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Vancouver Island band Malahat sent over their single for a song called “The Grit.”

When I heard this song I messaged Ben back and said, “I like it, reminds me of Monster Truck!” And he said that’s great because that band is big influence on them.

They’ll be in Vancouver on May 13th for a show at Studio Records and I’ll do my best to there (if I’m not DJing that night).

They’re also playing in Victoria on April 1st with Band of Rascals.

Go with yourself.

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I had a busy but fun and rewarding weekend.  Lots of DJing.  First at Sugar in support of the Rage and Tool tribute bands at Sugar.  A share of the profits were donated to Madelyn’s preschool… thank you for coming!

Saturday was petting zoo with some pre-school friends, Beacon Hill Park (the merry-go-round is savage and wonderful), picking up a Vancouver Millionaires jersey, and more DJing!

Sunday had Madelyn and I heading up to Merridale Estate Cidery.  My friend Jess was looking for some wedding playlists just in-case a wedding party decided to not hire entertainment, or bring an iPod but THEN decide a party would be nice (apparently it happens)…so if you get married at Merridale this summer… there is a back-up!

Such a perfect afternoon for a brunch, then some exploration on the farm.

Our soundtrack for the overlander up-and-down the MalahatBorn Ruffians!

Cruising with Madelyn at altitude, with the sunroof open and Born Ruffians jangling away was the best weekend EVAR!

That is a picture of one of Madelyn’s most loved stuffies…. “Sam The Meerkat.”

Go with yourself.

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