

Madelyn and I jammed out the MGMT, she seems to like that band (and oddly, The Layne Mitchel Podcast?  The Rick Lee prank calling Rick Lee… yup as funny as it sounds).

The other odd one showing up this week is The Animals.  I dunno why, just went on a Animals kick last week.  I think I heard the song “I Got to get outta this place” on the TV somewhere and it triggered a need for further audio exploration.

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Our baby girl Madelyn turned one on Tuesday.

And because I yap on the radio for a living, I talked about oranges (and Madelyn).  Dad better send one out to Maddy O on her birthday during the Picks @ 6!

Have a Listen: I am Happy For Two Reasons


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