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Vince Vaccaro at the Peak Performance Project. Photo: McAvoy

I woke up today much like any other; with a sore throat.

It just won’t go away.  BUT unlike any other day, I also woke to a winter wonderland!  Which normally I love, but it did give me a moment of heart palpitations as I am currently driving a borrowed car.

Yeesh… a borrowed car?  Yes.  Its been awhile since I last blogged because I have been so busy putting out fired and starting new ones.

Last week was the Peak Performance Project in Vancouver featuring my man Vince Vaccaro, plus music from Said the Whale and Kyprios. The concert was a music prize showcase and the winner would win $100,500.00 in grant money to help boost their career.

Vince called into my show last week and had an extra ticket for me if I could find a ride.

Bippity boppity promo… and Brett from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet called me up to offer to let me drive a tester Chevy Cruze car.

Twist my arm… I’ll take a free car.  Thank you Brett and off to Vancouver I went!

My adventure to Vancouver began on the 7AM ferry.  I piled all my broadcast gear into the trunk of the Cruze, filled up the gas tank and away! The ferry took me to 100.5 The Peak where I hung out with James Sutton and Tamara Stanners.  Then off to downtown to broadcast my afternoon show from the Tom Lee Music on Granville.

Vince stopped by the show with Nick Blasko for an interview.  He may have tried to grab my penis after I called him Sam Roberts.

The party at the Commodore Ballroom was completely sold out.  Vince was the first guy up and being the homer that I am, I thought he was the best.

In the end, Vince finished the competition as 3rd place.  He earned a grant for $50,000.  Said the Whale finished second ($75k) and Kyrpios ($100k) won the whole dealio.

me and Ben Worcester of Said the Whale.

Tyson from Acres of Lions and Jeff from The Racoons.

looks like Lewis from Acres of Lions and the lovely Laura Smith.

Vince Vaccaro with his hilarious novelty sized cheque.

Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rice” (album edit)

Thank you Brett and Dave Wheaton Chevrolet for allowing me to use the Chevy Cruze on my adventure. Thank you to Vince Vaccaro and my freinds at the Peak and at Tom Lee for allowing my broadcast to run smoothly in Vancouver.  And the Victoria team of Bossman John, Boitano, Doug Marin, Jade, Webguy Bud and Russ for taking care of the project.

It takes a lot of people to make the radio go and the DJ is just one cog in the machine.

Go with yourself.

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