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I haven’t heard a Passion Pit remix in “Sleepyhead” in awhile…so when Two Friends sent one over I was like, “huh?”

They said they covering a “classic” form their highschool days which makes me feel old as dirt. Whatever, I hit play.


Go with yourself.

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Eli from Two Friends reached out to the blog to share his production team’s songs.

This “Pacific Coast Highway” song is bright and fun. Hey I took a road trip on that highway once with my wife Coral and our daughter. Awww, fun times. Nostalgia.

Here is their newest song. Born new to the world today!

ohhh jeezus are you kidding me? A remix of Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl?” I love that song.

And being a modern rock radio DJ for the last …bunch of years….I know and love The Killers.

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Go with yourself.

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