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Having a hard time chilling out today. Mondays can feel long for me. They start bright and early getting my daughter ready for school. Then a ferry ride, bus, and train right into work.

Then a train ride to the suburbs, some light grocery shopping and organizing. My place is a bit of war zone. Can’t seem to sit still or focus.

I have a about 20 ideas in my head, but none of them will barf out. Like a constipation of energy. Not good.

I turned on the TV to have something on in the background and a commercial for Netflix’s new drama Bloodline came on. The commercial got me to pause and pay attention because the song used was bewitching. And also Coach Taylor.

The trailer featured a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” by singer Lissie.

Here is an original cut from 2013. Her only soundcloud post (that I could tell).

What a cool song. Lissie is new to me but clearly has a following. She has a couple fans on twitter and quite a few plays on her one soundcloud, the above cover, and this techno jammer.

I like her style. Maybe you will too.

Go with yourself.

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