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I had to preorder the new Quarterbacks record yesterday. Well I guess I didn’t HAVE to preorder it. But I am feeling the quirky alterna-jangle of the New Paltz, New York’s Quarterbacks.

I fired up the preview on NPR the other day…and the 22-minutes sailed by. Reminds me of college radio music. And that tends to remind me of being young. And I like that feeling.

S/t is out on February 10th.

NPR brought up some similarities to Waxahatchee. Coral is less a fan of Waxahatchee. Says she reminds her of Lilith Fair music? Sure. I dig it…and new music from Waxahatchee is in the pipe! Neat.

Ivy Tripp is out on April 7th.

And then I traveled down the rabbit hole at Merge…discovered some new Mikal Cronin in the pipe. MCIII May 5th

Happy Tuesday!  Hitting a Canucks game tonight. Fingers crossed for a good show from the boys in blue and green.

Oh, can I share a clip from my radio show? This is from Friday when I interviewed a guy on a downtown street corner yelling, “EBOLA is A PLAGUE FROM GOD!”

If radio clips are fucking with your vibe on HypeMachine, let me know in the comments….otherwise, I obviously like sharing my work.

Go with yourself.

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I am loving Mikal Cronin‘s new record MCII.  Downloaded the thing last night and it was so perfect during my nighttime run.
(my run last night, not the best… I think I’ve been going too much, felt really drained)

His music is just fun, easy, groovy guitar melodies.  And he is one rad dude.

Yesterday Stereogum posted a couple covers that Mikal recorded for his girlfriend who is/was living away from him.  He says to Stereogum that they both play ukulele and both share a love of 80s and 90s rom-coms.  Mikal recorded these songs for a mixtape that he sent her.

You know what movies these are from right?

The first one is the epic song about the distance between us… The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” from Benny and Joon.  Our second song is from the soundtrack to 1999’s nerd girl makes good by ditching her glasses classic… She’s All That.  Sixpence None The Richer “Kiss Me.”


Go with yourself.

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Mikal Cronin

They call it garage revival?  Today I was reading Spin and they were talking about some bro playing with the fuzz and the distortion peddle and I thought… I better hit play on that.

The man’s name is Mikal Cronin. His record MCII is out on May 7th on Merge records.

That song is pretty groovy.  I searched on Soundcloud to see if he had anything else going on and found this lo-fi beauty.

The note about this song says, “a greg oblivian & the tip tops cover!”

Go with yourself.

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