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TPC david monks

David Monks of Tokyo Police Club stopped by CFOX in Vancouver today.

Tokyo Police Club perform tonight at The Imperial and tomorrow in Victoria as part of Rifflandia.

Check out this sweet cover of Kelly Clarkson’s 2004 hit “Since U Been Gone.”

Happy Friday! Off to Victoria tomorrow. DJ gig on Saturday, Rifflandia on Sunday.

Go with yourself.

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Hey music blog reader…back in Vancouver after an adventure around the Pacific Northwest. Our original plans had to be scaled back but we still managed 7 days tooling around between Seattle and Portland and even Cannon Beach!

Both cities are fantastic. I hadn’t been to Portland in years and it great getting a few days to stroll, eat, and see the sights. The picture above was from our picnic in Laurelhurst Park. We found this little light meals place called Cheese and Crack. They made up some yummy cheese and cracker plates and salami sandwiches, a couple iced coffees and radlers, and we wandered the lovely park in the 30 degree plus heat. Stumptown was magical. Do I love it even more than Seattle or San Francisco?

Back in Seattle we got up to all sorts of stuff. Parades, parks, restaurants, a Mariners game (they got dismantled by the Angels, but it was fun and my Dad’s 59th birthday.), and I even hit a show!

Appleseed Cast performed at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard. The band is on a 15th anniversary tour. When I met my wife Coral, she listened to these guys and got me into them. To be honest, we hadn’t listened much to their music lately…but seeing as they were on tour I thought, “I should check this out.”

I punched “Ballard” into my computer car and it took me 30 minutes west to a groovy neighbourhood that was hopping on a Saturday summer night. It was Ballard Seafood Fest and people were everywhere. Stumbling around drunk with bellies full of seafood.

The Sunset was a great little tavern on one of the main strips. One of those roads where it seemed every other business was a public house or restropub.

The back room was a small, square space with a stage crammed in a corner. It made me nostalgic for being 20 again and checking out bands and getting drunk.

The support bands were both great. Coaster are from Chicago. They said chill a lot. They had the quiet, loud, quiet, then loud again thing down. I like that. I *think* they played this song first? And it was my favourite of the set.

Adjy are from Florida or maybe North Carolina? They had an interesting thing going on. Xylophones, group drumming, REM-esque jangly guitars, song subject matter that was too deep for me.

Adjy means a person who disturbs, causes trouble. The lead singer guy kept trying to explain all his songs, there was something happening behind each cut. At one point he asked the audience to just start talking during a song and the band pulled out books and all started reading aloud!

These guys ended up being highly entertaining.


This is neat. David Sitek plays in TV on the Radio. He also records music as Maximum Balloon. He released his first new song since 2010 the other day. Features Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Tunde Adebimpe of TVOTR. Sounds rad.

While on holiday I got an email alerting me to this fine cover form Surfer Blood. They take on Outkast’s all-time party jammer “Hey Ya.”

I still have some more music I need to sift through, a few bands I think I promised to get up…so I’ll try to hammer those out in the next few….but here’s the thing, still on holiday till Monday…we’ll see.

Happy Thursday to you. A few more adventures to get after this week! Go with yourself.

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Having a hard time chilling out today. Mondays can feel long for me. They start bright and early getting my daughter ready for school. Then a ferry ride, bus, and train right into work.

Then a train ride to the suburbs, some light grocery shopping and organizing. My place is a bit of war zone. Can’t seem to sit still or focus.

I have a about 20 ideas in my head, but none of them will barf out. Like a constipation of energy. Not good.

I turned on the TV to have something on in the background and a commercial for Netflix’s new drama Bloodline came on. The commercial got me to pause and pay attention because the song used was bewitching. And also Coach Taylor.

The trailer featured a cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” by singer Lissie.

Here is an original cut from 2013. Her only soundcloud post (that I could tell).

What a cool song. Lissie is new to me but clearly has a following. She has a couple fans on twitter and quite a few plays on her one soundcloud, the above cover, and this techno jammer.

I like her style. Maybe you will too.

Go with yourself.

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I was thinking I want a boat (while on a boat) this morning. Nothing fancy…something to putt around and see the islands and fjords of British Columbia on my own time.

Here is a cover of Nirvana done by Father John Misty. Not bad. Chill. Sparse.

That reminds me, I really do need to track down his latest record…for Coral. For Coral.


Go with yourself.

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roper yeah
I must apologise for the border around my Instagram of Jesse Roper…I read on the internet yesterday that that is not cool any more. Hey internet, I didn’t know! There really ought to be a guide on how to conduct yourself on the information superhighway.

Jesse Roper stopped by the show yesterday to talk some V.I.C. Fest, his new Indie GoGo campaign and to play us a couple songs. His Stevie Ray Vaughan cover is a good time.

Go with yourself.

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I am loving Mikal Cronin‘s new record MCII.  Downloaded the thing last night and it was so perfect during my nighttime run.
(my run last night, not the best… I think I’ve been going too much, felt really drained)

His music is just fun, easy, groovy guitar melodies.  And he is one rad dude.

Yesterday Stereogum posted a couple covers that Mikal recorded for his girlfriend who is/was living away from him.  He says to Stereogum that they both play ukulele and both share a love of 80s and 90s rom-coms.  Mikal recorded these songs for a mixtape that he sent her.

You know what movies these are from right?

The first one is the epic song about the distance between us… The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” from Benny and Joon.  Our second song is from the soundtrack to 1999’s nerd girl makes good by ditching her glasses classic… She’s All That.  Sixpence None The Richer “Kiss Me.”


Go with yourself.

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It was a busy weekend of DJ gigs, Swiftsure, weddings, Veneto, and Power to Be events… but now that it is Monday and back to work, I get to relax!

The picture at the top of this blog is from the Power to Play event on Sunday.  Woke up with the birds for a Tough Mudder type race pitting various companies against each other to tackle some pretty extreme challenges culminating in the Mud Bog and then climbing the pyramid to ring the bell and finish the race!

Team Zone was a group of listeners and they placed 9th!  And were the top media team to finish.

Power to Play is coming to Vancouver in September at Stanley Park… so Vancouver friends, check it out.  It was mighty! (and they don’t have a radio partner yet… hint hint)


Right, cover song freakout… I got a couple for you.  Song one was tweeted at me by Matthew.  Matthew knowing that I love all things Ben Howard AND Carly Rae Jepsen send me a cover of “Call Me Maybe.”

Ben Howard – “Call Me Maybe” (Carly Rae Jepsen cover)

Download MP3 >> Ben Howard – Call Me Maybe

I like this take as its a pretty dramatic spin on the bright Top 40 original.  You recognize the CR Jepsen, but its a Ben Howard tune.  Same words, same basic arrangement, different energy.  Love the vibe.

The other cover I heard today was Morning Parade covering Black Key’s “Gold on the Ceiling.”  They had the boys on SiriusXM Alt Nation talking about this jam.  The boys said they have stayed in a lot of nice hotel and a lot of dumpy motels and this song speaks to that.

Morning Parade – “Gold on the Ceiling” (Black Keys cover)

Download MP3 >> Morning Parade – Gold on the Ceiling

Once again… a great cover because they take the song, give it a different spin while maintaining the essence.


In other news…. Game of Thrones this weekend… Battle of the Blackwater lived up to the hype in production.  As far as a TV series go, it was mighty.  Guys having their heads cleaved off, magical green fire and then!  GACK! My Shaw Box died.  And since then, no TV.  I’d complain to Shaw, but my resident Shaw employee is at Sasquatch.  The worst.  Oh well, I look forward to finishing the battle when she gets back.  Besides, no TV for a day… aside form the battles I’ll have with Madelyn tonight, probably for the best.

Go with yourself.

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Growing up in the wilderness territory East of Burnaby… my folks used to listen to AM radio.  1410 CFUN.  Pretty much every morning and in the car.  Fred and Cathy in the morning, soft favourites the rest of the time.  I wouldn’t really consider myself an expert on the love songs of the 80s… but weirdly, I seem to know them all… because I heard them all getting shuttled to and from swimming lessons at Canada Games Pool or skating at the Coquitlam main rink.

Back in the summer…I broadcast my show from Pickers Consignment.  They have a fairly extensive collection of previously loved vinyl and lots of 45s.  After my show, the guys let me pick out a stack and I pulled out a bunch of stuff that I sort of recognized.  Like Phil Collins.

In the early 80s… Phil Collins had two interesting things happen to him.  He had a horrible divorce from his Canadian wife, and he began a solo career.  Phil Collins had been fronting Genesis but during his divorce he wrote a series of very personal and dark songs that were released as his first record, Face Value.

“I had a wife, two children, two dogs, and the next day I didn’t have anything. So a lot of these songs were written because I was going through these emotional changes.”

Face Value became a hit record and encouraged Phil to continue this solo path (while still playing drums for Genesis alum Peter Gabriel and working with Genesis).  It also brought him in contact with director Taylor Hackford who was given a list of Atlantic records artists to use for a film he was working on… Phil Collins was on that list.

Before Jeff Bridges was “The Dude” he was a movie actor (I know right?).  In 1984 he played washed up pro-football player Terry Brogan in the movie Against All Odds. (Did you see the movie Tron and wonder how they made Jeff Bridges look young? It was footage from this film they used for young Bridges)

Hackford had used a signature song for a previous film (An Officer and a Gentleman) and wanted something for his new project.  Having heard Phil Collins in Genesis he asked if Phil Collins if he had anything.  Phil had a song from his Face Value sessions called “How Can You Just Sit There.”  Phil watched a preview of the movie “Against All Odds,” rearranged and retitled the song.  Recorded it in two days, mixed it over the phone and bingo-bongo, his first Billboard Number 1 hit and a timeless breakup power ballad was born.

Phil Collins – “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”

Download crackly 45 MP3 >> Phil Collins – Against All Odds

Poking around the internet reading about this Phil Collins classic, I discovered more than a few cover songs.  One interestingly celebrated version comes from another soundtrack, 20 years later.  Wicker Park.

For this film, The Postal Service breaks it down.

The Postal Service – “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)”

Download MP3 >> Postal Service – Against All Odds

There you go… not sure if you are going through a breakup right now or not… but here are a couple emotional pull sof the heart-string for you.

Go with yourself.

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I read on Pitchfork the other day about this Buddy Holly tribute record coming out.

Modest Mouse does an interesting Modest Mousey spin on “That’ll Be The Day.”  In the article you had to go to KCRW’s website and fast forward to hear the song.  Silly.  So I recorded it and isolated the cut as best I could for you to listen to as a stream here.

Modest Mouse – “That’ll Be The Day”

Go with yourself.

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Lisa Brown was on the Zone today for My Turn.

She did a great job, and just before go home time at 5PM, she let it be known that she plays a mean acoustic cover of MGMT‘s “Electric Feel.”


4 minutes later, she is going live… and you know what? it sounded pretty darn good.

Go with yourself.

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